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Photography Ideas For Fall

When it comes to Autumn, I can’t help my mind from seeing thousands of colors. I mean, orange, deep orange, yellow-orange, red-orange, yellow-red, and the shades keep coming. Every single season on this earth has its own beauty, charm, and wonder. But the Fall among them holds a special place. Now, let’s talk no more and get into the ideas for fall photography. And of course, we’ll take about why The Fall is so unique to others.

Fall Photography

Fall Leaves Photography

Life starts over again when you get the crisp of the Fall. Now, where were we? The Fall offers us the bounty of the harvest season, with a wonderful environment. Also, the crops taste their highest in this season. The bounty of nature will make you realize that you’ve got a good and satisfying life. But that’s not all about the Fall you know? Because when we talk about Fall photography there are two festivals in our mind. One is Halloween and the other one is Thanksgiving, right?

Fall Leaves Photography

But Fall photography is more than that, you know? Because many mistakes Fall photography for Thanksgiving or Halloween photography. But trust me, these two are just a few portions of Fall photography. But they don’t rule the Fall concept. And that’s why The season of Fall is more special than any other season on this earth. So, in short, when you’re capturing the beauty and bounty of the autumn, you’re doing Fall photography.

Props? Or No Props?

Fall Pet Photography

I mean, I really am confused between props or no props when it comes to Fall. Because there are so many endless natural props out there. Also, it won’t go wrong even if you don’t use any props. I mean, props are costly sometimes with other photography genres. But Fall props? No. Just using some colorful leaves change the whole view of a photo. You can also use pumpkins, corns, and dandelions to improvise your Fall vibe. And there is always a roasted turkey to put the cherry on top. Although turkey represents Thanksgiving. Still, Thanksgiving happens to come in Fall, right?

Fall Leaves Photography

Now that you know about what kind of outcome you’ll get using props. Let’s get into the scene where no props are used. You can just get into a field surrounded by pumpkins and have photos. Orange pumpkins represent Fall directly. Or you can also get into a cornfield. Even a little basket with small orange pumpkins and yellow corns with a Fall themed dress will go just amazing. But there again, you’re using props in the basket. I guess there’s no way without using props.

Fun And Creative Fall Photoshoot Ideas:

Now is the time to get your hands on the project directly. And just so know about the fun and creative ideas for Fall, we’re going to talk about everything. Because photographing Fall doesn’t only mean capturing maple leaves and pumpkins. Then what is it about? Let’s find out!

Start With A Warm Drink:
Fall Photography Ideas

I mean, the Fall always offers us apple cider or cocoa as a welcome greeting. Besides, apple cider is totally an Autumn thing. So, why not capture this vibe? This will also let you capture the flourishes and fullness of life. If you want to get more heads up about drink photography, all you have to do is to take a look at our blog site.

Field or Orchard?
Fall Photography Ideas

If you want to capture the bounty and the blessings of the harvest season of the Fall, then you better read this one carefully. I mean, you don’t need to capture just the field of pumpkins and pumpkins picking for Halloween. There is the apple orchard. You can also capture a scene where many people are busy picking up the apples. You can also capture Fall portraits by capturing a person who’s wearing a Fall themed outfit and picking fruits. This is a traditional Fall portrait idea.

The King Of The Fall:
Fall Leaves Photography

Any guess what I’m talking about? Pumpkins are not the kings of the Fall. Because there is this Maple tree wearing the crown. So, of course, this is a must-do option. And when it comes to capturing maple trees, there are endless facts. You can go for the multiple colors of maple leaves. Even a lively tree that’s full of leaves looks refreshing, no?

Maple Sap

Talking about maple trees, have you ever collected maple sap from the maple trees? Because when I was a kid, I always looked forward to collecting maple sap with my granny. And I still long for it. So if you have any kids around your home, you can take him/her to collect maple sap. Or you can also capture these kinds of activities to represent the Fall. Because this is a very common scene but a very uncommon Fall photo idea.

Haze-Maze In The Corn Field:
Fall Photography Ideas

Well, If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Haze-maze’ yet, still you can go into a cornfield and get lost in it. I’m sure you’ve seen people harvesting corn during the Fall, right? Because you’ll need a lot of corn for Thanksgiving. Besides, having grilled corn and enjoying the Fall sunset is better than anything in the world. Oh yes, you can also use a model to pose with corn in the corn field.

Now Comes The Pumpkin Queen:
Fall Photography Ideas

I mean, I said before it’s not just capturing a bunch of red leaves and pumpkins. You can go to a local shop that sells pumpkins for the Fall festival and Halloween. Besides, many look for a good pumpkin for a delicious pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. So, you can capture people who are really busy choosing and buying pumpkins. Or if you can manage a model, even better! Because the model can dress in a pretty peasant fall dress and pose with pumpkins. It’s a classic Fall portrait idea.

Fall Inspired Delicacies:
Delicious Fall Treats

As I’ve said before, The Fall comes with its plate of bounty. So there are some delicious foods as well. Yes, some of these foods represent Thanksgiving. But guess what? Thanksgiving represents the bounty of life. So, don’t forget to capture some delicious pumpkin pies, corn on the cob, grilled turkey, pumpkin pastries, etc. But don’t get driven by the delicious smells though.

The Basket That Gives Harvest Season Vibe:
The Bounty Of Harvest Season

If you capture the beauty of seed time and harvest, the ripe product of the year then this idea can come in handy. You don’t have to do much hassle. You can just put some carrots, a slice of pumpkin, ripe corn, some red apples, and some sunflowers in a basket. And capture it. Because you’ll need these things for upcoming Thanksgiving and Halloween. So, this is the easiest props you’ll get.

The Fall Festival:
Painting Pumpkins

There are many festivals that come to life during the Fall. There is a special harvest dance even. Also, there are many games that are especially played at the Fall Festival. So yeah, if you get any kind of festival around you, don’t miss it. Because you can capture many things in a fall festival. And yes, this is where you go creative.

The Forest or The Road:
Nature In Fall

Now that we’ve talked about many things about the Fall, we can step into the colorful fall leaves photography. You can capture the serenity of the forest in Fall. Also, you can capture a road that has forests on both sides. We all know trees change their colors during the Fall. So, I think you can start clicking your shutter with this one.

The Harvest Queen:
Gothic Harvest Queen

This is where you combine all the Fall fruits/flowers with a human figure. I see it at every fall festival in villages. There goes a contest for the title of harvest queen or harvest king. Now, even if don’t get to find it, still you can capture it. You just have to manage and be a model dressed like a harvest queen. Although you need to look for a compelling background and props.

Edit Your Photos:

Don’t be in a hurry to upload your photos to the web. Wait till you’re done taking the photos. Then, go back and edit your photos. You can add some special effects like vignettes, starbursts, and so on. It will make your photos look more professional and it will also help you get better results.

A big part of flower photography is editing if you ask me. So, of course, play with every feature that Photoshop is offering you. Hue and saturation, white balance, shadow, and so on. Most of all, photo manipulation is a must. As it is very creative and calls for a skilled hand, you may want to leave it to a professional like Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Professional Photo Editing Services

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