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Tips For Photographing Horses

Do you know what they say? They say happiness is never too far away when you have a horse. It’s not just happiness you know? Because from the very beginning of the earth horses are treated as one of the most faithful animals after dogs. I mean, horses are costly now, yes? But even today you’ll see horses roaming around freely on many ranches in Texas. Even in Uk too. Well, ranches aside, let’s cut to the straight. In this blog, we’ll talk about horse photography.

What Is Horse Photography?

Horse And Rider Photography

Well, aside from the faithfulness of horses, they’re also very majestic animals. If I’m being honest, they’re the most majestic animals of all kinds. So yeah, the photography world has kept a genre for them. Besides, horse photos were used in various cards, postcards, etc. Also, there are majestic-looking horses who have silky smooth hairs. So, in short, when you take photos of different kinds of horses, their poses to present their royalty, yes, that’s horse photography.

Professional Horse Photography

Oh, and yes, even if horse photography falls under animal photography. But I think animal photography is totally different. Because when you talk about animals, there will be wild and wilderness, no? But with horses? No, I don’t think so. Horses love to stay groomed and clean and stable. Unlike other animals, you’ll find horses connect with humans easily. Besides, you surely can’t deny their different positions and poses. Now that you know what’s horse photography exactly, let’s get to the next step.

Time, Location, And Tools:

Professional Horse Photography

Of course, time and location matter in every single photography genre. And in horse photography? It matters even more! Besides, if you take photos of horses just inside the ranch, I don’t think you’ll get your desired shot. So, location really matters. And about the tools. What to say! You’ll need a mirrorless camera for sure. Then comes the tripod, the polaroid, a set of lenses, and as usual. Nothing very new or that. But make sure you’re comfortable with horses in the first place. Because if you want to nail your horse photoshoot, you’ll need to have a way around these majestic creatures.

Horse Photography Tips:

Horse And Rider Photography

Now that you’re all set. Grab yourself a bowl of chips and read these tips!

Spend Some Quality Time Before Shooting:
Professional Horse Photography

Animals can tell what you’re going through even if they don’t have any language on their own. And horses are very sensitive. They can pick up anyone’s emotion real quick. So, it’s better if you spend some time with them. I mean, I prefer it. If you get nervous around horses, they’ll realize it. And guess what? They’ll get nervous too. And eventually, you’ll have a hard time capturing them. So, this is a must-do step.

Start With Golden Hour:
Professional Horse Photography

Well, golden hour is the best for any kind of photo session. So, it’s best for horses too. Besides, everyone loves a picture where some horses are grazing in a green field gently. But make sure you use the longest possible focal length for the best result.

Let Horses Roam Freely:
A Free Horse

I mean, when you capture model photos, do you ever force them to pose? And even if you do, was the result satisfying? Because that sounds horrible to me. Also, I don’t think you’ll love the result when you force anyone for a photo. And the same goes with the horses. Let them roam gracefully as per their will. Trust me, you’ll not regret this.

A Horse In The Fall

Uhh.. about the location. It’s important not just for your photos but also for the horses. I mean, a beautiful location will give you some beautiful photos, yes? But horses need to be comfortable in the new location too. So, you better talk with your client to take their horse to the chosen location for a better result. The best part will come out if you can match the horse’s color with the surrounding.

If You Have Allergic Problems:
The Eye

If you have some kind of allergic problems to animals, it’s okay. I mean, a problem is a problem. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, if you have any problem like that, you better use a telephoto lens and shoot them from a safe distance. This way, you’ll get clear horse photos without getting close to them.

Better To Stay Safe:
Safety Matters

When photographing wildlife, it’s a must that you should make sure you’re safe. Especially when you’re capturing carnivorous or larger animals like horses. Because you never know what might provoke a horse. What if it becomes mad out of nowhere? Yes, that is why it is wise to keep the horse owner or the horse trainer close.

Capture From A Low Level:
Shoot From A Low Level

This is for capturing the horse’s beauty. I mean, you’re doing horse photography after all. And you’re missing to capture their majestic vibe? Well, that’d be a shame, no? That’s why you need to get slightly low and capture the shot. This will help you to do beautiful horse photography.

Don’t Use Flash:
Avoid Flash

When it comes to capturing animals, I avoid using flash most of the time. Because why? That’s because using flash always ruins my shots. It makes the animal’s eye glow and gives a spooky vibe. And that obviously ruins my shot. Besides, using flash doesn’t let you capture the actual color of the horse. So, don’t use it unless there is no light at all.

Using Burst Mode:
Horse And Rider Photography

Horses are animals. So, they’ll move as per their will. I mean, they won’t stand still that’s for sure. And what will you do then? Then you need to set your shutter to burst mode and set the focus in continuous mode. This will save you a lot of hassle.

A Shot With Wide-Angle Lens In The Sea-Shore:
Horse And Rider Photography

Trust me, you’ll love this. And it’d be best if you pick up the golden hour for this. With a rider on the running horse on the sea shore with a setting sun. Can you imagine? And it’d be an absolute crime if you fail to capture the sunset shades. Which is why you need to use a wide-angle lens to capture the whole beauty.

Always Edit Horse Photos:
High-End Photo Editing

You know, details create the big picture. But if those details are not clear enough, eventually they’ll fail to create a perfect photo. So, editing is a must. Because editing will make those small details sharper and shinier. Therefore, you’ll be a pro. Besides, horses have hair. So horse photos need masking to stand out. Also, blurring the background, or making the background more visible is part of photo editing. Or if you’re too busy to handle these burdens, you can handle your worries by Clipping Amazon. Care to know why? Let’s find out.

Clipping Amazon
Professional Photo Manipulation

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