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Magazine Cover Design Service; Why It Is A Designer’s Dream?

The glossy surface of magazines always attracts our eyes easily. People who don’t even read books also take magazines in their hands! So you realize, all these are because of illustrious and eye-healing magazine cover design. Among all photo editing parts, this job is the most interesting and adventurous. Maybe that’s why it’s called the designer’s dream.

What Is Magazine Cover Design?

Designs of Magazine Covers

Mainly, a magazine is a publication that is published periodically. Now, there is a wide range of variety! I’m sure you’ve seen magazines many times. Magazines don’t get published often. But producers publish them often after a certain time period. For example, some magazines come annually. Some come quarterly. There are also magazines that come weekly, monthly.

Now that you know about magazines, we can talk about magazine cover design? In the world of printings and media, you just need to keep one thing in mind. And what is that? Well, the thing is magazines that work for media and celebrities, maintain a terribly serious competition. Competitions like the number of sales, attractive cover design, etc. As you know, it’s just a matter of fact that, humans are attracted by beautiful things. So, the publication companies spend a huge amount of money on magazine cover design. So that the cover design immediately steals the eyes and creates a surge of urgency to buy the magazine.

When designing a magazine cover, a group of graphics designers works very hard. And as you’ve seen a magazine before, then you can tell. That is how much effort they put into it.

In this blog, I’ll show you how you can design an amazing magazine cover design. Just follow these steps and you’ll be just fine. Okay?

And don’t you worry, if anything goes wrong, Clipping Amazon is always just a click away. And you can be confident about our magazine cover design skills.

Clipping Amazon
Services Of Clipping Amazon

I guess you already got a hint about Clipping Amazon, that what this could be. Well, Clipping Amazon is an image editing service provider. We provide 17 types of photo editing services along with magazine cover design. We take pride in customer satisfaction and on-time delivery. Because we take the client’s demand very seriously. Trust me or not, our professionalism took us to 25 countries to serve. You can also check out our portfolio page. You can also check out our blog site. From tutorial blog to retouching service, everything is in there.

Now, I’ll show you how Clipping Amazon provides this amazing magazine cover design service. Let’s see!

1. Putting The Magazine Name Into Most Clear Place:
Glamour Magazine

Now, I know what you’re wondering. What does this head mean anyway? Right? Yeah, I get it too. This means focusing on the magazine’s name or logo. Why? Because Clipping Amazon makes sure that the name of the magazine is seen in the very first place. I mean, the moment you look at a magazine cover, its name will steal your eyes.

As we all know, magazine covers are full of bright photos or advertisements. Right? Still, it’s a primary requirement that the name should be seen very clearly.

2. Adjusting The Fonts:

Well, when it comes to a successful magazine cover design, you must know that the magazine’s name should be adjusted. We adjust it by changing the font, color, and style.

Now, many magazines use effective titles on their cover page. But that’s not effective as using the magazine’s name or logo. Whatever you put on your magazine cover, it is inevitable that you must adjust the font, color, and style.

3. Combine Photography and drawing:
Combine Drawing With Picture

Combine both photographs and drawing on magazine cover design? Why? Why not? Because it makes a magazine cover more glowing and beautiful. Don’t you think? It is one of our charisma. It gives the cover a stellar look. A pencil sketched photo and a retouched one on the same cover, think it yourself.

4. Dash Of Beautiful Color Contrast:
Try To Match Colors

This point is very much important for every graphic designer. Because, if you lack the sense of color combination, then you’re good as dead. Clipping Amazon ensures it is very serious because we have a very professional and expert graphics team.

5. We Work With A Grid:

Yeah, we always work with the grid when we do a magazine cover design. Because it helps to make our design look very neat and professional. It allows us to place all the elements perfectly.

6. Illustrations & Everything:

Okay, when it comes to illustrations and photos, photos get priority. Why? Because its normal that a model or an object gets priority on a magazine’s cover. But we add a bit of illustrative effect so that the cover looks dramatic as well as practical. So, go for illustrations.

7.We Maintain The Consistency:

The points I’ve mentioned, are all how we do a magazine cover design. You need to be very expert when you do a magazine cover design. Why? Because a magazine cover calls for a lot of photo editing. Like color correction, color balance, model retouching, raster to vector, image masking, and so on. So what I mean is it is very important to know all the editing skills here.

So about the consistency. Consistency means, when a company seeks our help to design their cover, we ask for a copy of their previous covers. Why? Because we look for consistency. Which is, there will be a similarity between the covers.

Okay, that was all about how we do magazine cover design. If you need professional help at a budget-friendly cost, feel free to contact us by tapping on the button.


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