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A Day Of Frozen Happiness; International Ice Cream Day 2021

Ice cream! This word is enough to make our mouth full of water. Isn’t it? I mean, I am wishing to have one already! Still I guess that can wait for later. Today I’ll write down the history of this magical and delicious sweet or dessert’s history. Also, the day named after it. So let’s get started!

A Day After Your Heart; Ice Cream Day

Ice cream clipping amazon

There are a lot of mixed up histories about ice cream. The stories varied from country to country. But yeah, its true that all these histories don’t add up the actual ice cream we savor today. Yes. But the very first ice cream was found in Italy. In this case, I guess we all owe our favorite flavor ice cream to Antonio Latini. Wait, isn’t he the guy who invented the very first tomato sauce? Yes,but he also discovered classic sorbet. Although, he was the main hero behind this magical treat. There are also other stories.

It’s been said that, during ‘Tang Dynasty’, people used to enjoy frozen dairies with salt. The Romans on the other hand, used snow and fruit juice and honey mixture for their classy dessert.

Another history refers that one day the Persian empire put some snow on a bowl and poured thick grape juice in it to enjoy. I guess, this also leads us towards today’s frozen snack. Right?

The very first ice cream parlor was opened at New York 1776. Yes, American Colonists are the guy who gave the actual name “Ice Cream” for the term ‘Iced Cream’. Later, different flavors came out and won every people’s heart.

In 1984, President Ronald Regan declared July as the ice cream month and the third Sunday of July as the ice cream day. Since then, its been celebrated as a holiday.

How To Celebrate?

ice cream clipping amazon
ice cream clipping amazon

Well, I for one, don’t think there is any better excuse for having ice cream! Isn’t that right? The celebration of this is very obvious. Go to the nearest ice cream parlor with your friends or family or your partner and wolf down a lot of those melting beauties. The decoration and presentation of these beauties are more than critical art! Cherries on top, display of caramel sauce and maple syrup or chocolate drippings whatnot.

We are also very lucky to be in the 21st century. Do you know why? Because, when the idea of the sorbet or sherbet came to people’s minds, it was only reserved for the royals. Harsh, right? Because the refrigerator wasn’t available then, including the royals. So where would you keep snow? But days passed, the technology upgraded, and now having a fridge is no luxury. So is ice cream.

Besides, now that there are many ice cream parlors or companies everywhere, we can get a variety of flavors and toppings. Also many companies and parlors offer free treats for this special day in July.

Different Flavors, Toppings & Forms

The very basic flavor of ice cream is vanilla. Yeah, we all know that. Many underestimate vanilla for being plain. But I think it’s a complex flavor. Because it has the power to mix up with any flavor and bring out a brilliant flavor. And then, when the chocolate flavor came, I guess you can imagine the scenery! Because ice cream and the chocolate itself compete with each other till today as the internationally favorite dessert.

Aside from the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors, you can’t deny the taste of butterscotch, blueberry, chocolate rocky road, mango, pistachio, rose, and I’m gonna get stop here. You know, for my writing’s sake. And many more flavors are on the way! And don’t forget the toppings!

This frozen beauty came in the form of sorbet at first. Then on plastic cups, and cone-shaped waffles, and now we make fried ice cream balls, sundaes, sandwiches, and even spectacular cake!

International Medicine or Language?
ice cream clipping amazon

There’s a saying that, “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream”. This saying goes for every person in this world whether they’re happy or unhappy, rich or poor. And I think, the feelings and emotions for any facts are not that different. I mean, it’s all the same. No matter where you’re from or what your origin is, or how old are you, An ice cream holds the power to make you smile. Therefore, you can call it an international language. Or the international medicine of making people smile beyond everything? At the end of the day, a simple ice cream puts out the fire between people and brings the world into a cone. Don’t you agree?

In this blog, I’ve just talked about the consumers. What If you’re the owner of an ice cream parlor? What are your plans for your consumers on this big day? Are you planning to bring out any special flavors? Or a free deal for your customer? If so, I can help You with that. How? Let me show you!

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