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Mirror Photography: Creative Mirror Photography Tips & Ideas

Are you not satisfied with the pictures in the mirror? Maybe you are searching for new ideas for mirror images. We know how important it is for a beginner photographer to have a source of ideas and to get creative. A mirror photo can be more than a selfie. You’ll learn about mirror photography in this article.

What is an Image in a Mirror Called?

While experimenting with lighting, focus, and angles, mirror photography can be used to capture stunning portraits of a model or yourself. A model, mirror, creativity and a few extra tips are all you need for this kind of photo. mirror photos need a specific camera setting, practice, and creative post-processing.

Creative Mirror Photography Ideas

Take The Mirror Outdoors 


Are mirrors only for indoor use? Of course not. Mirrors can be used. In fact, natural elements were the majority of the reflective surfaces before mirror images became a thing. There were puddles, the ocean, and the rivers. They are still being used quite a bit. So why don’t you improve your creativity as well? A small mirror can be taken outside, perhaps to your garden or the front porch. You will be surprised by how natural elements add a striking effect to your portrait. You may be able to use your car mirrors as well.

Put the mirror in front of your face


Place your mirror in front of your face for a different perspective. There wasn’t a blue sky when we took these, which could have made for a great reflection. I think it was fun to do something a bit different and create an eerie feel. If you aren’t as good at posing, then you need to work with props. If you don’t know where to put your hands or feel awkward, a mirror is a good prop.

Play with Perspectives and Angles

The mirror selfies aren’t as natural as they look. You can use the scene around you, the background, and the size of the mirror to add depth to your photos.

Classic Pose Near a Mirror Photography


Take a full-body shot from the mirror. You can mimic a classic female pose by putting one foot forward. The hotel lobby, dressing room, waiting areas, and other spaces with wall-to-wall mirrors are the optimal locations. It will also make a mirror look massive if you shoot at a long distance.

Showing Your back

It’s a great idea to show a back for selfies. It’s the best thing about it you don’t have to use makeup to get a perfect look. If you stand half a turn to the mirror, your back will be in the frame. By placing your phone in the frame, you can also take such a photo yourself.

Sitting with One Leg Bent at the Knee


Put your legs in front of the mirror so that one is bent at the knees. The right angle is important to success. Shoot continuously, and move around to take your perfect shot. The outdoor space has good scenery for mirror poses. Take your mirror and camera with you if you want to take a photo with trees or flowers.

Play With The Mirrors 


Looking for something strange? Let’s discuss some ideas. Since mirror shots are casual and repetitive, telling a story with yours would be quite innovative. To tell a photographic story, use shattered glass. You can also create something interesting by taking the reflection of your subject along with the broken pieces.

Leaning on the Wall For Mirror Photography


Stand in front of the mirror and lean on the wall. Taking high-quality pictures will be made possible by natural light emitted from a mirror. It’s also important that the light doesn’t fall on you, as the effect will be different. However, your images will be blurred and dark if the amount of light is not sufficient.

Bring your mirror outdoors

Mirror selfies are no longer interesting because they are so common. There are only so many ways to pose in front of your bedroom mirror. Let’s get creative, instead of taking the same boring photos over and over again.

Bringing your mirror outdoors is one of the best ways to take selfies. The best place to put the mirror is on the ground. The mirror’s ultimate goal is to reflect both you and the sky, so you can always prop it up a few inches. You are also creating a new perspective by doing that. There is an illusion of space created by the mirrors reflecting the vast sky in the picture taken facing the ground.

The Candid Shot


Take a shot while sitting in a relaxed position. I recommend taking a picture with your pet and wearing knitted sweaters and leggings. You also need to make sure that your body is in a natural position. Regardless of where you are going to conduct your photo shoot, make sure that it features a clear background so that your focus is on you.

Portrait in the Small Mirror


A small mirror for taking pictures for your social media is more than enough, as you don’t need a huge mirror to take a great picture. Posing in full face works well for such a shot. To make a photo look natural, fix your hair with one hand.

Photo with a Mirror and Flowers


This is one of the poses that require more props. To jazz up your pic, add details like flowers to the frame. Hold the mirror up to the clouds. Either place your flower or a bouquet nearby or hold it over your head. So, to take a great shot, find the location with perfect natural illumination.

Mirror Photography: Squatting Pose

Take a shot with a squat in front of a mirror. Lean your hand on your leg if you tilt your head or turn to the side. Alternatively, place one leg in front of a mirror and make it appear longer. So, this is the best pose for showing your shoes off.

Recreate Fun Road Trip Photos in a Car


You don’t have to go on an epic road trip to take travel photos. If you own a car, you can use it to make travel photos. No driving required! You can also use a side mirror or a rearview mirror. Make sure the background is eye-catching. So, a sense of adventure will be created by this.

Take Atmospheric Self-Portraits

Although mirror selfies are no longer interesting, you can still use them to make self-portraits. If you want to create an atmosphere, use also objects next to your mirror. The photographer’s bedroom was used to create a pleasant feel.

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