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Puppy Photoshoot Ideas

A dog can snap you out of a bad mood that you’re in faster than you can think of. Well? So can the puppy. The beautiful and adorable little bundle of joy seems beyond amazing, no? I mean, who doesn’t? This adorable fur baby is beyond lovely. So. in this blog we’ll talk about puppy photoshoot.

What Is Puppy Photoshoot?

Cute Puppy Photoshoot

There is a cold fight between the cat and dog lovers. Which one is much cuter? kittens or puppies? Even if I’m a dog person myself, I can’t stand the cuteness of kittens sometimes. So, the topic is seriously controversial, you know? Aside from that, the puppy photoshoot is truly challenging. Because these fur babies do not know how to pose. Or when to look at the camera. Most of all, they have zero ideas of stopping! I mean, did you ever see any puppy who’s being still? Because I haven’t. Oh, in case you’re wondering who’d want to capture puppy photos.

Cute Puppy Photoshoot

But you have to know that pet photography is becoming really popular day by day. And that easily includes puppies. Besides, the ways of capturing dogs and puppies are totally different. Because grown-up dogs can realize your word and may obey you. I mean, you can make them realize that they should stand or sit still for some time. But with puppies? Hell no.

Puppy Photoshoots

So, when you’re planning a photo session for cute puppies with a little extra care and with beautiful props, you’re doing a puppy photoshoot.

How does It include Pet Photography?

Cute Puppy Photoshoot

Many people prefer female dogs for their pets. Because I’ve seen many people who love to have a perfect dog family. These kinds of photos or videos always go viral. And I bet you’ve seen it too. The newborn puppy bonding with its mother or father can be the photo of the day.

Puppy Photoshoots

Besides, there are many dealers who pet dogs to get puppies so that they can sell those to different homes. So, these include pet photography. The people who buy puppies as Christmas or birthday gifts also prefer to capture puppy photos. Therefore, this directly leads us to pet photography. Besides, don’t you want to capture the transformation of your favorite dog? But you know what? I think puppy or kitten photoshoots include deep emotions more than anything.

Puppy Photoshoot Ideas:

Now that, you have got a clear concept of photographing fur babies, let’s get to the creative ideas. Yes, this comes with proper camera settings too!

Have A Helping Hand:
Puppy Photoshoots

As I’ve told you before, puppies are restless bundles of joy, it’d save you a lot of trouble if you get someone with the puppy. Because if you go to shoot alone, those fur babies will come to snuggle you. I mean, it’s definitely their fault. But you have a photo session to do. So, if you can manage someone to hold the puppy, you can capture photos more easily.

Toys As Props:
Puppy Photoshoot Ideas

Oh yeah? We’re capturing puppies here. Definitely, we’ll need some toys for the puppies. But yes, in the language of photography, you can call these props. Besides, every pet loves to have toys. So, you must ask your client to get his puppy its favorite toy when they come to your studio.

Puppy Photoshoot Ideas

Or if you go to capture your client’s home, then ask her to bring some toys for the puppy. Toys won’t be a mess in the photo, you can trust me on that. Moreover, it’d give you a view of a lively puppy who’s really busy playing on its own.

Bow Down To Get To Their Level:
Puppy Photoshoot Ideas

This is more of a wildlife photography tip, I admit. But if you get to their level and take the photo, you’ll see the difference. Because getting to your subject’s level allows you to have some photos that’d turn out really really realistic. I mean, whatever you’re capturing, getting to the subject’s level will always give you an extra edge in photography. And that works for puppy photoshoots too.

Warm Moments With The Owner:
With The Owner

Oh well, it’s very common for sure. But the cutest, no? I mean, what’s the point of even having a puppy photoshoot? Unless you get some sweet moments with your puppy? So why not capture them? Tell your client to play with the puppy and you should ready your camera in the meantime.

There are tons of ideas when you hug your pets for a photoshoot. You can tell your client to play tug-of-war or fetch. Even better you can just tickle your pet.

Use Nature:
In nature

Normally, animals go free and act playful in nature. So, you’ll get your best shot if you take the puppy or puppies outside your home. Let them play and yes. Don’t forget to set your shutter to burst mode. Otherwise, you may have a hard time capturing these restless fluff balls.

By The Window:
Black And White

When the owners leave their houses for work or school, their pets always remain sad sometimes. Sometimes, they keep waiting by the window. You better capture those moments. Or the moment when their owner returns home. This kind of photo always goes viral and gains popularity very quickly.

During Sleeptime:

It’s not about the golden hour you know? Because dogs can sleep anytime during the day. So, when your puppy is sleeping in its plushy bed, capture it. Oh, what if your puppy doesn’t have any plushiest bed? You can just wrap your pet with a towel. That’ll also do.

The Puppy Eyes:
The Eye

Who doesn’t fall for a set of pleading puppy eyes? I fall for those very easily. And I also think the same goes for everyone else too. Now, either you can use a macro lens and have closer shot or you can capture the whole subject, but you have to focus on the eyes. Trust me, you’ll not regret this.

Edit Your Shot:

Don’t be in a hurry to upload your photos to the web. Wait till you’re done taking the photos. Then, go back and edit your photos. You can add some special effects like vignettes, starbursts, and so on. It will make your photos look more professional and it will also help you get better results.

A big part of photography is editing if you ask me. So, of course, play with every feature that Photoshop is offering you. Hue and saturation, white balance, shadow, and so on. Most of all, photo manipulation is a must. As it is very creative and calls for a skilled hand, you may want to leave it to a professional like Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Professional Background Removal

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