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How To Do Candid Photography

Day by day, our world is becoming picture-oriented. No matter where you go or what you see. About 90% of these contents are pictures. And who doesn’t browse Facebook or Instagram nowadays? When you enter the world of social media, you see everyone crying out a hashtag with their photos. Guess what? It’s candid! Everyone, teenager or adult, everyone craves a candid picture. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can do professional candid photography.

What Is Candid Photography?

Candid Portrait Photography

I am sure you’ve heard about candid photos. These stunning photos are taken when the person is not ready or unaware that you’re taking photos. Basically, this is the core concept of candid photography.

But candid photography doesn’t mean that it always has to be of a human. You can take gorgeous candid photos of landscape, seascape, wildlife creatures, and everything. Because you are capturing these creatures’ habitats. And you know it very well that they really don’t care about your photos. So why not? But mostly, candid photos are about humans. Weddings, baby showers, baby photoshoots, birthday parties, festival photos, candid photos are everywhere.

To tell you what, when the subject isn’t aware of the photoshoot, you can take photos that are even better than the posed photos. That’s why candid photography has become more popular.

Secrets To Capture Stunning Candid Portraits:

You must know that the candid photos you see on the internet, they’re almost 90% fake. Why? Because you can pretend like you’re not posing and yet you can pose a candid pose. How does that sound? Pretty tricky right? But not that tricky. Why so? Let’s found out.

Ask Questions And Break The Ice:
Try To Be Frank With Your Client

If you’re the photographer, you need to ask questions to your client. Why? Because candid photography is about loosening up. So your client or model needs to be frank and very frank about posing in front of you. For example, if you’re in a wedding event. You might want to capture a photo where the bride maids are smoothing the bride’s gown. Or when the bride is walking down the aisle for the last time as a virgin girl. There are more intense poses. We’ll talk about it afterward.

Take Your Camera Everywhere, Like Your Moneybag:
Take Your Camera With You

Look, candid photography is meant to be spontaneous. Because you can capture stunning candid portraits in the streets too. The playful street children or a suffering mother can be your subject. And the last time I checked, candid portrait photography doesn’t stand a chance in front of natural candid photography. Besides, this situation happens only once. So, it’s good to have a camera with you every now and then.

Click A Lot Of Picture:
Click Photos As Many As Possible

You never know which pose will look best in photos. There are certain poses that don’t look good in photos. Also, some poses look way nicer in photos than in reality. So, what are you gonna do? Click photos as many as you can. Then when you take these photos to post-processing, you can choose photos that were posed best.

Finding A Focal Length Is Good:
Find A Focal Length

As I said, taking your camera with you everywhere gives you an extra edge. Another tip is, you may want to keep some lenses that are 70-200mm zoom. I mean, if you capture random candid photos. You may need this lens to take photos from a quality distance. To take photos from a distance means, your subject can do whatever they want without seeing you. That’s how you can take a natural candid photo.

Using Flash Isn’t Good:

Using a flash is never a good thing in candid photography. Why? Because it kills the mood of the subject. Also if you’re down to the street to take some random photos, using flash can aware your subject that you’re taking photos. The core thing of candid photography is that the subject will never make direct eye contact with the camera. So, avoid using flash.

Combining Some People Can Be Awesome:
Combine People With People

Candid couple photos, a mother with her baby photo in a candid pose, or candid wedding photos can add sparkle to your portfolio. There are enormous candid poses for weddings that are really trendy and traditional. To capture more details, make sure to lower the shutter speed. Capture the way your subject is interacting with other people. These are some killer poses for candid photography.

Random Activities Can Also Be Great:
Capture Random Activities Of People

Candid photos are meant to be random. Like you’re having your morning walk. And then you see some playing children trying to catch butterflies. Or a stranger man is feeding a thirsty dog. Click the shutter! Because these are some miracles that don’t happen every now and then.

Work With Lenses:
Apply Lenses

No matter what photography category you choose, you need to work with a set of lenses. Of course, different lenses have different effects. This is why you should be more specific with lenses.

As we’ve talked about it before, the zoom lenses are perfectly fine for candid photography. But many professionals prefer using light prime lenses. Why? Because using this lens will make your view much compact, less noticeable, and easy to use. Using this lens, you can raise your camera and click the photo without anyone noticing.

A 28mm prime, or 50mm with a wider aperture can do you really well. I mean really good. Besides, a telephoto lens will fit in even better. Because it’s the perfect way to stay unnoticed. Also, this lens forces more perspective on your subject. And do you know what that means? This means less about the whole scene and more about the subject. If you ask me, this is the reason photographers use this lens in their candid portrait photography.

Edit Your Photos:
Edit Your Photos

This is a very important step. Because editing your photos will give your photography the ultimate look. So never skip this part. There are many photo editing companies that provide photo post-production services. But be careful, about that. Not every company understands your need. I can suggest you one! Clipping Amazon.

Lastly, this was all about my candid photography or candid portrait photography. The main basic is you take any photos but make sure you’re unnoticed. Because that’s the way to capture perfect candid photos. I hope you find my blog useful.

Clipping Amazon

Clipping Amazon

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