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7 Best Photography Schools

Everything in the world has its own beauty they say. But not everyone can see it I suppose? And why? Because it’s the photographers who witnessed the pure beauty created by God. Don’t you think? Even if it was more like a hobby before it has become more than that. Also, it was almost settled that photography would be done by the boys only. But now? It’s for everyone. To capture the beauty more perfectly, there are so many photography schools in the world. In this blog, we’ll learn about the best photography schools in the world.

What Is Photography School?

Photography School

Before we dig in. You must understand one thing. That photography is not just a hobby or a business. Then what is it? Maybe it’s an observation? It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. That’s what photographers do. To learn this subject in more detail, photography school was invented.

Photography schools mainly teach how to do with exposure, what to do with it with motion, composition, focus, light, and everything. In whatever photography category you wish for. You’ll also have proper guidance and help from the elite classed professional photographers. A newbie photographer goes through so many problems and difficulties.

Besides, photography schools will teach you about all the tools you’ll need for a certain photography type. Degrees aside, you’ll learn how to take the advantage of the situation, how to work with lights, etc.

Is It Worth To Go Abroad For A Degree To Take Pictures?

Photography School Is Important

Although being a photographer seems pretty easy. I mean, you are taking pictures with your phone or camera and you’re calling yourself a photographer. But the point is, it’s not that easy. Why?

Because the first thing is passion and an immense amount of patience. Patience and passion are things that even the best photography schools in the world can’t teach you. But that definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t need schooling. And why? As I said before, there’s so much to do with the aperture, shutter speed, focal length, variety of lenses, and so on.

You can also learn all the obstacles and the problems that your ancestors have faced. Also about their steps to overcome those problems. It will prepare you to shoot in foul weather. And to save yourself when you take pictures of some carnivorous creatures. Aside from the sentimental facts, you might want to own a degree to get appointments from your clients. Such as wedding photography, newborn or maternity photography, family photography, etc. So, of course, it’s worth it to go to a photography school.

Top 7 Best Photography Schools:

Let’s get you introduced to the best photography schools. There are many photography schools. But here, we’ll learn about the best ones.

Rhodes Island School Of Design

Rhode Island School of Design is the full form of RISD. This is a photography school of private art & design. This school was founded by Helen Adelia Rowe Metcalf In 1877 in the province of Rhode Island. Mainly, this school was built as a coeducational institution. Because Helen wanted the accessibility of women in the design education world. As I said, at that time women weren’t treated with the luxury of freedom. So, they weren’t approved for the photography.

Practically, this school is like heaven for aspiring scholars who wish to get their BFA degree in photography which costs four years. Also, the MFA degree in photography that costs two years. The degrees here begin with the basics of developing and processing a film, video editing pros, and cons, printing, and installation work. This school pressures learning the power to read ‘images’. And this actually helps you to build a story behind an image when you’re taking a photo.

Rhodes Island School Of Design

Almost 2500 students can register here to get their degrees. Mainly, the photography programs of this college put a value on the art’s conceptual, technical, and aesthetical applications and the interpretation process of photography. You’ll also get to explore the basics and fundamentals of photography. Also, you’ll have hands-on experiences in a wide range of categories. Categories that include video, film, darkroom, digital arts, large-scale works, etc.

In short, this is the best photography school on the earth. And getting a chance to be here is like dream come true for a photographer.

Ontario College Of Art And Design University:
Ontario College of Art & Design University

If you’re in Canada, then you can take the advantage to get admission here. This is the best photography school in the whole country! Although commonly this university is known as OCAD. This is the only university in Canada that has a white, black, and colored darkroom. The BFA degree in photography of this varsity emphasizes a fine art approach to taking photos. You’ll also have classes on art history, color basics or fundamentals, animation, drawing, sculpture arts, etc.

Ontario College of Art And Design University

What makes it unique is that you’ll get a detailed guide on preparing your photography portfolio. Here you can learn how to take photography on a personal level than a commercial level. Or should I say professional level? Here you’ll get several chances to practice photography and at the end of the program, there’s a good possibility to get your dream job. Isn’t that fascinating?

Parsons School Of Design:
Parsons School Of Design

After the two best schools for photography, we’re now going for one of the highest-ranking photography schools in the world. This college is in New York City. It comes with a broad range of art curriculum and designs. This college also offers academic programs in New York and Paris. Yes, you heard it right. The Paris.

Parsons School Of Design

Also, this college has the longest history of academic excellence. History that is aged over a century! This college focuses on developing an artistic generation who will build artistic future leaders. How so? Because this college focuses on giving conceptual and technical education in both digital and analog art. This college also emphasizes editorial, commercial, fine art, and fashion photography. After RISD, this college is my favorite. Because you’ll get a chance to work as an intern in commercial spaces, government projects or agencies, non-profit organizations, and so on. This will give you a huge boost in your professional life.

