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Improve Your Product Photo Styling

If you want your images to represent your company’s philosophy, you need to pay attention to product photo styling. A well-thought-out composition is sure to draw the attention of clients. There is a lot to learn about proper photography styling, but I tried to highlight the essential aspects in this article.

Top 15 Product Photo Styling Tips:

Product photography is very demanding and requires a lot of knowledge and skill. The tips below will show you how to take campaign-worthy images.

Study The Client By Giving them A Creative Brief:


Before you start styling, you need to find out what your client wants. The easiest way to collect the required info is to ask a client to fill in a creative questionnaire. It’s possible to understand the peculiarity of the company, as well as its strong and weak points.

It’s nice to provide people with prompt questions when they find it hard to say their demands. You will get a better outcome if you receive more information before you start shooting.

You can include these questions in brief-

  • How are you going to use the photos?
  • What would you like your clients to think about your brand?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the main competitors that you compete against?
  • How can you describe your brand soon?
  • What are you going to use the pictures for?

Research The Target Market Of The Client:


The people you want to attract with your images depend on photo styling. Because pictures that appeal to teenagers will not have a big impact on the older generation. So, you have to know if the product is aimed at women, men, or children. And also their age.

Understanding the target audience is important. You need to clearly define who you are working for because it is hard to lure all buyers in one style. So, you have to change the style according to the clients. Only after that, the profit potential can be very high.

Product Photo Styling- Create A Moodboard On Pinterest:


To get started on a photo project, you have to come up with a good idea and develop a mood board. There are many sources of photography inspiration. Here, you can find a lot of original images here. Encourage your client to pin photos they like to the board so that you can come to terms.

This is an efficient way of finding interesting samples. Instead of seeking images that are in line with your brand, focus on unique color mixes, offbeat backgrounds, props, and textures. You need to develop one-of-a-kind photography styling rather than copying someone else work.

Decide On The Color Scheme:


It’s important to select colors perfectly because they can either make or break the game. Depending on the photography idea, you have to bring life to product photos. And also have to deliver a message to clients. So, you may need to try several color combinations. So, for all these things, if you are looking for a good mood, then pick pastel tones and white colors.

Product Photo Styling- Enhance Images On Your Own Or Refer To Experts:


It is necessary to do photo enhancement after the shooting is over. If the pictures look good by themselves, they might have become better with simple adjustments. So, don’t neglect the post-processing stage if you want to post attractive images.

If you want to focus on styled product photography and don’t want to spend time improving shots, then you can hand over the task to a professional service. We know how to improve images for renowned product photographers. We can make your photos look better at a low cost.

Product Photo Styling- Choose Props To Give Context:


It’s weird to show a bare product in a photo. So, select a perfect prop that can explain to buyers how to use a product and also define its main features. It can work like the visual message provider. Remember that props must match the composition and not be distractive. So, use props that fit your product colors. And also pay attention to their shapes. I always recommend removing logos from props.

Try To Use The Background That Fits The Brand:


There are a lot of product photography backdrops, so you can find something that is cute. When working on photography styling, make sure the background matches the rest of the composition and that all elements share the same message.

If you want to add luxurious touches to your photos, choose a marble background. Natural wood is a great choice for eco-themed projects. Also, a white background helps convey a minimalist feel.

Colored paper can be used with different textured surfaces. It’s very popular in food photography to use reflective surfaces. If you want to diffuse viewers’ attention, keep away from busy locations and bright colors.

Product Photo Styling- Plan The Angles Beforehand:


Consideration of angles is required in styled product photography. Do you want to stick to a flat-lay style or want to try different perspectives? Shoot straight from above is what many people favor. Over the past few years, this approach has become very popular and you can find lots of images on social media.

It’s possible to achieve more diversified results by taking pictures from different angles. This approach is used by experts who are involved in bokeh photography. This effect makes a photo more eye-pleasing and gives it a stronger focal point.

Make Sure All Of The Elements Are Cohesive:


In order to tell your brand’s story simply, every photo has to bear its meaning and be complemented by other elements. When picking props and accessories, think about how well their colors, shapes, and sizes build a cohesive whole.

If you are taking images of organic lemon juice, you can arrange the shooting in a lemon grove and locate several fresh lemons on a table where you will lay out your product. A wooden table is an ideal background for this scene.

Decide On The Lighting Type:


Investing in a complicated lighting setup doesn’t make sense because you are likely to stay near the products to take photos. The most beneficial lighting is the Sun’s rays.

Artificial lighting sources can produce soft light on gloomy days. Ring lights cast soft and shadowless light thanks to the circular nature of bulbs.

Dramatic lighting makes it possible to take spooky photos. You can find lighting in drink photography, dark food photography, and perfume photography.

Think About The Scale:


Product styling requires evaluating the scale. The objects are combined in a frame. You need to keep in mind that items that are closer to the lens look bigger in photos.

People will pay attention to secondary objects if the props are bigger than the product advertised. Pick smaller props or put them further from the camera in order to be on the safe side.

Make A Shot List:


One of those photo styling tips is underestimated. It’s a good idea to have a clear shot list prepared in advance. All you need to do is write down the photos you have to take and cross them out.

After ending up with all the must-take shots, you can a list divided into 2 columns – styled shots and simple product images.

Product Photo Styling-Mix Materials Carefully:


It is possible to mix different types of props. If you do not take this into account, you are likely to get messy photos. If you want to take pictures of a golden necklace on a glass stand, you should not use a built-in flash.

Sometimes, photographers try to combine a non-reflective product with reflective props that make a lighting part a disaster. What purpose do you have for your photo session? So, use nice non-reflective props with the main product to tell the story.

Create A Balanced Composition:


There are many proven composition techniques that you can use. The rule of thirds in photography requires you to divide the scene into 9 equal squares and place your product in the left or right third.

If you follow the leading lines photography principle, you can use your props as leading lines to direct viewers to the product. According to the negative space photography rule, you need to leave a piece of an image empty so buyers can rest there.

Incorporate A Human Element:


Adding a human element to a photo is a way to show how a product is used and what advantages it has. It’s popular among makeup product photography experts.

You may have seen pictures of perfumes on a woman’s neck or a ring on a finger. This tip can help you make a name for yourself in lifestyle product photography.

Photography styling is just one of the important parts of your creative work. But another important part is photo editing. You can enhance your photos by using these processes. But this is not an easy task. You can hire a professional photo editing company for helping you in this matter. Clipping Amazon is a very good photo editing company. We are developed by skills and methods. So, use the process to develop your photo colors, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and others.


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