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How To Do Cake Photography

Cakes are special. No? They light up every birthday, wedding, and celebration. Because happiness is a piece of cake. However, cakes are meant to be fancy. But you can’t resist when you see a freshly homemade cake. Not even a cake photo. Trust me. Are you telling me that delicious cake photos don’t tempt you? If so, then get your gears and camera ready. Because we’re going to learn cake photography. In a delicious way!

What Is Cake Photography?

Birthday Cake Photography

Cake decorating calls for time and patience, no? But capturing them is way harder. Because which side of the cake will look better? How do you do it? Is there any specific lens for cake photography? Or are there any other tools? Cakes are fancy and delicate things. Also, they come in different shapes and sizes. In flavors too. But the different shapes of cakes will call different capturing tricks. Because cakes and cupcakes are not the same. Also, a wedding cake and a birthday cake are never the same. And what about the Christmas cake? So you see, photographing different types of cakes call for different camera settings and tips.

Birthday Cake Photography

And you know how it is. Food photography is a massive part of the food business in today’s world. Even the bakeries put very high money on dessert photography. This definitely leads us to cake photography. So, if you’re hired for capturing delicious cake photos, yes, you’re doing cake photography. But if you want to learn more about dessert and cupcake photography. All you have to do is to check our blog site.

Why It’s Important To Learn?

As I’ve said before, cake photography is very important. Because you want to sell cakes online? Capture photos. Do you want to brand your cake shop? Capture photos. I mean, there is no way around capturing photos out there. Also, cakes take a special place on every single occasion. From Christmas to baby showers, weddings, and what not?

Color And Cake Photography

Even if you don’t like food photography, still you need to learn to capture cake photos. In artistic ways obviously. Because you’ll get hired to capture weddings and other events very often. So if you fail to capture the cakes, you know how the client will react. So, even if cake photography falls under food and dessert photography. It’s more than that.

Cake Photography Tips:

Color And Cake Photography

Now that you know about cake photography, don’t use your fork. Let’s dig right into the cake!

Natural Light Makes Everything Better:
Birthday Cake Photography

The light will make or break your images. A cake can look amazing with natural light. Also, cakes are often photographed in the early hours of the morning. Usually around dawn. But as we all know, cake decorators often find themselves photographing cakes at night. So, a word of advice? Invest some dollars in a softbox. Because a softbox will bring the vibe of natural light.

Not Just The Light Source, But Also The Light Direction:

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on lighting if you know how to set it up properly. Food photography involves a lot of lighting directions. There are three types of lighting, side lighting, backlighting, and side backlighting.

Birthday Cake Photography

But when you take photos of cakes, avoid the front lighting. I mean, yes it’ll give even lighting. But it’ll add more shadows which will ruin your cake photos. Cake photos without contrast and dimension are flat and boring. Obviously, you don’t want that for your website. You should aim for a style that suits the cake itself. And play with the light direction.

Use Fewer Props When The Cake Is Whole:
Color And Cake Photography

I mean, nobody gives cake photography that much value. But you have to know it’s not that simple. Especially in the food photography world, everything changes with the food item. So, if you use too many props in cake photography, your subject may lose its appeal. Because you want your cake to be the main focus, right? So, if you photograph a whole cake, use a plain plate and background with fewer utensils. Also, with few props.

When It Comes In Delicious Slices:

Different types of cakes call for different food styling. But as I’ve said before that use props that are plain. I mean, props are supposed to compliment the subject. If the props are more beautiful than the cake, your shot will be ruined.

Color And Cake Photography

But when you capture sliced cakes or pastry cakes, using some berries or frosting flowers will make your photos more compelling, no? Even using a simple knife and fork makes it look delicious.

Highlight Your Cake By Best Angles:
Wedding Cake

The best angle is always the one that brings out the best look of your subject. So, there is no specific angle in cake photography. Moreover, it depends on your cake. Because when you’re taking photos of a frosting-coated cake, the straight angle is best. But surely, it won’t be the same with a sliced cake. Also, some cakes come in glazes and no frosting. So you need to move around the cake to choose the best angle.

Small Aperture Will Give You A Huge Boost:
Macro Cake Photography

One of the main issues when taking pictures of cakes is the lack of contrast between light and dark. So, you may fail to focus where you want. This means that you need to be very specific with your focus.

Shooting a cake is about being creative. Try shooting at an aperture of f/8, to show more of your subject. Because in cake photography, I always prefer using a narrow depth of field with a macro lens.

Keep Practicing And Must Edit Your Photos:

Cake photography is a lot of fun. To learn to take great shots, all you need is just keep practicing. And of course, you’ll need to edit your cake photos. Because food photography is fun, yes? But it’s one of the most delicate kinds of photography. And trust me, food photos need editing help always.

You Can Do It

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Why Clipping Amazon?
Food Photo Editing

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