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Insect Photography Tips

God gave us the gift of life, no? So it is up to us to treat ourselves and others well. I mean, there are endless little lives around us. Almost half of them are quite invisible. But yes, we feel that when they’re absent. Yes, I’m talking about insects. The ones that make our lives hell sometimes. So, in this blog, we’re going to learn insect photography. But of course, not the dangerous one.

Insect Photography?

Macro Insect Photography

Well, the thing is pretty simple. When you capture insect photos for research or for your freehand practice, that’s called insect photography. Because if you want to spend your time developing your photo skills. Insects are the best options. Butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, ladybugs, etc are quite available around us all the time. Isn’t it?

Lady Bug

And you better know that before photography came to life, there were many people who used to collect dead insects. And there are still many of them. These insect lovers are known as Entomologists. They spend their whole lives researching insects to find if there is any kind of insects important for our daily life. So, they need insect photos very often. Moreover, the demand for these insect photos is pretty important to research eco-system.

Insect Macro Photography

Aside from research and all that, you can choose to capture insect photos to develop your photography skills. Because butterflies and moths are really easy to find around any location. Besides, insects allow you to do the finest macro photography. If you want to capture anything in detail, you may want to pick butterfly for starters.

So, when you’re capturing insect photos to decorate your portfolio or for your client, you’re doing insect photography.

Things You Must Know:

Macro Insect Photography

Okay, just so you know, you can either capture insects as a prop or as the subject. But whatever you do, you need to be cautious. Because not all insects are harmless. So, you better capture them from a distance. Not to mention you need to stay alert so that you don’t get attacked.

Insect Macro Photography

You must be aware of the light too. Because if you use too much light source, insects will get scared and fly away. Oh, and being silent is a must. I mean, making the slightest noise can scare the insects away. So, be really careful. Other than that, a camera, a remote shutter release, and some lenses will do. Because insect photography doesn’t require so much.

Insect Photography Tips:

Brace yourself now. Apply some anti-mosquito cream. I mean, it’s never too late to be cautious. Is it?

Aim For The Eye:
Insect Macro Photography

This is the most common, yet the most historical insect photo idea. Or should I say macro photos? I know, I always prefer to capture at least one animal photo focusing on their eyes. And guess what? The same goes for insects too. As I’ve said before you’ll need a macro/zoom lens for this. So, with that lens, all you need to do is to bow down to your subject level, focus on the eye, and take your shot. Trust me, a macro photo with a detailed insect eye will get grab many attentions.

Look For A Nice Subject With A Compelling Background:
Macro Insect Photography

Insects are living beings. They’re definitely not models. So, you can’t put them in the background of your choice. Besides, you can’t kill them when you go to capture them. That’s completely against photography ethics, isn’t it?

I know this may sound really funny, but hear me out. A Single moth sitting on a white wall. What do you think? Not very eye-soothing, I take it? Because the background that comes with a white wall isn’t really compelling. Moreover, if you can find the moth in a green leaf or a flower, your photo will turn out great. So, wait patiently, and look for magic.

Move Around Carefully:
Macro Insect Photography

It’s important to change your position after every single shot. But when it comes to insects. I mean, I’m not saying that you don’t have to change your position. Because of course, you have to change your position and capture photos from various angles. But you need to move around very stealthily. Because these are tiny creatures. A little noise is enough to rattle them.

Insect Macro Photography

Or, sometimes all you need to do is just wait patiently with your camera. Because these insects move around themselves pretty often, no? So, keep your camera ready for the right shot. Besides, in photography? No matter what kind of photos you’re doing, you can get something unexpectedly awesome from a mistake. So you better have patience.

Choose The Morning For Taking Photos:
Ants In Action

Golden hours are the best for any kind of photo session. Especially for animals, birds, and insects. Because after a whole night without eating any food, they come out the moment the sun comes out. So, if you want to capture their habitats or anything that’s unusual, the morning will be the best for you.

It’s not just the insect’s habitats you know? The soft glow of the morning sun will give you the ultimate boost of the light source. And trust me, if you’re looking for a bright insect photo with every single detail, you’re going to pick the golden hour. Oh, mind that, by the golden hour? I only meant the sunrise.

Use Double Exposure For Motion:
Lady Bug

Insects like dragonflies, moths, and ladybugs can fly, no? Most of them have transparent wings. Using double exposure in your photos will give a nice touch of reality and uniqueness. Besides, capturing the moment of their flight will bring out the actual realistic vibe.

Edit Your Photos:
Dragon Fly

You must remember that you need to edit your insect photos once you’re done with the shooting. Because living objects might move while you photograph them. So you must improve the colors and texture or the saturation. Sometimes you’ll have to replace the background to focus on your subject. And if you can’t do all these things by yourself, then you can go for some professionals. I suggest Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon
Clipping Amazon

Well, Clipping Amazon is one of the most promising photo editing companies. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services. Clipping Path, Color Correction, Background Removal, Image Masking, Color Enhancement, etc. We also provide magazine cover design services and ad design. We remove the background by using a clipping path which is extremely necessary for your macro photography. Also, you’ll need proper color enhancement to improve your photos. Some of your subjects might move and your photo can get blurry. You can take our professional image cleaning or photo restoration services. Why would you rely on us? maybe you can have a tour of our portfolio!

We provide services for 24 hours around 7 days. Which professional photographers find very helpful. Because in photography life, you may need editing services at any time. That’s why we provide urgent deliveries too. If you want to try our services, then don’t miss the chance to grab your free deal! I’m leaving the link on the button.


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