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HDR Photography: How Can I Do It?

Taking photos is always fun. Right? But not all the photos are fun? And especially when it comes to high dynamic range? Trust me, no one ever loves to do that complicated stuff. But as we’re really in the era of tech and science, I guess there’s no way to deny it? I would suggest you make a cup of a sweet sweet cappuccino and clear your head. Because right now? We’re going to talk about HDR Photography.

What Is HDR Photography?

Well, don’t get too nervous. I’ll try to explain it as easily as possible. Mainly, the word ‘HDR’ is the acronym of High Dynamic Range. Okay. So what’s a dynamic range? And what does it do to a photo? Well, when you take any photo, you always keep an eye on the light and the shadow. Right? Because the right amount of these two can make or break your photo. However, dynamic range is the difference between the lightest light and the darkest dark of a photo. And, might I add, every photo you take has these.

HDR Concept

In a regular photo, when the subject crosses the camera’s dynamic range. Do you know what happens? The highlights then wash out the white balance and the shadow portion becomes simple black. But in HDR photography, you can capture these two factors that can make your photo stand out. Although it sounds really complicated and hard to do. But actually? It’s pretty easy and quite interesting to do.

How Do I Take This Photo?

HDR Real Estate Photography

With the help of modern photoshoot tricks, advanced editing skills, or post-processing software, you can create an HDR photo easily. HDR photography is a style where you take at least three photos to get all the lights and darks and use them on a single photo so that it looks just the way your eyes see the actual scene. All you have to do is to take some photos. With a different shutter speed, different exposure, and from different angles. And you can’t do a photo with a high dynamic range with just a single click.

HDR Photos In Natural Photography

Our eyes can see more than the camera shots. And somehow, when we see a beautiful scene and click it. It never turns out the beautiful one as the real one. Why? Maybe the shadow isn’t enough? Or it is too disturbing? Or the light isn’t enough? And it is too bright? All these problems are solved in HDR Photography. It can give you the real science out of a real scene. And that’s why everyone is after this. Even real estate companies are now highly demanding HDR Real Estate Photography.

How HDR Photography Is Done?

Well, you need to follow some basic steps to pull-off professional HDR Photography. Let’s see.

A Camera:

A camera is a must in every photography. As you’ll have to take a few clicks to do HDR photography. It’s best to pick up a camera that comes with an Auto Exposure Bracketing system. So that you don’t have to change the camera settings again and again. Because there’s a massive chance to move your camera and the position of the subject when you’re adjusting the camera settings manually. Which may give you a very awkward HDR photo. Surely, you don’t want that. Do you?

A Tripod:

After grabbing a camera with the AEB function, you’ll need a tripod. And why? Because you must remember, to take an HDR photo, you need to take photos from different angles. But you must maintain a certain level. And you must take photos from different angles with the same level. Why? So that your photos turn out to be perfect same photos. And when you take these to the post-processing section, you’ll have breathtaking beauty.

So, to maintain the very same level each time you take a photo, you must use a tripod.

AN HDR Photo-Blending Software:

Photo editing or post-processing is a must for photography. Well, every kind of photography. But in HDR photography, photo editing is a must. And it’s best to hand over this work to a truly professional and skilled person. If you’re too busy or not comfortable with it. It’s not a problem. You can always count Clipping Amazon. Or you can do it on your own in case you know the HDR photo-editing basics.

And when it comes to software for photo editing, you always know that Adobe is the best. As in Clipping Amazon, we always use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to bring out the best HDR photo. So, I suggest that if you plan to edit photos on your own, please do it on Adobe. Look, there is a ton of software that works really well to give HDR effects. But trust me, nothing will give you the best output that Adobe will.

Always Shoot In Raw:

It’s best to shoot always in Raw or JPG files. You know, something may go wrong even after being very much careful. So, if something goes wrong and your raw file is JPG, you can always edit them afterward. But if the raw file is PNG, it won’t look good. Even after editing. But in JPG, it will look good.

Is That All?

Actually, yeah. The pointer I gave above is the very basic pointer of HDR photography. And it’s best if you get a camera with an auto HDR mode. And a tripod of course. Because it will keep your photos steady. In HDR real estate photography, it’s very important. And never forget to edit your photos. If I know one thing about HDR photos, it has to be high-quality editing. Because, even if one of your photos goes wrong, some quick touch-up will help to fix it. If you’re a total newbie, you have to be very careful about who you pick to edit your photos. Why? Because HDR photos need the highest photo editing skills. And not all photo editors can provide it. However, you can try Clipping Amazon. Why? Let’s show you!

Why Clipping Amazon?
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First things first. Clipping Amazon is a very professional photo editing service provider company. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services including HDR photo editing. Also, we provide clipping path, image masking, image cleaning, photo manipulation, color enhancement, etc. We also do ads design and magazine cover design. As for HDR or HDR real estate photography, you’ll need a complex clipping path and professional photo manipulation services. Also, you’ll need color enhancement every now and then to show off the light and shadow. In Clipping Amazon, we always value our clients the highest. We always edit the photos in a few steps. And we continue the process until our clients approve. You can have our services 24/7. Moreover, you’ll never have to worry about the on-time delivery.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to try your free trial to see how your HDR photos look! I’m leaving the details on the button.


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