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Best Travel Photography Apps For You

They say a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Because it truly does. In fact, travel gives us some of the best memories of our entire life. But you have to keep these memories somewhere safe. Right? Because we all know memories are sensitive. So, in this blog, you’ll find some of the best travel photography apps for your precious travel memories.

What Is Travel Photography?

Travel Photography App

Well, you know how it is. I mean, everyone knows what travel is. But let me tell you one thing. Many think that you need to go abroad to travel. But the truth is, you just need an adventurous heart. Also, you don’t need to go abroad. You can travel inside your country and still start a travel blog. Yes, that is easy, no? So, in short, when you’re visiting from one place to another for travel and taking photos for your blog site, you’re doing travel photography. And you know what? Travel photographers need travel photography apps more than anyone.

Travel Photography App

Just so you know, age is no barrier when it comes to travel. I mean, by using some travel photography apps, travel bloggers edit their photos and videos very easily and keep their audiences updated. Not only video and photo editing, but you can also add filters and funny things to photos with these travel photography apps.

Why It Is Helpful?

Look, I’m 100% sure you’ve seen many travel videos or food reviews on the internet, right? How do you think bloggers post their photos and videos so fast? Have you ever seen them being irregular? I guess the answer is no. Also, none of their photos or videos are unedited. I mean, have you seen their YouTube shorts? Even their YouTube shorts are edited in high quality. If you’re a blogger or a photographer, you already know how much pain it is to edit photos and videos.

Best Apps For Travel Photography

But using travel photography apps reduces so many hassles. You just need to keep your photos in the app and apply any filter you want. Some apps also allow improving the colors. Also, some allow additional shadows or reflections as per need. Not that you need reflections very often in travel photography. But it helps. So, using travel photography apps will save you much time and work. Not to mention, it will save you money too. Because who is a total beginner in the travel blog, can use these apps. Not everyone has the luxury to go for professional photo editing services.

Travel Photography Apps:

Well, these apps are easy to use and free. Also, you can use these apps both on Android & iPhones. Let’s go-


Okay, maybe it’ll cost you a little money. But not that much. I mean, you can manage this even if you’re a beginner. Because it’ll cost you only $1.99. This is an amazing travel photography app. Cause why? Because this app will allow you to remove unwanted human objects from your photo. All you need to do is to upload the photo and edit it as per your need. It’s very helpful for removing objects. Because in a travel blog? Whenever you go to take any photo, be sure that there will be something sure to ruin your photos. And this app will work as your savior.

NightCap Camera:
NightCap Camera

Now, many travelers struggle to capture photos at night. And not just the photos, capturing photos at night keeps many expert photographers on their toes. Because there are no lights at night. And it seems really irrational to set up additional lighting when you’re traveling. Also, it may disturb other travelers too. But using only one app solves all these problems. Yes, that’s NightCap Camera for you! This app allows you to capture night photos very clearly. You don’t need any kind of additional lighting for this app. Because this app is a pro in night photography.

Pro HDR X:

Awww come on, you’re using travel photography apps to develop your travel photos, and you’re forgetting the HDR mode? Because without HDR mode, travel photos seem incomplete. And this app, on the other hand, lets you capture HDR-quality photos easily. I mean, yes, it’s not free. But it’s not that costly either. Only $1.99. And I really suggest you buy it. Because this amazing app capture three photos with different exposures. Then it combines these photos to make an HDR one. Eventually, you’ll get an HDR photo that has the perfect shadows and highlights. And the best part is, all this work is done automatically. For travelers, this is the best.


Oh well, this travel photography app performs like a total lifesaver. Because Sanpseed lets you edit your photos very quickly. In fact, I know many people who don’t share their photos without editing in Snapseed. The best reason is this app is totally free. And it’s really easy to use. You can easily remove any blemishes from photos, work with the white balance, the curve, etc. You can even adjust the anchor points. Also, you can edit multiple photos at the same time. How? Because Sanpseed saves your last edit choices. And you can apply that to your photos.


This is the last photo editing app I’m gonna mention today. Maybe because I am saving the best for the last? Although this app is for both android and iPhone users, this app provides some advanced photo editing features.


You can easily add color filters here, with an awesome good split-tone tool. If you’re looking for a 2-in-1, then you should definitely try this app.

Okay, last but not the least, you know? Because in travel photography? You’ll need some more help. Because just travel photo editing apps will not do. You can use some help in finding the perfect location, the sun/the moon locator, the golden hour detector, or the planning apps. And right now? We’ll talk about these.

For Finding The Location:

I’m writing about these two here. Because I’ve tried it for myself. And the results are good so far.


Okay, this is the app’s name. So, Spot is totally free to use. When you’re starting your new travel blog, finding the best place can be hard for you. But if you use Spot, you can find famous local destinations easily. Because in this app, photographers from all over the world share their captured photos. So, it’s pretty easy to find any location that’s famous in any area. Also, this app gives you locations of some secret places. And trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Also, this app gives you heads-up about the place you want to go. So, even if you’re a newbie in any place, you won’t have any problem finding the place and going there.


This is a navigation app. It’s also free. Every app has its own feature. So does this app. This app is GPS based. So, once you download the location, you can go anywhere with that map. And guess what? You’ll not need any internet for that.

Travel Photography App

This app is specially featured for cityscapes, obviously. But the best part is this app allows you to see the nearest bus and train station with the arrival and departure times. I mean, it’s easy to get lost when you capture travel photos. Citymapper will save you here. Oh, and this app is free too.

Other Apps You’ll Need:

Checking out the weather update and the sunrise/sunset will also ruin your photo session sometimes. So, you better use these apps.

Golden Hour One:

I mean, how does it feel when you plan to capture the sunset and when you wake up and see the sun is already up? Yes, that’s when you need to use this app. This app is also free to download and easy to use. But when you’re new to a place and you want to keep a record of the golden hour, the blue hour, the weather update and so, then this app will really help you. And that’s not all. The best part is this app will tell you when you should go to take a photo.


This will save you from unexpected rain, the wind, etc. You can also customize this app as per your choice. So, yes this one is a keeper too. Especially for travel photographers.

Lastly, Edit Your Photos:
Edit Your Photos

Apps are good for photo editing. But sometimes, apps are not enough. Because a photo may need several photo editing tricks. So, apps can’t meet your need always. That’s when you need to go for a professional photo editor. And of course, Clipping Amazon can help you there.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Travel Photo Editing

Clipping Amazon is one of the most professional photo editing companies. You’ll find here 17 types of photo editing services here. We also provide creative ad design, that’ll catch the eyes of your audience immediately. And don’t worry, photo editing doesn’t mean just adding filters here and removing the spots there in a photo. Because it’s more than that. Filters can be beautiful in personal photos on social media. But in e-Business? No. That’s why we always edit our client’s photos in Adobe Photoshop and design the ads in Adobe Illustrator. No matter how many apps are there in the store, Adobe will be the best of all photo editing apps, for all time.

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