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Christmas Couple Photoshoot

Christmas comes once a year, right? But so does the chance of having everyone in one place! So, it’d be an actual crime if you miss that chance to capture everyone in one single frame. Because you know how it is, during other holidays, not everybody can manage their schedule to come home. But at Christmas? No. Because at Christmas, all roads lead home. So gather round folks, I’ve got some Christmas couple photoshoot ideas for you.

Christmas Photoshoot

Couple In Christmas

I mean, you’ll always know what is your first Christmas with your loved one. But do you really know when it’s going to be the last one? I guess not. I mean, it’s not just the loving partner you know? It goes the same for everyone in our life. So shouldn’t you take the chance to make it the most?

Get Warm & Cozy

As for couples, many couples can’t make time for each other during the whole year. Although I don’t prefer that personally, I guess when life gets in its way you just have to go with the flow. But I still don’t believe that. Well, aside from my personal choices, those busy couples can have a nice and cozy Christmas by capturing little moments.


Talking about photoshoots, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer every time, you know? It’s a cozy and warm occasion, so be it. No need to go all the way every time. I mean, we all have this smartphone in our hands, right? So, all you need is just knowing the time when you should click your mobile camera.

Campfire In Snow

In short, when you go all the way to impress your partner, or you click your mobile camera to capture loving moments at Christmas, yes, that’s a Christmas couple photoshoot.

When It’s Not December But:

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Oh well, I’ve said before, when life gets in our way, we have nothing to do. So, it’s really normal that you and your partner have to part ways in different directions, especially at Christmas. Because there are other family members waiting to have you around for their Christmas dinner, no? I can relate, I really do. But you can still go for a photo session with your partner. I mean, even if it’s not Christmas month, it snows every now and then, right?

Wedding In Snow

So, when it’s not December, and yet it’s snowing, you can take the chance to have a cute Christmas with your partner. I mean, you can make a fruity cake or a cake that’s filled with rich chocolate any time of the year. And who needs December to have special cookies or baked turkey? A plate of grilled kebabs or roasted meats sounds like an actual treat on any cold day, right? The same goes for a bowl of gourmet soup. You can even decorate your tree with some glitter and stars. My point is, if I can’t get to spend Christmas with my man, then I’d better spend all the time I get in the festive mode. And I think it’s not sappy but loving.

Christmas Couple Photoshoot Ideas:

Christmas Couple

December or not, you can always use these ideas for your Christmas photoshoot.

Start With The Cathedral Where You Got Married:
Engagement In Christmas

I mean, if you’re married already, or planning to get married, this could be a killer idea. Besides, Christmas isn’t all about cake and glitters. It’s also the birthday of the Lord. So, visiting the church is unskippable. If the church is anywhere near your location, you can go for it. Many couples can use it as a pre-wedding photoshoot idea.

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

You guys can pretend to propose to each other or you guys can walk down the aisle hand in hand. Of course, you can match the Christmas-themed sweater or any other outfits, you both love. Or if you want to go more prim and proper with your partner, you can always wear a woolen red gown to match your partner’s black suit.

A Warm Cooking Session For A Christmas Dinner:
Christmas Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

There has to be a certain dish that reminds you of him/her, no? The same goes for you too. And obviously, there’s a certain food that you and your partner both love to enjoy together. So, you can capture that. It can be a beautiful candid photo.

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Or you can also decorate your home kitchen with some green festive strings and lights, wear a Santa hat and get to cooking with him/her. And if you don’t have enough time to bake cake and cookies, you can always use store-bought ones. Traditionally, older couples have to host the Christmas dinner. So, this is genuinely a cozy photo idea.

Decorate Your House:
Decorating Trees

No festival doesn’t feel like a festival unless you decorate your home, right? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or whatever the occasion is, we decorate our house. I mean, you either use store-bought pieces or you make them on your own. That makes me wonder, do you love crafting? Or origami? I mean, I’ve seen many Hippies love doing these.

Christmas Photo Ideas

Making something together with your partner gives you some moments to cherish forever. I mean, in a world full of selfies and social media, this thing is one of a kind to do. You guys can make something together and capture the moment. Or even if you are not into crafting or so, you can capture when you guys are decorating the home with store-bought items.

