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Want To Build Own Brand? Vector Conversion is for you.

Enlarge your picture, banner, slogan, business logo for your next business event, corporate meeting, or trade show by vector conversion service. Show off your flair in the corporate world and build your own brand with the help of raster to vector service.

Why Does Vector Conversion help to Build Your Brand?

Mainly, raster to vector is a part of professional photo editing services. If you are planning to enlarge a picture without losing the quality, then this service is for you. Not just personal pictures, pictures of logos and banners, vehicle wraps, screen printing, print marketing lose quality maximum times if one enlarges them from original raster files.

In the business world, you often see your competitors are marketing their brand by arranging trade shows, posting banners with their logos. But have you ever thought that you could be just as successful as them by marketing your own brand? Yes, this is why you need a raster to vector service.

In this blog, I’ll try to write all about raster to vector image service and how it’s gonna help you to build your own brand. So, if you are a newbie in the business world and don’t know anything about raster images. Or what are images, don’t worry.

What is A Raster Image?

There are two types of image files in the world of graphic design. The first one is a raster image and the second is a vector image. The images which are made of a combination of pixels or dots or colors are called raster images.

A raster image is also called bitmaps. A raster image is a grid of individual pixels of color. One can always find a raster image with a huge amount of pixel squares. Pixels are a set grid of dots. A raster image is made with pixels that cannot be seen if not zoomed in.

Even if you don’t know anything about graphics, you might have heard about the word resolution or high resolution. Now, what is resolution? Resolutions are also pixels. So, a high-resolution picture means that picture is containing a greater number of pixels per unit.

Raster images are frequently used in detailed graphics, scanned artworks, and photographs. Raster images come with these kinds of files mainly-

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • PSD
  • GIF

But no matter how frequently raster images are used, these cannot be scaled in a larger size. Even if an editor scales it, it loses its quality and looks blurry. Majorly, a raster image’s quality depends on two major things. Which are-

  • Pixel dimension
  • Pixel resolution

What Is a Vector Image?

Well, you may have guessed by this time that what a vector image is going to be. A vector image is quite the opposite of a raster image. A raster image depends on pixels or series of dots and resolution but a vector image doesn’t. Vector art is perfect for printing because it’s made of a series of mathematical curves. For example, a vector image doesn’t lose its quality and looks the same when you resize it. A vector image doesn’t crack when you zoom it in because it’s built of true geometrics primitives and mathematical formulas. So, a vector image represents a more structured image. You can also check out Wikipedia’s definition for a better idea.

People use vector graphics widely in logos, banners, car photo editing, the artwork of any kind of products, illustrator, etching, and t-shirt printing.

In vector graphics, you can easily maintain the crisp look and sharp edges of an image even if you enlarge it. And of course, you don’t have to worry about its quality no matter what size you want. Vector image comes with these types of files-

  • AI
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • EPS

What Is The Difference Between Raster And Vector Graphics?

You must have understood the types of raster and vector graphics from the above discussion. To clear further confusion, i’ll try to write down everything I know.

First of all, raster graphics are pixel-based whether vector graphics are formula-based. You can scale a raster image without losing quality. Yes, raster graphics are scalable but with less quality. A vector image can be resized on any size with the same quality and sharpness. Vector graphics include short files and raster include large files. Most of all, a raster image is suitable for detailed editing and painting. And a vector image is suitable for drawing.

Why Do Successful Brands Use Vector Graphics?
  • Integrity: In vector graphics, the integrity of your main marketing visuals always remains intact. When you resize and reform image files, the quality degrades. So, the most appreciable quality of vector graphics is you can resize them.
  • Appealing: Customers respond to pictures that are focused and aim to grab their attention the moment they see them. Instead of sleek pictures, the straightforward nature of vector graphics makes a picture modern and glassy.
  • Affordable: As vector images are used for banners, t-shirts, stationary; you don’t have to worry about the cost. You can convert your raster images into vectors with the very little cost at Clipping Amazon.
  • Versatility: As because vector images retain integrity, you can repurpose them into multiple marketing campaigns, incorporate stationery, on a website, promo video, etc. The image will fit in perfectly.
  • Load-ability: Many can think that vector images take time to load but they are wrong. Vector images don’t take time to load, they load easily.

These are the main reasons behind successful brands. Now you know, why successful brands emphasize vector graphics. You might be new to or in the beginning level. But you never know when you need the help of vector graphics.

Why Clipping Amazon?

Clipping Amazon is an online photo editing service provider which is offering you 17 types of photo editing services. Converting raster pictures into vectors is one of the services we offer. We enlarge small-size raster images into large sizes. As a result, a clear image comes by using a highly advanced raster to vector techniques.

If you have copies of any old logos, printed maps, illustrations, or photographs and you don’t have any way of getting the original copy. Then you can leave your tension to us. Because this is where Clipping Amazon works magic. We also convert other items such as patches, badges, cartoons, and paintings.

If you have any raster graphics that you’re planning to make vector art and that need editing, then you have nothing to worry about. Because, you can send us the copy and we will edit it as per your choice. And then, after your approval, we will convert it into vector art. Because, we value your satisfaction the most.

At Clipping Amazon, we always manually draw each vector to make sure that no details are missed. No matter how time-consuming a task it is and how much tedious it can be, Clipping amazon always ensures client’s satisfaction.

  • We never loose any details of the images. The final image is never rough and can be printed out on any size using the resolution of customer’s choice.
  • We convert vector methods into raster easily and deliver them in the shortest amount of time.
  • We scale down the vector art without the worry of loosing the quality of final image.
  • Clipping Amazon does vector artwork on any brochures, manuals, newspapers and many other areas.
Types of Raster to Vector Clipping Amazon Offers

Among 17 services, there are some varieties of raster to vector service that Clipping Amazon offers. And you must know about the types for your own brand building.

Product Vector Design
Raster to vector product

One of the raster to vector services is product vector design. Nowadays, you will need your product photo in vector files very often. As raster graphics are made of pixels, converting it into vector design makes it look perfect and really eye-catchy.

Logo Vector Design
raster to vector logo clipping amazon

Logo vectorization is another amazing service of vector art. You’ll get a finely toned logo in vector art. You can customize your logo as per your need. These logos are mostly used in magazines.

2D Vector Design
raster to vector 2D clipping amazon

2D vector design is now a very demanding service. You can have this service by having Clipping Amazon’s raster to vector service and this another traditional service of vector art.

3D Vector Design

Although it takes time to convert a photo into a 3D vector design, you’ll need to give your desired photo a vector form to make it look more accurate. Therefore, 3D vector design is necessary.

Vector Line Drawing

This is one of the most important services. Clipping Amazon gets this service order very often. We draw the vector lines using the latest photo editing tool. And of course, the result is amazing.

Vector Character Design

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have a logo. Instead of logo, you have a character that presents your brand. You can get your character a vector art too. In here, drawings are very important. So, you can use vector art in both logos and character too.

Last, I have tried to write down everything I knew about raster to vector services and it’s importance. So that you know exactly where to knock for the right service at a low cost. Even if you are a newbie, you can build own brand in no time.

You must realize one thing that Clipping Amazon also offers various kinds of discounts on different occasions. Christmas Day, Candlemas Day, etc. You can also check out our Valentine blog too as Valentine’s Day is upcoming. Why not make your valentine extra special?


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