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Prom Photography: Tips For Capturing The Big Nights

When we were kids, the longing for prom nights was undeniable, no? But do you know what I think? I mean, yeah prom is all about the perfect date with a fancy and beautiful dress. But is it really like that? Because I think prom is all about enjoying yourself. If you want to make some unforgettable memories at your prom, then you definitely gotta enjoy it. And of course, dance and party hard with your friends. So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about everything you and your cameraman can do for prom photography.

What Is Prom Photography?

I mean, do we really know for how long this has been going on? Because I don’t. I think right after the door of photography was opened for all, it took place in proms. Don’t you think? And why? Because it’s the kiddos’ big night or their very first formal event. So, there are tons of memories to capture, yes? Also, many kids change schools after that. So, they want to make memories. Also, you know about the high-school love drama. It’s in every single school. And there’s this whole promposal thing. Oh, the promposal means a proposal for going to prom with someone.

Prom Pictures Poses

I’ve seen many girls and boys who get super nervous about their date for prom. Then there is dance, the announcement of prom king and queen, party games and everything. Students who don’t get their desired dates go with their friends. And trust me, just like the whole year, prom night is also full of drama too. I mean, a prom doesn’t feel like a prom without any drama. So, to make every moment countable, kids hire photographers. Therefore, if you’re hired for events like prom or homecoming, yes, you’re doing prom photography.

The Props And The Proper Camera Settings:

Prom Pictures Ideas

Look, I know there are lots of facts when it comes to prom pictures ideas. But you must pay very close attention to one thing. That prom photography is mainly about a group of teens. And teens are very sensitive. I met some girls during their quinceanera and they were really shy to pose in front of the camera. But the camera settings aside, you should get friendly with the teens. Ask them some frequent questions to break the ice. Because teen photography is really hard enough. It’s not what many photographers do, but this may get you another appointment. Now, let’s see some suitable camera settings for prom photography:

Don’t Use Flash:

Prom Pictures Poses

Flash is useful, but only when there is no sun. Indoors or under artificial light, you don’t need it. Flash causes sheer fabrics to come out shiny, which is why you might see a mirror in a showy, sparkly dress.

Some fabrics, such as ones that are layered may not work for the flash photo because they don’t reflect light properly. Use your flash angled at a 65-degree angle, backward will also help fill in your subject’s skin without being too harsh.

Ask Questions To The Teens:

Prom Pictures Poses

Before you finish taking the prom photos, ask the students what their most important prom memory was. Ask them how you could improve the photos. Teens are usually not very good at communicating. To give your students the chance to have a unique prom experience, ask them which photo of themselves they would like to be in their group photo. This is a great way for them to direct their own prom photo shoot.

Keep The Session Short & Quick:

Prom Pictures Ideas

Teens are really excited to have fun at prom, aren’t they? This means they don’t take as many photos as other people do, which means less stress for them and you. So, make sure to work as quickly as possible. Scout the venue before the session starts. Because that way you can move through each set of photos quickly. Also, If you have the teens help give the other couple or individual breaks, it can help keep things relaxed.

Take Shot From Different Angle:

Prom Pictures Ideas

Whether shooting from the shoulder or waist level is appropriate depends on the style of the dress and the look you’re going for. Although waist level is usually the best place to start.

The More, The Merrier:

Prom Pictures Poses

The higher the number of people in an image, the greater the chance that someone is blinking in the shot. So, If you’re planning on shooting for larger groups, start out with 5 images.

Encourage The Teens To Have Fun:

Teen feels awkward always. They feel even more awkward with everyone in fancy dresses. Encourage the kids to loosen up and take some candid shots. Also, there’s no better photo to take than the little brother or sister with the family dog.

Prom Pictures Poses

Now that you’re all set as prom photographer. Let’s get some prom pictures ideas.

Prom Pictures Poses & Ideas:
Show Off Your Corsage:
Prom Pictures Poses

There are so many different kinds of corsages that choosing the right one for your prom night can be a challenge. It’s a key accessory for a prom night. So, show it off in a separate photo with your friends or your date.

The Selfie Pose:
Prom Selfie

Selfies and youth are essentially synonymous, no? So, don’t miss out on the chance to take a picture of young kids taking prom selfies. Make sure they always act naturally.

The Decorative Lightings:

There are always some glittery sparkles, and put together the word “PROM” in the event of prom. Using these photos can make or break a party. Try some of these for a sparkly background.

Jump With Your Life:

It’s not easy to get everyone to jump at the same time but that doesn’t mean the kids shouldn’t jump. Take a mid-air shot every time you’re in burst mode.

If It’s The Last Prom Year:
Kiss Your Crush

What if this is the last prom of your high school? Don’t you want to make it memorable? You can use some balloons that will represent the last year of your high school.

A Photo With Your First Day At School:

Everyone loves ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo concepts. Just ask your client’s mom to pose for a picture of her/him when he/she first walked into school.

Twirl With Your Dress:
Prom Pictures Poses

The twirl of the dress is an excellent way to add some motion and fun to prom photography. Don’t miss twirling in front of the camera.

Some Quick Edits Will Save Everything:

You need to think about quality photo post-processing in addition to taking gorgeous pictures at the prom.

You should take the time to really think about what kind of photos are going to get the most attention and make sure they are of the highest quality. If you find it difficult to edit photos, you can always drop them at Clipping Amazon. Why? Let’s see!

Why Clipping Amazon?
High-End Skin Retouching

First things first. Clipping Amazon is a very professional photo editing service provider company. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services including HDR photo editing. Also, we provide clipping path, image masking, image cleaning, photo manipulation, color enhancement, etc. We also do ad design and magazine cover design. As for HDR or HDR real estate photography, you’ll need a complex clipping path and professional photo manipulation services. Also, you’ll need color enhancement every now and then to show off the light and shadow. In Clipping Amazon, we always value our clients the highest. We always edit the photos in a few steps. And we continue the process until our clients approve. You can have our services 24/7. Moreover, you’ll never have to worry about the on-time delivery.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to try your free trial to see how your silhouette photos look! I’m leaving the details on the button.


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