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Product Photography

Product photography has become important over time. The significance of product images is growing as e-commerce grows. Throughout this article, we will learn, what is product photography, and best practices and examples to inspire your own.

What Is Product Photography?


Product photography is the art of creating images that sell. It can be the difference between a sale and no sale. Also, it is the way to get your brand noticeable.

Product Photography is not about just taking pictures; it’s about creating an image that stands out from the crowd. It is a skill that takes time and effort to master. If you want to create the perfect product photography, then you need to understand the basics of product photography first.

Any image that is always good for sale products online. These images are used by e-commerce shops to purchase products. You have to capture the product details and features in photos. Also, you have to give a full idea of the product to your potential buyers.

Why Is Product Photography Important?

Product photography is one of the most powerful tools available to you if you are trying to market your business. There are many ways to run your e-business. Some choose to spend thousands of dollars on advertising, others choose to use more affordable options such as a well-written website and a good-quality logo. But when it comes to e-commerce business, the product photography is one of the most powerful tools available. If you want to make sure that your business is seen by potential customers, then you need to invest in a good product photography strategy.

Types Of Product Photography:

Product photography is similar to object photography. But in that, you can get more detail-

White Background:


White background photos are very common for e-shops. We can see it on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. There are individual product photos as well as white background shots with multiple images. This is probably the most common product photo type. When we looked at the top fashion brands’ product photos, we found that almost all of them had white background shots. It is easy for shoppers to differentiate between products because of the continuity and lack of background distraction.


Product use is featured contextual shots. The photos show shoppers how to use the products in their own lives and they also give them a sense of scale. These types of photos make people think of themselves using the product.


Contextual can get people excited about a product because they are showing, how we can use the product. This type of photography is useful for companies that are selling items that people use every day.

For example, you can keep a product in the kitchen, living room, or even in the bathroom. Through the help of photography, you can show the product and its use in a variety of ways, which adds a level of interest for buyers. This is a good way to use product photography in your e-commerce store. So, you can apply this process.

Product Photography- Lifestyle:

There are a lot of similarities between contextual and lifestyle product photography. The main difference is that lifestyle photography focuses on actual people. They might be celebrities, models, or even your friends.


We generally use this type of photography for a magazine, catalogs, e-shops, etc. It’s not about capturing an object. Rather, it’s about capturing a scene. The purpose of this type of photography is to showcase products interestingly. Photographers choose the setting usually to highlight the product.

Scale Shots:

People can see how big the products are in a scale shot. Buyers need an image to see how big or small the product is in comparison to other objects. This will also help buyers when they are trying to compare the product’s price. In these photos, a person will hold it gives you a sense of how small the item is.


Also, the person can use a hand to make the photo more impressive. The item needs to hold in such a way that the viewer can see how small the item is and how big the item is. If the item is too large, the photo would not have the same impact on the viewer as it would be too small. The item needs to view in a way that shows its size to other objects.



Small elements that are not visible, but in standard product photography, you can show the details of the product in photos. As you see the luxury categories, you will see this with apparel, footwear, and accessories. In photos, you have to show the details of the products. Something like the way of manufacturing and collars.

Also, you can use the skincare brand’s details. You can shoot to show how the products look on a real person’s face. You can try to use different angles. Also, you can try to use a specific camera mode for the product shot.

Product Photography- Group:


Multiple items are featured in one group of product shots. Some of these products are related to each other. So, you could feature the same item in different products or bundle them together as a promotion.

Flat Lay:

The photos of flat lay products on social media hit their stride. A bird’s eye view is where the flat lay photos are taken. The layout makes it easy to arrange your products, so it is a good way to have fun and add diversity to your site. These images are well-received on social media.


Bread uses a flat lay approach to show the different items. Also, this will help buyers to see how many items they will get.


The images that go on the box, bag, label, or whatever packaging holds your merchandise are known as packaging product photos. These pictures appeal to in-person shoppers. If the packaging hides the product, you usually see it with food and beauty items.


Of course, you can add product packaging photos to your other photos as well.

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