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How To Capture Scary Horror Photos For Halloween

It’s almost the Fall, no? And the Fall always comes with its color box. Colors with different vibes. Because when I look at a maple tree in the fall, I can’t decide what comes to my mind at first. Thanksgiving? Or is it Halloween? Because both festivals use almost the same color themes. But we’re going to talk about Halloween photography. Moreover, we’re going to talk about you can take scary horror photos to make your best Halloween.

Scary Horror Themed Photos:

Well, it’s not just Halloween, you know? Because scary horror photos are very popular in gothic culture. I’m sure you’ve heard about the goth world. Gothic people always adore scary horror photos. Or anything that comes with horror and scary theme. So, it’s not just Halloween always. What I mean is, that scary photos are always on the top as there is a whole culture.

Scary Horror Photography

And trust me, you can go all the way to get creative when it comes to capturing scary horror photos. You can go from being vintage to futuristic even. And? You’re going to love every bit of this photo session. Even if you’re the brand ambassador of any renowned makeup company, you’ll need to look scary or any famous evil character. And that’s when you’ll need some ideas about the scary horror look. And some tips for your photography skills too.

So, when you’re capturing photos for Halloween pictures of any model or anything that gives you goosebumps, you’re doing scary horror photography.

Aside From Make-Up Props:

Well, definitely you’ll need to use make-up for your Halloween. A creative Halloween look is very important for scary and horror photos. I mean, of course, you’ll need some more props for a creative horror look.

Scary Horror Photography

For example, you’ll need some dresses that represent certain villains or evil characters like Maleficient, Poison Ivy, Cruella, etc. Also, if you’re a photographer, you need some things for photos too!

A camera, some lens, a tripod, and some artificial lights are essential for horror photography.

Tips And Ideas For Scary And Horror Photos:

Now that you’re all set, let’s get going! But don’t be scared of darkness. Because you’re going to nail it. We’ll start with the easiest.

Start With Shadows:

You never know what’s hiding underneath the bed, in the attic, or in the dark shadows. That’s the fear we all had in our childhood, right? So, why not start with the shadows then?

Use Shadows

After the sun goes down, shadows start to appear and they can take on many different forms. They can look like monsters, aliens, or people. Frame the silhouette of a mysterious figure or trees in the forest casting eerie shadows against a wall.

Through Doors, Windows, Or Fabrics?

It’s not easy to create abstract and eerie silhouettes. I know that yes? But you can shoot your subject through semi-transparent materials. You can use a textured glass window to create this illusion. Even some paper sheets or a thin fabric will do.

Scary Horror Photography

Use a flash diffuser to block the harsh light from the camera and create a horror soft light effect for your photos. Because you’ll love the result.

Use Motion Blur For Sure:

You can easily bring a ghost effect with the help of motion blur photography. All you need is just to play with a longer exposure. Make sure your camera’s settings are optimized for your chosen shooting method.

Use Motion Blur

Because the slower the shutter speed, the more blurred the photo will be. To increase the blurriness of the photo and create a haunting feeling, lose the tripod and pan or zoom your camera.

Old Or Abandoned Houses/Places:

Empty Buildings

Just so you know, I said old and empty places or houses. Not haunted. Because I don’t want you to get attacked by any witch or ghost. Fun thing aside, you can pick up any empty or old house to get some horror vibe. Tilt your camera for creative composition. Because it goes really well with the old buildings.

Face Without Eyes:

The eyes are a very important part of human anatomy. They are used to communicate. I mean, don’t you eye contact with anyone? I bet you do. We can even say a lot of things without using actual words! And it’s not just connecting with people. You can even eye contact with your pet.

A Haunted Face

And of course, that’s why removing them from a face will give anyone real goosebumps, no? So, remove them. Because horror photography is all about black and white most of the time. So, you better use that to your advantage.

A Scared Face/Figure:


Well, it doesn’t have to be scary witches all the time, you know? Instead of a horrifying face, you can also capture a scared face or human. Trust me, this is the easiest of all kinds of scary and horror photo ideas. All you will need is just a touch of high-end skin retouching help later. Oh, just to be sure, I’m not talking about capturing silhouettes here. You need to capture a direct face.

A Horrifying Vampire:

Even in this modern world, there are lots of controversial arguments about vampires. If they really exist or not. Or if the vampires can really turn into bats. So, when it comes to horror photography, missing vampires would be real blasphemy. Don’t you think? Also, you can also add The Count Dracula! Don’t tell me, this idea has skipped your mind.

Creative Scary Characters:
Dracula’s Coffin

Well, aside from vampires and Dracula, there are clowns, baby souls, zombies, sad souls, gothic queens, etc. Although it depends on your client’s preference. But capturing these characters takes your horror photography to the next level.

Editing Will Also Save The Day:

Creative photography and photo editing go well like chocolate and peanut butter. Because creative photography means, your photos will need some editing for sure. And when it comes to horror photos, photo manipulation can take your photos to the next premium level. I know it’s a time-consuming task. But you can also drop your photos to a professional photo editing company. I know not everyone understands your need. But we certainly do! Yes, we do. Want to find out how?

Why Clipping Amazon?
Halloween Photo Manipulation

Clipping Amazon is one of the most professional photo editing companies you’ll ever work with. Why? Because we provide 17 kinds of photo editing services, provide urgent delivery services, and provide services 24/7, value our client’s demands the highest. So why not choose Clipping Amazon? Amateur photographers get hired on the occasion of Halloween. If something like that is going to happen with you too. Then I think, it’s time to shine. Besides, you can use our budget-friendly photo editing services. Halloween is the occasion where photographers show off their imagination with different kinds of photo effects and manipulation services. Work with us, and stand out. Oh! One more thing, your photos will always be safe with us. Don’t miss the chance to work with such a friendly yet professional company.

Lastly, whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!!


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