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Ice Cream Photography Ideas To Drive People Crazy!!

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t love ice cream. Because ice cream brings people together. I mean, it melts all the tension of the day when it melts in your mouth. And nowadays? Ice creams are becoming creative in more delicious ways, no? But I admit, capturing these frozen happiness calls for skilled hands. That’s why in this blog, we’ll talk about ice cream photography ideas. In a creative way for sure!

Ice Cream Photography:

Ice Cream Photography Ideas

Although people didn’t care about ice photography before. But now? That view has changed. I mean, you’d fail to find an ice cream parlor a few years ago. But now it’s quite popular, no? That’s why it’s important to capture beautiful ice cream photos. And trust me. That’s not all. Because day by day creative ice cream photography ideas are coming. I mean, if you take look at the flavors. There were only 3 types of ice cream flavors. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, no? And now? The flavors are endless. And yet, there are more coming. In fact, I hesitate a lot that which flavor I should buy. Or how many flavors are left? So, when you’re hired to capture ice cream photos. It’s pretty important for you to come up with creative ice cream photography ideas.

Ice Cream Photoshoot

Besides, there are many restrictions when you go to capture ice creams. They melt very quickly regardless of the weather. So, you need to keep your camera and tools ready. And start to click the shutter just the moment the ice cream is served. So, if you want to go creative, you must do it in a hurry. However, you need to keep your camera with camera settings ready. Because ice cream photography ideas matter a lot. The more creative you go, the more appointments you’ll get.

Some Preparations You And Your Client Need To Talk About:

Ice creams are really delicate. So, there are some facts you and your client really need to discuss. Because a successful ice cream photoshoot will depend on both of you. Not just your effort only, your clients need to do something too.

Ice Cream Photoshoot Ideas

For example, you’ve heard of whipped cream, right? And how do you whip it? You need to freeze the bowl you’ll use and the liquid cream too. Because it helps the liquid cream to form in its foamy and airy texture. However, in ice cream photography, it’s pretty much the same. I mean, if the plate, scoop, and spoons are put in the freezer for several hours, it’ll give you a huge boost to capture them. Surely, freezing the utensils isn’t your job. Besides, no matter how short you want to keep your ice cream photo session, It’ll take at least 30 minutes. So, do you think ice cream will be in its frozen form that long?

Ice Cream Photoshoot Ideas

Also, as a photographer, you may know which ice cream will look more appealing and how you should capture it. In fact, you may know it better than your client. So, talk with your client openly. Discuss what kinds of props you’re going to use. Or how you want to present the ice cream. If I’m being honest, a plain vanilla ice cream goes really well with a piece of brownie. Even pancakes too. Or you can try the banana split too. Although these are all about food styling. But ice creams are meant to be presented in artistic ways.

Tips For Styling And Capturing Ice Creams:

Ice Cream Photoshoot Ideas

Trust me, even the famous food photographers get sweaty when they go to capture ice creams. I mean, everybody loves to have ice cream, but fears photographing them. However, to make sure your photo session doesn’t turn into an epic disaster, you must follow these tips.

Ice Cream Colors Pop With The Right Background:
Ice Cream Photoshoot Ideas

It’s the first step you need to take to save your photo session. If your ice cream is white or any bright color, choose a light-colored background. Because a light-colored background will make the ice cream colors look more appealing. Or if you want to choose the dark style for colorful ice creams, make sure you’re using artificial light to pop up the colors.

But white-colored ice creams like vanilla and butterscotch go fantastic with a dark background. It’s just amazing as hell.

Never Shoot Outdoor:
Ice Cream Photoshoot Ideas

Trust me, not every subject is good for outdoor photography. And ice creams, for one, will be terrible to capture if you put them outside. Because there will be light coming from every angle. And you know what that means. You’ll get a flat photo. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m against natural light. Because natural light is a golden key for food photography. But in ice photography? It doesn’t work like that. Also, the temperature will melt the ice creams. If you really want to capture natural light, then put the ice cream near the window. But not outside.

Sugary Drama:
The Drama

I mean, everyone loves drama more or less. But it’s mandatory as ice cream photography ideas. If you’re capturing chocolate ice creams. Then set them on a white background and tell your client to dust some cocoa powder over the ice cream. Or if the ice cream is white, put it on a dark background, then dust with some icing sugar. The icing sugar will give a snowfall effect. Trust me, you’re going to love it.

Saucy But Not Sassy For Sure:
The Sauce

Ice cream tastes a little more delicious with a compelling sauce, no? Also, these sauces enhance the appeal of the ice creams too. Maple, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, and so many sauces. Make sure to drizzle some sauce and capture it. It’ll be great if you can do a short video. Because it’ll look more lively. But don’t cover the ice cream with sauces.

Some Life In The Lively Dessert:
A Hand Holding A Rose Cone

If you want to do storytelling food photography, then you better add some human figures. Because human figures always improvise the beauty of the food. And it’s the same with ice creams too. Your client can hold a cone and you capture it. Or you can capture when your client is styling the ice cream. Human figures just bring out the most dramatic vibes.

Some Melted Ice Creams:
Ice Cream Melts

Okay, so melted ice creams are not so bad always. I mean a little melted ice cream will give the right touch-up. If you want the best result then you better do a short video or capture the photo with a slow shutter speed.

Get Creative:
Go All The Way

Creativity is the key in the food photography world. And in ice cream photography? You can go all the way you want. You can capture a sizzling brownie where ice creams are melting down into a hot boiling chocolate sauce. Or you can use some lady finger biscuits.

And there are always fruits. Banana split is a very beautiful idea for ice cream photography ideas. Whatever you throw in there, it’ll look appealing.

Fruity Favors:
Use Fruits

Every photography genre needs props to shine. So does ice cream photography. But styling ice creams can be costly sometimes. But using fruits as ice cream photography reduces the cost. Besides, it’s easy to manage props like fruits. Also, all you need to do is to slice some fruits and place them as per your choice.

Fake Ice Creams:

Oh well, if you’re doing editorial ice cream photoshoot, or you’re doing it for your portfolio. Then you better use fake ice creams. What? Don’t know how to make those?

A fake ice cream is an incredible tool for photoshoots. Because it looks like the real one. But it won’t melt during the photo shoot. To create fake ice cream, you’ll need a few food styling tricks. Let’s get you started.

Fake Ice Cream

An easy way to make fake ice cream is to mix cornstarch with a hair conditioner and food coloring. If the mixture is too liquid. Just add some more corn starch. But mashed potatoes will give you the best result for fake ice cream.

Edit Your Ice Cream Photos:
Edit Your Photos

Once you’re done with ice cream photography, you’ll need to give them a polished look. That’s where you’ll have to work with your editing skills. Sharpening the edges of the ice creams, improving the color adjustments, and removing the dust from images will give your photos a final look. But don’t worry. If you need photo editing help, Clipping Amazon is here to help.

Why Clipping Amazon?

Clipping Amazon is a very professional photo editing company. Aside from magazine cover design services, we provide 17 types of photo editing services. Color correction, clipping path, color balance, image cleaning, photo restoration, raster to vector, etc are our specialties. We have four branch offices in four different countries. Also, we have spread our professionalism in almost 27 countries. If you need photo editing services at any time, then Clipping Amazon is the one for you. Because we provide services 24 hours at 7 days. And don’t worry, we always do on-time delivery.

But as a parlor owner, you can use our raster to vector, and color correction service. By raster and vector, you can run an advertisement about your ice cream parlor logo, and by color correction service, you can change your product color!

If you need any kind of photo editing services, feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to snap a shot with your favorite flavor and drop the photo in our free trial!


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