Matching Outfits Always Win:
Matching Outfits

When it comes to couple photoshoots, matching outfits always work like a magic charm. You can either match the color of the outfits or the outfits in different colors. And if you’re planning to wear something formal, you can wear some matching accessories. And guess what? A pair of red Santa hats will also do just fine. Because it’s the cheapest option when you want to wear matching outfits.

Preparing Gifts Together:
Wrapping Gifts Together

You can shower your partner with gifts at any time. But at Christmas, people become extra careful about gifts, no? So, why not capture that? I know there’s another famous photo called, ‘few seconds before happiness. But I think moments like these deserve to be called ‘moments before happiness too’.

Gifts Opening

As for the Christmas couple photo idea, you can either capture the moments when you pack the gifts, or you can capture the time when you guys open your Christmas gifts.

If You Have Any Fur Baby:
Use Your Pet

Pets make everything better. Not just the bad days, they light up our whole world in any situation. They make us feel loved when we’re at our worst. If you have any at your home, don’t forget to take him/her in your Christmas frame.

A Beautiful Doggo

I know that cat/dog will steal the whole show in the photo, but even so, you won’t mind your baby stealing the show. Would you? Oh, and don’t forget to wear your pet a Santa hat. You can use your Christmas tree or your fireplace as the background. It’ll add a wonderful Christmas vibe to your photos.

Don’t Miss The Mischief Under The Mistletoe:
Couple Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Uhh….Okay. I mean, why does it matter if you’re married or planning to grow old? In between your relationship with your husband/boyfriend or girlfriend/wife and bustling city life, there are hardly any chances of secret rendezvous. Right? So, at Christmas, why not put some extra spices in your love life?

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas For Couples

If you ask me, I never turn down a chance to commemorate my past moments. Besides, doing things to remember good old times always give us a positive boost to keep going in our life. So, I don’t think you should miss doing any mischief under the mistletoe with him/her if you get the chance.

Why Miss The Heels Up Kiss?
Couple Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Oh yeah? Why not? If you have any plans to wear matching socks, then this idea is for you. Christmas-themed socks are pretty available now. You can pick any color matching with your partner. But this kind of photo looks magnificent with a suitable background. I mean, it’s an indoor Christmas couple photoshoot. So, you can choose your fireplace as a background. Or the Christmas tree surrounded by mini lights and gift boxes.

Share The Love Of Hot Cocoa:
Couple Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

You see many roadside hot drink stalls during the winter. Don’t you? I mean, winter doesn’t feel like winter unless you have your favorite hot drink in hand and enjoy the snowfall. Besides, I bet you have a secret hot chocolate recipe in your bag. I mean, every family has this traditional but secret recipe. To bring out the Christmas vibe in a still-life photo, this is a killer idea.

Couple Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Make two cups of hot cocoa/chocolate topped with your favorite toppings and place them near the Christmas tree. You can either capture just the drink or you can pose with your partner when you’re enjoying the drink. Christmas photoshoot means getting cozy and warm. And this is just the idea of getting comfy and cozy.

Outdoor Christmas Couple Photoshoot:
Couple Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

If you want to go adventurous and playful, then let’s go outside. You guys can simply walk together in the snow and snap a picture. Or you can always get into a snowball fight with your partner. Besides, skating together is also a very nice option for couple photoshoots.

Christmas Festival

There are also many winter or Christmas-themed festivals on local sites. You guys can dress up and go sightseeing. Especially this kind of photo looks good if you tell someone to capture your photo from the back. Even better if you guys look into each other and smile.

A Group Photo With The Whole Family Or The Kids:
A Group Photo

What’s the point of being in love? In the beginning, there’ll be only two people. But as time passes, those two people will get married and the two families connect with each other. Then the newlywed couple grows kids together. I mean, a family always grows. I know this blog is about couple photoshoots, but it looks nice to have the whole family in one frame.

Christmas Mobile Photography

Even if you don’t have your parents or in-laws around, you have your kids and pets, right? Don’t they mean something? Moreover, your kids show the strength and the beautiful side of your love life. So, put the cherry on top with them. I mean, capture some photos with them. Now whether you want to be playful or prim and proper is your call.

Edit Your Photos:
Christmas Party

As I’ve said before, you won’t get to hire a professional always. Because some moments are meant to be imperfect and beautiful. But to hold on to these moments, you need someone professional to keep your photos clean and remove imperfections.

And do you know what that means? That means you’ll need someone professional to edit your photos. I guess you should trust us on this one.

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