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Night Street Photography

Nightlife is always full of charm and wonder, no? Not that the sunlight is less beautiful. But night streets have some extra sparkle as always. Because the moment the sun goes down, the wonders come up with the stars. Besides, the romanticism after sunset is something else. Now, if you’re not quite sure yet, we’re going to talk about night street photography.

What Is Night Street Photography?

Well, no matter where you’re from, I’m sure your country has some unique night charms. Because every country and every city does. So yes, when get out to capture the nightlife around your surrounding, that’s night street photography.

Night Street Photography

I know there isn’t much special about this. But if you’re more into your beauty sleep, at least you can give it a try. Because nights are more lively that the day. I mean, you go to school or to the job in the morning. Right? But you long for the colorful streetlights for their liveliness. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I mean we all long for some adventure every now and then. So be it. Grab your camera and let’s get out. Oh, you don’t have a camera? Don’t worry. You have your smartphone with you, no? That will also do.

Props, Risks, And Dangers:

Of course, there are risks. Because not every area is safe for capturing photos. You may lose your camera to robbers at night. Or maybe some snooty teenagers can cause horrible car accidents. But hey, no adventure is without risks. Right? Besides, you know your area well. So, you’ll also know if it’s safe to take out your DSLR at night.

Busy Life

And as for props, aside from a camera, what’s more important? Oh yes, you’ll need some lenses to get photos of different views. And maybe a mini light will be needed too. And if you don’t have a camera or a high-quality smartphone like iPhone. Then you better use some apps. There are some apps that let you capture photos at nighttime. In that case, you’ll only need a smartphone.

Night Street Photography Tips:

Well, now that you know about the dangers and outcomes. Let’s have some tips!

Look For Light Sources:
Look For Lights

Look, when it comes to street photography, you have to know a few things. For one thing, you won’t get enough space to set up light sources in the street. Also, you don’t want to disturb the night goers, do you? Because that will ruin your photo shoot from both sides. One is, you won’t get any natural candids. Othe is, you will go against the street law.

Life At Night

Because street photography is all about photography ethics. The most important rule is you can’t disturb any human or animal during your photo session. So, look for natural light sources. So that you don’t have to use any additional light.

Take A Tripod:
Use A Tripod

No matter what you use, using a tripod will reduce a lot of trouble. Trust me. It will help you to click the shutter without any camera shake. Besides, you can’t get into the middle of the streets to capture photos. Also, using a tripod in any kind of photography is always wise.

If The Camera Is In Mobile, Use Night Mode:
Smartphone Photography

Yeah well, not all of us can have a DSLR. But that’s even better. Because when you’re capturing night street photos, you can easily use many kinds of filters with apps. I’ve already put some articles on photo editing services for androids or iPhones. So all you need to do is to install these apps. Oh, be sure to check out those articles before downloading them.

So, this night mode will give your street photo a really nice and soft twilight vibe. I mean, if you want to do some portraits then using this filter will make you smile.

Keep Some Darkness:
A Bit Of Darkness

Not all photos need to be shiny and crisp. Because you won’t get the necessary light in the streets. Also, street life doesn’t allow you to set up necessary lights in the streets. So, if that really happens to you sometimes, then yeah. Keep some darkness. I mean, sometimes you have no choice but to keep some darkness in your photos.

The Charm Of Nightlife:
A Casual Date

Oh yeah? If not the charm of nightlife, why bother wasting your time on night streets? I mean, why do people do night street photography? Obviously, it has some killer sides. During nightfall, you get to see the busy people becoming free from their 8 hours of work. They become free and relaxed. Some of them go on dates, or to party.

Couple Dancing

Some of them go to buy groceries to host parties at the weekends. Oh yes, there is always this street race going on in the hidden parts of the city. So, if you’re lucky enough to find any street racing, don’t skip it.

Apart from street racing, dancing shows on the streets are very common during the night. Capturing these scenes will allow you to take the wonders of the nightlife.

Focus Manually:

Isn’t it wise to focus manually during street photography? I mean, you don’t know what is going to be your subject. Also using the same subject in every photo is boring. Besides, there is so much going on all at once in the streets, no?

Manual Focus

So, ignore the auto focus setting. Because using manual focus will help you to capture every photo with a crisp and clear look.

Edit Your Photos:
Night Indoor

As street photography call for a quick change of lens and camera settings, you may miss many of your perfect shots. So, what would you do? To purify all the wrongs in the street photos, you must take these photos to post-processing! Street photography seems very simple and easy to do. But this is the most delicate photography to do. So, editing is a must. The light balance, shadows, and white balance everything matters the most in street photography. And If anything goes wrong in the shot, you can always remove them during the editing section. You can always count on Clipping Amazon for this.

Clipping Amazon
Photo Editing Services

Why should you always count on Clipping Amazon? What is it about? Well, Clipping Amazon is one of the best photo editing service provider companies. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services. We also provide awesome ad design and magazine cover design services. Background removal, color enhancement, image cleaning, clipping path, photo restoration, color restoration, etc. We always value our client’s satisfaction the highest. And we provide services 24/7.

Now tell me, why shouldn’t you count on us? At least you can try our free trial and see how your street photos look! Lastly, our life is a one-way street, it is important not to miss the turn.


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