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Creative Sunflower Photography Ideas

Flowers have many secret powers, no? But sunflowers? They’re the symbol of true elegance. I mean, it’s not about just beauty. But also this flower provides us with food. Who doesn’t love sunflower seeds? But we’re not talking about the food today. Because we’re going to learn some creative sunflower photography ideas.

What Is Sunflower Photography?

Photography Sunflower

Well, honestly? There’s nothing more magical than a sunflower field. So, photographing them is really fun, no? The answer is yes. Also, if you use some tricks you’ll get awesome sunflower photos. Talking about sunflowers, it’s not the same as other flower photography, you know? Because sunflowers have business values on their own. And roses too.

Photography Sunflower Field

Besides, sunflowers are the true symbol of summer, no? Their color is really vibrant and beautiful. Many choose the sunflower field for picnics and little family gatherings. And as I’ve said before, this flower has its business demand. So, photographing them in the right and creative way is very important. I mean, yeah you can capture sunflowers for personal choice. But it’s better to learn it in a better way. So, when you’re capturing sunflowers fields or single sunflower for any reason, you’re doing sunflower photography.

Business Values & Importance:

Like I said, sunflower seeds are very delicious to eat. But don’t think they’re easy to grow. Or easy to process. Sunflower seeds contain highly-nutritional values. Not only the humans crave this, but also the birds like them very much. The mouth-watering taste of roasted seeds aside, you’ve heard about sunflower oil. Right?

Photography Sunflower

Sunflower oil is very much expensive for most people. Although this is one reason for growing sunflowers commercially. After soybean oil, this one is the most used one. So, you can also call it product photography. Because to show off the sunflower oil cans, you’ll need sunflowers. I’m just telling you about the commercial uses of sunflowers. So that you can realize the importance of sunflower photography.

Tools And Camera Settings For Creative Sunflower Photoshoot:

Of course, there are several camera settings for sunflower fields. Well, the camera settings can be different sometimes. Because it depends whether you’re capturing just a single one from your balcony, or you’re covering a whole sunflower field! Also, there are some special perks when you capture the sunflower field.

Photography Sunflower Field

Okay, as for the camera? Any mirrorless DSLR will do just fine. But if you don’t have one, you can start with whatever you have. So, after the camera, you may pack some lenses. Cause why? Because different lenses will give you different views! And in sunflower photography, you’d really want that. Other than that, you may pack a tripod or so. Oh, and don’t forget to check on the weather condition.

Photography Sunflower Ideas:

Now that you’re all geared up, let’s get you some creative ideas!

Timing Is Very Important:

Look, time is a very very important fact for any kind of photography. And in sunflower photography, it’s more important. Because sunflowers turn their heads with the movement of the sun. Also, they bloom with the sun too.

Photography Sunflower Field

So, you need to be very careful when you capture sunflowers. Because if you want to capture a fully-bloomed sunflower, there will be lots of shadows to ruin your photos. Cause why? Because sunflower blooms when it’s midday. So, timing is very important. You better pick twilight hours. Or if you choose to shoot at midday, then edit those photos afterward.

Bees And Butterflies:

As we’re talking about flowers. So of course there will be bees and butterflies. You may even find some birds collecting seeds too. So, if find anything like this, quickly capture that. For this, you better bring another camera with a macro lens. A macro lens will give you some detailed shots that you’re going to love it.

Dimensions And Dramas:
Photography Sunflower Field

No matter what you’re photographing, blurring the background always adds some drama to the frame. And that is why you need to use a wide-angle lens. Because it’ll give you a photo that’s less depth-of-field with a blurred background.

Play With Light:

This is definitely a creative idea. Because lighting plays a very vital role in any photography. And for capturing sunflowers, you better pick the twilight hours for this. For example, when the first ray of the sun enters the sunflowers field will give you a photo that’s beyond magical.

Photography Sunflower Field

But keep an eye on the position of the light. Because if the light comes from the back of the flower, it’ll look great in the photo. Otherwise, not very much.

If You’re Capturing Model, Turn On The Flash:
Turn On Flash

If you’re capturing any model in the sunflower field. Then you better turn on your flash. I mean, many apparel companies prefer their model in flower fields. So, you need to highlight the model. Right? That’s why you need to turn on the flash. This will highlight your model. Also, the background will turn out very compelling too.

When You’re Without Models:
Turn Off Flash

Outdoor shooting aside, you may shoot flowers indoors sometimes. So, if you’re shooting sunflowers indoors, then make sure to turn off the flash. Because you’ll get to use some natural light. And that’s what makes the sunflowers more stunning. But if you’re shooting just the sunflower fields, I’d still recommend turning off the flash.

If Possible, Combine Sunflowers With The Sky:
Photography Sunflower

Just imagine a scene, an endless field of bright sunflowers with a blue sky. What do you think? It’s beyond beautiful. Isn’t it? If you agree with me, then capture it.

Go, Black And White:

When you want to create a unique style of your flower photography, black and white flower photography is the way to go. Black and white flower photography are often used as a part of black and white photography. 

Photography Sunflower

In fact, sometimes, black and white flower photography is preferred over color because of the tonal values. Tonal value simply refers to the amount of light or dark an object appears.

Edit Your Photos:

Don’t be in a hurry to upload your photos to the web. Wait till you’re done taking the photos. Then, go back and edit your flower photos. You can add some special effects like vignettes, starbursts, and so on. It will make your flower photos look more professional and it will also help you get better results.


A big part of flower photography is editing if you ask me. So, of course, play with every feature that Photoshop is offering you. Hue and saturation, white balance, shadow, and so on. Most of all, photo manipulation is a must. As it is very creative and calls for a skilled hand, you may want to leave it to a professional like Clipping Amazon.

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