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Thanksgiving Photography Ideas You’ll Want To Try

Gratitude helps us to see what is there in life instead of what isn’t. Thanksgiving Day reminds us to be grateful for life and its bounty every once in a while. Because a thankful heart opens our eyes to multiple blessings that surround us. And I think the very first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated based on this belief. People of two different nations choose to share their harvest feast a long time ago. Now we celebrate thanksgiving day nationwide and very broadly. So, in this blog, I’ll give some crazy pointers about thanksgiving photography.

Thanksgiving Photography Ideas

Thanksgiving Photography Ideas

Well, I admit one thing though. Thanksgiving photography wasn’t a thing even a few years ago. Yeah, people would meet their family on this holiday and enjoyed a big feast and all the laughter. But taking photos to keep a memory was rare. Taking photos is now easier because of smartphones. So, now people love to keep memories of their family gatherings on holiday. And Thanksgiving is an occasion just like that.

Thanksgiving Photography Tips

Now, people arrange thanksgiving even bigger than Christmas. Oh, you can consider it the beginning of Christmas too. The famous roasted turkey, pumpkin pies, corn cakes, or corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, holiday decorations, and so on! What’s not to love? I mean, you can take photos of every single thing. Besides, people love to take part in family photography. So you can use this chance to have a family photoshoot. I know it’ll be a great chance to bring everyone together. Or if you’re not planning for dinner, or not going home. You can capture the last color of autumn. Now, how does that sound?

Most of all, Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude. And I don’t think there’s any better way to show gratitude to your family.

Thanksgiving Photography Tips:

Autumn Colors

Now, before we dive in, you may keep an eye on these things. Because, yeah you’ll need a camera at the very first point. But you’ll also need a wide-angle lens for a family photograph. A macro lens for the close-up details. Above all, don’t forget to keep several memory cards. Now let’s dig in!

Nothing Is Wrong With Behind The Scene:
Thanksgiving Photography Ideas

People love to watch movies and dramas. But they love behind the scenes even more. Besides, I think Thanksgiving behind the scenes is quite adorable. A snap of stuffing the turkey, or a snap of taking the hot pie out of the oven could add just the holiday vibe!

If you don’t want to take just the kitchen behind the scenes, you can always come to the living room. Where the family members are arranging tables and holiday decorations. I think it will do too.

Family Traditions:
Thanksgiving Photography Tips

Every Thanksgiving Day has its own story. So has every single family. I mean, aside from the story, every family has a Thanksgiving tradition. Whether it is watching a holiday movie altogether, or having a massive feast. Some also go hiking mountains before the winter arrives. My point is, whatever your family tradition is, you can capture it.

Go All The Candid You Need To:
Candid Photos

Candids are the best options for holidays like these. Because you’ll be able to capture so many actions in candid. Thanksgiving candids like mom’s mixing the spice with the pie filling, or siblings squeezing the cranberries will go widely viral. Also, a playful family taking part in holiday-themed actions will be nice.

Focus On Various Details:
Thanksgiving Photography Tips

Thanksgiving comes with tons of activities. Although the word ‘thanksgiving’ reminds us of a big and huge feast. There are so many things that also happen on thanksgiving day. You can use a zoom lens to capture some close-up to enhance the details. For example. the close-up of a pie or a glass of cranberry juice, or pumpkin carving.

Autumn Backdrop:
Thanksgiving Photography Ideas

We all know, we say bye-bye to the autumn and get ready to say hi to the snow on thanksgiving. So, to honor nature, you can use an autumn-colored backdrop to bring a colorful and vibrant feeling. The mixture of orange and yellow bring us such joy! So, arranging an autumn-themed backdrop may add some flair.

The Prayer Process:
Thanksgiving Prayer

Although it’s almost a lost thing. Because nowadays, there are few families that start their thanksgiving feast with a special prayer. If possible and if your family is a religious one, do capture that.

The Lighting:
Proper Lighting

You may want to keep an eye on the proper lighting. Because if you want to make your photos stand out, bring some extra light.

Thanksgiving Photography

No matter how good a photographer you are, editing will save your thanksgiving photos in the end. So, editing is a must. You can enhance the color level, the background, the white balance, ISO, and everything. And even if the lighting is not very convenient, editing can solve it. Or you can trust Clipping Amazon for those editing problems.

Why Clipping Amazon:
Clipping Amazon

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Therefore, I hope you found my blog useful. If you need a low-cost photo editing service, feel free to tap on the button below.


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