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Fairytale Photography: Hacks And Tips

Fairytales are not real. They only exist in dreams or imagination. Is that what you heard every now and then? Because I was sick of hearing this even when I was an adult. Some say fairytales are for kids only. But you know what think? Life is the most wonderful fairytale itself, no? Yeah, some have dark fairytale stories. But that’s just another reason to fight for the good ones. Isn’t it? So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about fairytale photography.

What Is Fairytale Photography?

Beauty And The Beast

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the term ‘Fairytale’ a serene view of an enchanted forest comes to my mind. Then comes Cinderella. And I bet you one thing. The ball gown of Cinderella is a kind of dress that every single baby girl, kid, teenage girl, or woman long to wear at least once in a lifetime. I mean, prince or not, the gown steals the show always. What I mean is, you’ll need props based on what character you’re going to present or capture.

The Enchanted Forest

Talking about fairytales, you have to agree on one fact. Although most people love to see dreamy fairytale portraits there are many who love dark fairytales too. That’s when people start to do dark fairytale photography. Maleficent, Ursula, and The Poison Ivy are some famous examples. Also, if you want to show off some strength or the warrior side of yours, you can also feature Belladonna. She’s the Goddess of war. Many loves to be naiads or nymphs. It’s really a pity that all these characters really don’t exist. Anyway, when you’re capturing something that comes from an imaginary world and you make it true, yes, you’re doing fairytale photography. Some also call it fairytale fantasy photography as it represents many fantasy creatures and characters too.

Aside From Props, You’ll Need Some DIY:

Fairytale photography can be really fancy, you know? And it’ll hurt even more if you have to spend dollars for buying tools. I was a rookie once. So I know how it feels. But you don’t have to worry. Because I’ll share some hacks that I used to do when I began to capture photos to build a professional portfolio.

Dark Fairytale Photography

If you capture fairytale photos in the rain or in the snow, how will you protect your camera and lenses? That’s when you’ll need a rain cover for the lenses and the camera, no? But rain cover is expensive. So, you can use a blank CD case to make a rain guard for your camera and lens. All you’ll need CD case, polythene, and some tapes. Oh, don’t panic, it won’t affect your photos.

Superhero Photoshoot

Light plays a vital role in every photo. But the right amount of light can make or break your photos. And in fairytale photography, that amount will vary for sure. So, to control your light source, you’ll a softbox, no? But instead of buying one, you can just buy a milky white shower curtain and put it between the light source and your subject. It’ll work like an actual softbox. And even better sometimes.

Mermaid Tale

Other than these things, you’ll need a pair of skilled hands for high-quality photo editing. Because fairytale photos come to life after being edited. Without editing, it doesn’t count how good a photographer you’re at all.

Fairytale Fantasy Photography:

Well, now that you’re all set up. Let’s get to the fairytale world! Because now, we’ll talk about different characters and props. Yes, that includes modern fairytale characters and superheroes too.

Costumes & Makeup:
Fairytale Fantasy Photography

I mean, you’ll be representing various fairytale characters and heroes, and you won’t need costumes? Without costumes, there aren’t many things to capture for a fairytale vibe. Trust me, even if there are a few ideas, you won’t even like those. Because photographers choose to capture a certain portion of the subject from a certain angle just to represent the story. Still, those photos are incomplete. Because those photos lack colors.

The White Witch

However, it depends on you actually which fantasy figure you’re going to do. Some pick dark characters. Also, some pick romantic and sweet. If you want to wear any specific superhero costumes, you better manage a good costume. Because The costumes of Superman and Wonder Woman are red and blue. But they definitely aren’t the same.

Dark Fairytale Photography

Some fantasy characters also emphasize looks. Suppose you’ll posing as a flower queen or a dryad. Now, what will you need? Here, dresses don’t matter but the makeup looks on the other hand have to be beyond beautiful. The same goes for dark fairytale photography.

Backdrops Matter Very Much:
Harry Potter Style Photoshoot

Of course backdrop matters in every photo. Because a black witch won’t look scary enough in a flower garden. Moreover, a naiad will look out of the place in a graveyard. So, I hope you realize the value of the background.

Gothic Photography

If you really don’t get enough props to create the background, use the light to your advantage. But this kind of photo needs high-quality photo manipulation. Because photo manipulation lets you create a dreamy or scary background.

Animals Can Be Very Helpful:
The Snow Queen With Huskies

Cinderella, Snow White, or Nymphs are very friendly to animals, no? Besides, the wolf princess, raven princess, and flower fairy, all these mythical characters come with animals. Frankly speaking, in fairytale photography, animals are used as props too. But be careful about animals. So that you don’t do anything that goes against wildlife photography ethics.

Seasonal Fairytale Fantasy Photography:
The Fall Queen

The bounty The Fall offers us, can’t be offered by Winter. Can it? Also, you won’t get as many flowers in Summer as you get in the Spring. If you want to spend less money on props, you use the season then. Because you can model as a lake fairy or snow fairy.

Hairdo With Flowers

All you’ll need is a gown and hairdo with little hair pieces. Besides, you won’t need any model sometimes. Although I prefer a model, especially in fairytale photography.

Edit Your Photos (Must):
Path To Dream

When we talk about fairytale photography, the first thing that comes to our minds is magic. And that magic happens when you use it to edit your photos. So, if you want to create a fantasy theme with your photo, you must know that fantasy photography means editing. Because you can’t expect any kind of fairytale fantasy photo without it.

The Spring Queen

It’s the process where you can change the brightness, contrast, and color of your photos. There are also other terms. Besides, you can’t avoid photo manipulation. Fantasy photography is directly related to imagination. I also guess it takes us directly to photo manipulation. Although you will need professional photo editing help like Clipping Amazon.

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