New York Institution Of Photography:

Alright, this photography school is a bit different from any other photography school. How? Because this school doesn’t offer any degrees or programs. So, what does this school offer then?

Among all the photography schools, the New York Institute of Photography provides photography knowledge globally. Yes, this school comes with a wide range of photography courses with workshops. Which is extremely helpful for the photographers who are outside of the USA.

New York Institute Of Photography

As photography has thousands of branches, and each of them requires different basics, a student can take any course as per his choice. Any kind of photography courses you can find here. So, if you’re a commercial photographer and wish to learn bird photography, you can get all the pros and cons from the course provided by this school. This school also offers professional graphic design, photojournalism as a part of their courses. As a professional photographer, you should have proper ideas of these facts.

Paris College Of Art:

Paris is the city of art itself. Isn’t it? So, there’s no way there wouldn’t be a college of photography in the city of art. Although this college was established by the Parsons School Of Design at the beginning, in 2010 this college got its very own degree-granting authority. Meaning, it was separated from the Parsons Schools Of Design. Might I add, this school is also a well-known fashion photography school as well.

Paris College Of Art

The magic of turning students into exceptional artists runs through this school. Not just the photographers, this college also aims to designers, stylists to take on a whole different level by teaching through an artistic and intellectual way.

Paris College Of Art

This college balances perfectly digital and analog photography with the basic knowledge of the photo-making process and story building. Aside from BFA & MFA degrees, this college offers a wide range of short courses too. Yes, including interior design.

Tokyo Zokei University:

Although Japan is known for its fabulous anime movies ( I love anime that’s why it’s fabulous), there’s a gorgeous school for photography here. And don’t think it was built recently. Tokyo Zokei University was built in 1966. Yes, that was long ago. Japanese art educator, fashion designer, and design journalist Yoko Kuwasawa built this school.

Tokyo Zokei University

She was a fabulous woman of her time. A woman building a university at the time of 1966? It takes guts to do. However, the word ‘Zokei’ means the concept where art and design are deeply connected. It also reveals a part of social performance. It’s a private university.

However, this school is divided into two major departments. One is the Department of Design and the other is the Department of Fine Arts. The Design department comes with animation, film & moving images, architecture, interior, textile, industrial design, photography, and graphic design.

And the Fine Art Department comes with the fundamentals of paintings and sculpture.

The photography subject in this university focuses on creative and documentary photography along with the vision of visual medium art.

Kent State University:
Kent State University

This university has a huge campus in Ohio, Kent. And it was built in 1910. But trust me, the photography or the elements related to it is really top class here. Because Visual Art ranks very high in this school. Unlike other schools, this school doesn’t take photography too personally. Meaning, you’ll get to learn photography here as in a commercial endeavor.

Kent State University

The photography subject here focuses on making professional photographers for the future. But if you want to take short courses, you can learn about camera use, lighting, composition, etc. And in the major, you’ll get to learn liberal arts with hands-on studio work in digital media. Mainly, this is one of the best schools if you’re interested in photojournalism.

Well, that was all about my best photography schools. But if you ask me, which would be the best of the bests. I think, there would be very hard competition between Paris and Japan. Yes, personally I love Japan and everything in there. And Paris is the city of magic and wonder. Isn’t it?

Photography Is An Art

The term ‘photography’ is magic and art itself. Also, it calls for genuine and plain artistic facts. So, the competition between the schools is hard enough. What do you think? I mean, between these photography schools, which one you’ll choose? If you ask me between the Paris College of Art & Tokyo Zokei University. I think I’ll go with Tokyo Zokei University. After the BFA and MFA here, maybe I’ll set my goal for Paris? Probably for a short course?

Aside from my personal wish, what’s your wish? Don’t forget to comment on Clipping Amazon’s blog site.

What Is Clipping Amazon?
Clipping Amazon

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s Clipping Amazon? Well, it’s a professional photo editing service provider. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services. Background removal, color correction, image masking, clipping path, multi-clipping path, image cleaning service, etc. We also provide ads design and magazine cover design services. We provide services 24/7. Because the time zone all over the world isn’t the same.

I know the best photography schools will prepare you for everything. And that includes photo editing too. But the real-life isn’t like that. Professional photographers go through a lot during a photo session. When there are many appointments, they get very little time to edit their photos. That’s when they share their pressure with us. And that’s why we provide urgent delivery!

One thing I can assure you, with us, you’ll never have to worry about on-time delivery. Or do we really provide services of high quality? Why don’t you check out our free trial?


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