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How To Take Photos Of Burger- Food Photography

Burgers are not American things anymore, you know? Because it’s an international comfort food now. I mean, I’d do anything for a good, cheesy, and juicy burger. But this blog isn’t about burgers though. This blog is about burger photography. Because every single restaurant now spends money on showing off their food. And you know you can get burgers in almost every restaurant.

What Is Burger Photography?

Creative Burger Photography

Just so you know, taking mouth-watering photos of burgers is a kind of food photography. As burgers are very popular now everywhere. Burger photography has become popular too! Besides, burgers are very popular with every people. I mean, kids, teens, adults, olds, everyone! And if I’m being honest, who can resist the ultimate happiness? Because they say, you’ll find happiness between two buns. And you know what that means, do you? Besides, I can’t think of comfort food that’s more delicious than burgers. Oh, and don’t think that taking photos of these delicious treats is easy. Because it’s not. The color of the buns, the condition of the patties, and veggies play a vital role here. Also, there are some other important facts about burger photography.

Vegetable Burger

So, when you take photos of delicious burgers highlight the layers and promote your sale, you’re doing burger photography.

Not The Lens, But The Buns:

Yes, burger buns play a vital role in burger photography. Because there are some variations of buns when it comes to burgers. And you have to know one thing. Different kinds of burger buns look differently in photos. Also, not all the buns look the same delicious in photos. Yes, you can apply food photo editing. But isn’t it better to use the picture-perfect bun? But I love the brioche most. Because not only does it taste amazing. But also it looks mouth-wateringly good when you take photos. But if you don’t get the brioche bun, you can always use the golden sesame buns. However, if you use sesame buns, make sure there are enough sesame seeds on the bun.

Buns Are Important

The charcoal burger buns also do look good in photos too. Just adding some colorful veggies will do for a charcoal bun. Oh, I guess there are so many variations now! The ramen burger, the waffle burger, even the rice burger! Whatever you capture, keep an eye on the base.

Facts For Burger Photography:

You know, many say that burger is our love language. Well, I for one, can’t argue with that. Because even if I’m not an original American, I love burgers very much. And you know what? I think there are a lot of people like me. I mean, it’s easy to make, and it brings people together. Although taking burger photos isn’t that easy.

Talk With Your Client:
Talking Does Help

I mean, if not for building a portfolio for yourself. Then it’s best to talk with your client openly. Because every restaurant makes burgers differently. So, they’ll look different in photos too. Right? Talking with clients will let you know that how they want their burger to look like. Also, this will let you realize what kind of tool you’ll need to take photos.

Buns, Again:
Creative Burger Photography

You may think that finding a good hamburger bun is more work than it really is. But trust me, it is worth it. It can make a big difference in your burger photography. Do you know the editorial trick for that? Professional food stylists use glue and tweezers to stick sesame seeds on the top of the bun.

The bread doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to look good enough to be appetizing. Well, picking up the pre-sliced buns will reduce a lot of work. Because then you can easily use the thick top from one bun.

A Fatty Patty Will Do The Trick:
Creative Burger Photography

Of course, the patty should be wider than the bun! Also, it should be thinner than you want. Trust me, you’re not gonna regret it. And a bonus tip? Make sure to brush some oil over the meat patty before clicking the shutter. Because that will make the patty a shiny and juicy look. After all, you want people to eat your burger and to look at your photos, no?

Add A Gooey Makeover:

Melted cheese on a burger doesn’t make it just delicious. But also it gives the final touch-up to the final look of the food. Although, processed and natural cheese isn’t the same. Because they melt differently. So, it’s best to keep that pastry-torch with you when you go for burger photography. I mean, you don’t know what kind of cheese you’ll get to photograph.

Creative Burger Photography

But you’ll need to make sure the burger looks appealing, no? So, when you go to photograph any kind of food, keep the pastry torch near you. Because the melting and dripping look of the cheese will give you some killer burger photos.

The Light And Shadow:

The perfect amount of light and shadow make anything look appealing. But the excess amount? Surely, that ruins the photo. In any kind of food photography, make sure to shoot near the window. So that you can get the natural light. Because no matter what artificial lights you use for burger photos. Nothing beats the natural light.

Creative Burger Photography

Or if you want to pick a dark theme for creative burger photography, then use artificial light from any side of the burger. Because that will allow you to capture the burger with its shadow.

Some Fries Or Sides As Props:
Creative Burger Photography

I bet you’ve seen these kinds of photos. Because if I’m being honest? Every single kind of photography needs props. The same goes with burger photography. For example, you can talk with your client that if there’s anything else that he wants to show off. It can be a bunch of golden french fries. Or it can be their spicy wedges. Also, pairing some chicken fries/wings with the burger will make it look more appealing.

Or, if you’re shooting something vegan, ( I hate vegan burgers) there’s always vegan coleslaw.

Highlight The Colorful Veggies:
Creative Burger Photography

Oh, I definitely didn’t mean the salad, you know? Who’ll have a salad with burgers? But there is some certain vegetable that makes burger more consuming and appealing. A generous slice of red tomato and green bell pepper is enough to change a burger’s look. So make sure to highlight those too. Because adding the color makes a burger very eye-soothing.

Show-Off All The Layers:
Creative Burger Photography

It’ll require you to remove a few items in the background to give a sense of atmosphere. You may add fries or a sandwich, adding beer, or cola for complimenting the burger. Keep in mind that the closer you are the better the photo will look and feel. Also, it’ll help you to show off every layer perfectly.

Photo Editing For Burger Photos:

The perfect burger photo needs more photo editing than any other food photography. The tools Photoshop offers require some skill and work, but the ability to work with individual pixels is something you can build as you develop your Photoshop skills.

Photo Manipulation

Lightroom is a fantastic global photo editing app. But Lightroom can’t work in layers. Or composite images from multiple sources in a single image. In that case, you can drop that hassle to Clipping Amazon. Let’s find out why.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Professional Food Photo Editing

Clipping Amazon is known for its professional photo editing tactics. This means it’s a photo editing service provider company. We provide 17 types of image editing services. Color correction, background removal, raster to vector, image masking, and clipping path are some of them. We value our clients the highest. We edit photos in several steps. I mean, we edit and send them to the clients. Until our clients say it’s perfect now. Maybe this is one reason behind our serving in 26 countries with 100% client satisfaction. Also, we have an amazing blog site. As you’re looking for a cloud restaurant or cloud bakery business, you can have a look at our Food photography blog. There’s also travel photography, raster to vector, and ice cream blog. You can have many ideas from there.

Therefore, I hope you found my blog useful. If you need a low-cost food photo editing service, feel free to tap on the button below.


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