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How To Take Pizza Photo- Food Photography

You know? If there’s any problem that a slice of pizza can’t solve, you better be careful. Because that will be a serious problem. And also, pizza never goes out of time. Even after having a day full of shit, a steaming slice of pizza can make your day. But taking photos of this gooey happiness that get you money? Even better, no? I know. So, in this blog, we’ll get to learn how to do professional pizza photography.

What Is Pizza Photography?

Pizza is consumed worldwide. I mean, yes it’s an Italian delicacy. But pizza has spread its gooey love all over the world very quickly. And now? You can’t think of a restaurant or a roadside food court that doesn’t sell pizza. The same goes with burgers. But do you know what I think? This is one reason pizza photography has become very popular in the food photo world. Because now many restaurants are paying high money to photographers to show off their pizza.

Professional Pizza Photography

Talking about pizzaz. Don’t think it’s easy to photograph them. In fact, you’ll find it’s quite challenging to capture your favorite food. Because professional pizza photography calls for the right setting of the camera. Oh, not just the camera. There’re light settings, setting up the right complimentary background, and all that. So, when you’re taking photos of pizzas for your portfolio or on the behalf of your clients, that’s pizza photography.

Before You Start To Click:

Okay, just so you know? Talking frankly with your client does help a lot in whatever photo session you’re doing. And when comes to pizza? It helps even more! Because you need to ask your client very frankly what kind of pizza they want to be captured. Also, where they want you to take their pizza photos. And as for you, you must ask them if they want to add anything else.

Creative Pizza Photography

I mean, as you’re in charge of photos. You should give some heads up to your clients. For example, adding some humans enjoying pizza can be a nice photo to take. Also, just including a single hand will bring a very dramatic effect too. Or you can also suggest to them a short video of their pizza-making process. Trust me, people often fall for things like that. And so will your client. I mean, the ultimate goal of pizza photography is you want people to look at your pizza photos and order them immediately, no?

Pizza Photo

Then come the camera settings and types of lenses you’ll need. Well, lenses depend on from which angle you want to take photos, So, you need to change or use them as per choice. But for the camera? Well, for any kind of pizza photography, 85mm or 100 mm for a longer focal length will do just fine.

Creative Pizza Photography

Or if you want to shoot multiple pizzas at one frame then use a 50 mm lens. Also, using a camera that comes with a full-frame sensor is perfect for pizza photography. Because it’ll let you capture pizza photos with the perfect depth-of-field and higher resolution. Oh, and never use a wide-angle lens to capture pizza.

Pizza Photography Tips:

A word of advice? Pamper yourself with several slices of pizza with your favorite toppings. Because you know what they say? Worry less and eat more pizza. So, don’t worry. You’re gonna nail it if you follow these tips.

Lighting Is Very Important:
Pizza Photo

Editing plays a big difference in your food photography. But obviously, it can’t make a poorly lit photo look great. Can it? So, it’s important to use direct sunlight or natural light when taking pizza photos. Or you can use directional lighting and look for the highlights. But the safest option for pizza photography? It’s the side lighting.

Background For Pizza Styling:
Simple Background

Styling pizza can be challenging. Because there are so many things you’ll have to highlight in one frame. Also, the background plays a vital role in pizza photography. Because you can’t put too many props. Moreover, a simple wooden table or the fire of the pizza oven will do very nicely.

Use Props But Not Too Many:
Creative Pizza Photography

If you don’t use props to photograph pizza, then what are props for? Props are supposed to compliment your photo subject. So, you can use sliced mushrooms, tomato slices, pepperonis, basils, etc. But keep in mind that props will look even better if you use them on a plain background. Oh, another thing. Don’t use too many props t style the pizza. Because that will make the pizza look messy.

The Ultimate Cheese Pull:
Creative Pizza Photography

Oh well, pizza photography will be unfinished if you don’t capture the ultimate super cool cheese pull. Because even if it is very common, people love it more than anything. In fact, when you talk about pizza photography, a photo of cheese pull keeps coming into your mind, no? So, capture that.

Fix The Focus:
Creative Pizza Photography

Well, I’ve seen many food photographers who get confused very easily. They get confused that which side of the pizza they should capture. From which angle the pizza will look best? Or, should they capture the whole pizza? Or should they focus on the toppings? Well, the answer to all these questions is it’s up to you. You need to get down to the subject level and shoot from various angles. And each time use a different focus.

Keep The Session As Short As Possible:
Professional Pizza Photography

No offense but this is what makes pizza photography difficult. Although pizza is very good to eat whether it’s hot or cold. When you photograph pizza, it better be hot and straight out of the oven. Because nothing can beat the fresh look of pizza when you capture it hot. The steam from the toppings and the sizzling effect of the cheese will drive your client crazy enough to order your pizza. And you can capture those things only when the pizza is fresh and hot. So, keep your tools ready and keep the session short.

A Photo Of Just The Toppings:
Professional Pizza Photography

I mean, you can be sure about one thing. You’ll not get hired to photograph just a plain pizza. Or it’s better to avoid a plain pizza margarita for your portfolio too. Why? Because there’s almost nothing you can show off in your photos. Also, restaurants nowadays love to show off their pizza toppings in photos. In fact, what’s a pizza without flavorful toppings? So, use your zoom lens just to capture the toppings.

Edit Your Pizza Photos:
Pizza Photo

The prime goal of food photography is for your subjects to look as natural and mouth-watering as possible. After all, you’re doing food photography. Of course, it needs to appeal to the senses and look appetizing enough to the customers.

So you need to edit your pizza photos. Because you can find some unnatural shadow/colors when you use the lighting. Editing can fix that. Also, there are certain colors that look better after color-adjusting them. Or you can always drop your photos at Clipping Amazon and prepare for your next photo session.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Professional Food Photo Editing

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Therefore, I hope you found my blog useful. If you need a low-cost food photo editing service, feel free to tap on the button below.


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