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Snow Photography: Creative And Horrific Ways

Among all the turns of the seasons, only winter has the ultimate power to form our character. And, to bring out our best versions. I guess only winter has the power to go very cozy and romantic along with a dark, cold, and scary side. And either way, you can’t think of winter without snow. More or less, everyone loves it. So, in this blog, we’ll learn snow photography in creative ways. Also, in scary ways.

Snow Photography:

Photography In The Snow

I mean, we often get to see snowfall. Even without winter, you see snowfall. Right? And yes, snow has the power to change the ultimate view of a city. Besides, it spreads out the coziness in the air. A slice of freshly baked pizza by the window during snowfall sounds like an actual dream. Right? Or nothing can beat a bowl of soup on a snowy night. Even horror movies are enough to make you sweat during a cold night.

Aside from the coziness and the scary side, there are always snow sports. Making snow angels, buying hot cocoa by the roadside, skating, etc remind you of the soft and beautiful side of snow. And you realize all these are pointing to snow photography, right? Because all these scenes are the prime and ideal ideas of snow photography. Besides, if you want to do snow photography indoors, you can easily use the first ideas.

Frozen Nature

And if you want to shoot snow outdoors, there are endless ideas too. But you need to use a camera canopy to protect your camera from getting wet by the snow. Also, many product photographers use fake snow to make their products stand out. Besides, films and movie industries use fake snow at a large range in their shooting. So, when you’re capturing the beautiful sides or the scary sides of the snow, whether it is for commercial use or for your portfolio, you’re doing snow photography.

Things You’ll Need For Indoors And Outdoors:

First of all, if you want to shoot outdoors, you may want to cover yourself first. An overcoat, a pair of high boots, and caps will do. After that, you can move on to the second part. Guess what is it? It’s your camera, of course. Because we all know snow comes from dew. So if you go outside with your camera without any protection, snow will fall on your camera. And it will melt. Unless your camera is waterproof, your camera will get ruined for sure. Besides, the cold steam will make the lens vision pretty blurry. And trust me, it’s truly disturbing. So, you’ll need a small piece of microfiber cloth to clean up the lens and the front glass of the camera.

Scary Vibe

As for indoor snow photography, you’ll need some natural light. Not mini LED lights. Soft lights like candles and lamps will do. And if you want to use fake snowfall during your photoshoot, you’ll need a table fan. Because a table fan paired with cork sheet crumbs work together like a real snowfall. Oh, and yes, there’s always the cheapest option. It’s flour. Although the results are quite different. And If you ask me, I’d prefer crumbed cork sheets for fake snow. It’s not that expensive, but effective.

Or if you want to do a premium snowfall in your product photoshoot, then you have to spend some bucks. There are a lot of online stores that sell fake snow. Who do you think uses those?

Snow Photography Ideas:


Talking about snow photos, you realize that photographing snows and snowflakes are totally different. Right? I mean, yes, these two sounds like they’re all the same but they’re not. Because snowflakes are fragile as hell, and always call for a telephoto or zoom lens for a clear shot. But snow photography, on the other hand, comes with a wider area. Now, let’s get some snow photography ideas:

Don’t Miss The Golden Hours:

No matter what kind of natural scenes you’re capturing, the golden hours are the best option. I mean, it’s what the professionals say. Besides, when the sun is right above your head, I don’t think it’s possible to capture anything perfectly. Let alone snow. Because the snow will melt when the temperature is too hot. I mean, if you to capture snow when it’s not winter.

Golden Hours

Besides, during winter, your snow photos will look blank because there will be less natural light to make your shot lively. So, golden hours are your only call. Moreover, I don’t think there’s anything more magical than the first ray of the sun reflecting in the snow.

Aperture Priority Is Better To Play Safe:

When photographing snow, I always prefer to set the aperture in manual mode. Because it gives me full control over the camera settings. I mean, yes it seems a bit of manual work, but it’s totally worth it. Besides, if the weather’s too cold that you can’t put your hands outside, you can always set the camera in aperture priority mode.

A Snow Covered Ever Green:

Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about the Christmas tree. The king of the winter, If I do say so. I mean, it’d be an actual crime if there’s not even a single photo of a snow-covered Christmas tree in a snowy photo session. But also, it’s a very common shot, right?

Snowy Christmas Tree

You know, photographing a tree is not easy as it seems. Because you really need to know from which angle you need to duck and click the shutter. Besides, not all the trees call for the same angle or camera settings. The same goes for the Christmas tree too. Choosing an unusual angle may lead you into the creative photography world.

Winter Sky:
Winter Sky

You may have to wait for a sunny winter. But if you’re planning to take the shot on an average day, then it’ll be easier. As I’ve said before, the winter sky is truly something magical. But if you can just combine a colorful winter sky with a bit of blue, I think you’ll love the outcome very much.

All you need to do is to keep your camera ready. When the sun starts to set, you can start to look for an angle that comes with blue and the sun colors. Because, unlike any other season, the winter sky wears more colors than the ground. And it looks absolutely amazing in photos.

White Balance Is Too Important:
Snow Photography Ideas

Of course, it’s very important to keep an eye on the white balance. Especially when you capture the snow. Because snow comes from dew. And guess what? Dew means water. And water is a reflective object. So is the snow! But when it’s not the golden hour, the snow looks a bit bluish. Do you know why? Because the snow reflects the blue sky. That’s why it looks bluish.

So, it’s best if you set the white balance manually. Because using a default setting can make your photos look grey. And that will give your photos a blank look.

Keep At Least Two Batteries:
Northern Light

I hope you know that the camera battery doesn’t work longer when the weather is cold. So, you better keep your batteries warm. And keep at least two batteries with you. In case the first battery goes dead, you can use the other one. Oh, and don’t forget to wrap up your backup battery with a soft towel.

Capture The Winter Tones:
Snowy Fairytale

Many photographers love to have a handpainted effect on their photos. If you prefer the same, you can always focus on the winter tones. I mean, when the white balance settings are default and the sun is weak. Because it will look grey and white. And that will give your snow photos a handpainted look.

Snow Bokeh:
Snow Photography Ideas

I mean, without bokeh snow photography doesn’t seem complete at all. So, to create a bokeh, a wide lens with a wider aperture is needed. Also, using a flash will make your bokeh more visible. Oh, if you want to capture snow bokeh when it’s snowing, you better use a faster shutter speed.

Some Macro Shots:
Create Diamond Effect

It’s widely written on our snowflake photos. Why don’t you give it a try? Macro photos are always awesome.

Edit Your Photos:

Snow is one of the most challenging objects of nature. And taking photos of them is another delicate task. As for delicacy, you’ll need to trade these photos very very carefully. And they must need editing. You can also create beautiful snow images through photo manipulation. Also, snowflake photography will need high-end color enhancement services. Need help? Come with me!

Why Clipping Amazon?
Creative Photo Editing

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