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Ghost Mannequin Photography and Editing

Ghost mannequin photography has a vital part of the e-commerce business. For a fashion and product photographer, a ghost mannequin is a part of a lifetime. This effect is created by cutting out different types of mannequins from the image to get a ghostly outlook. It has the ability to create a positive impression among the customers in making decisions for purchasing any garment and jewelry items.

It is also the most cost-effective way because you don’t need to use expensive models and wait for their schedules. Moreover, you also don’t need costly mannequins. Mannequin helps to make your product photos look attractive and holds a proper shape or figure. Product photo quality increases the demand for the products to the customers.

For amateur photographers, it becomes difficult to create the mannequin effect. Actually, it is very easy for skilled photographers. Making a mannequin effect to the e-commerce product photo is a joint method of the photographer and the graphic designer. 

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

E-commerce product shoot ghost mannequin is the best way. Ghost mannequin for photography provides the human shape outlook of your clothing with the inner & detailed. But the most juggling part is here the mannequin is viewless. That brings a real look at your product. We see the expected outlook of the ghost mannequin effect you may get afraid of. It looks hard for the beginner. It is acceptable if you follow all the steps properly.

Product Shoot

Understanding Ghost Mannequin Photography 

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Photography is the multiple photos that are known as composite photos or image manipulation. First snap you should take on the body part. Then, one flat or inner view of your garments that are taken by using the mannequin. You also need to capture more images to show any special angle or highlight any shape like the company logo or stickers.

Ghost Mannequin photos can be built by two images but you added more images that are vital to make your product photo valued. It completely depends on the clothing shape, feature & angle how much is covered by your photograph.

Some products do not need a mannequin. As with, watches, bracelets, but they need to mix multiple photos to display the real look of the product. That is not a ghost mannequin method but a very similar one.

Real Look Of The Product

Ghost mannequin photography is the best ton apparel owners to display their products. It removes distractions from your images & solves all your problems. It attracts more clients & increases your sales. If you hire a model that is costly but photography gives the same result at the lowest price. 

A ghost mannequin is also known as a viewless mannequin. To make this effect you need to mix two or three of your product photos. The mannequin in post-processing removes steps. That process also helps to bring highlights to your clothing & the product.

Type of Mannequins And Their Likes & Dislikes

Half Body White Mannequins

In the photoshoot of the shirts and pants or long women’s dresses, you should take the mannequin of full body shape. But, for shooting the photos of shirts, t-shirts, or women’s tops you can take half-body mannequins. For pants, trousers you can choose the lower half mannequin. There are many variations in the sizes of mannequins. You can also take any of the sizes of your product as you like.

Sizes Of Your Product

Removable Invisible Mannequin

Mannequins can be separated into different parts to have perfect product photos. These mannequins perform the same purpose, but you can’t use product images without editing. 

Removable Invisible

Transparent Mannequin

You can also use transparent mannequins for your product photos. It is the same as the other mannequins. It also looks pretty. Sometimes you can use this image without editing. But for making it highly attractive and gorgeous you must need to edit your images. Among other types of ghost mannequin photography, this is the most useful.

Looks Pretty

Human Mannequin

The human model can be used instead of a mannequin for shooting. The model must be in perfect shape.  During photography from multiple angles, she/he must have wide hands.

Human Model

Ghost Mannequin Photo Effect for Your Fashion Business πŸ©±πŸ‘—

Fashion retailers can feel the importance of advertising to get their products flying off the shelves. Most people use their business ghost mannequin photos to advertise their product. The process involves capturing a mannequin wearing the clothes. Then, editing out the mannequin to make a hollow, ghost effect. This effect makes it easier for potential customers. They also understand the material, size, fabric, and fit better. The overall result boosts your sales and customers are willing to buy your product. Ghost mannequin photography is also very vital for the fashion business.

Ghost mannequin effect editing involves a lot of processes to get the desired image. Some of these processes also include removing the background, removing wrinkles, stains, dust spots, and many more things. All these processes work to produce a cleaner, smoother image of the clothing on sale, making it more attractive.

The mannequin effect is great for businesses and publications are clothing stores, fashion houses, fashion blogs, fashion magazines and catalogs, marketing firms, press releases, newspapers, and editorials. If you need such services then please feel free to our FREE TRIAL offer.

The Use of Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost Mannequin called invisible mannequin photography is to give a 3D or hollow man effect by clothing brands and retailers. This type of photography especially offers fashion industries, online shops, and stores as well as product photography.  It can also be used in the design layout of magazines and newspapers, and brand advertisements. 

β˜… Display of Clothes Features: 

Ghost mannequin photography is also maintaining the quality design for garments and fashion industries. Business owners can produce quality pictures for their displays. For example, cloth designers showcase different features, inner linings, and cuffs. This makes your customers have a realistic experience of the cloth’s shape, size, and style. It also maximized the shopping experience. Most of the time customers only see the front side of the garment. It shows the front and rearview. Our professional editing such as the one offered by the ghost mannequin.

Display of Clothes Features
β˜… Easy and Quick to Style:  

Ghost mannequin photography makes cloth styling natural and faster. Get a 3D effect you can shoot the mannequin wearing the garment at different angles. You can also variant shots of the neck, bottom, sleeve, and inner parts. Our expert will be able to remove the mannequins and background and replace their other environment. We can also retouch unwanted wrinkles, spots, etc.

β˜… Helps Clients to Picture Garments as if Been Dressed:

Invisible ghost mannequin photography can be difficult for all shootings involving clothing. We often remove the mannequins by shooting. It also makes the garment look as if it has been worn by an invisible person. So that clothing can be viewed without any obstacle from the mannequin. Therefore, we provide a naturally appealing look making the customers visualize themselves inside the clothes.

β˜… Improves the View of Appeal:

Ghost mannequin photography is clearly one of the best options for showcase clothing designs and styles. It is also, especially for online businesses. The neck joint is separate to see both the outer and inner sides of the cloth. It is also worth noting that the ghost mannequins effect is composed of the two images. This feature makes the inner side of clothes visible. It also customers satisfied with their brands.

Some of the Ghost Mannequin Services We Offer Include

🟑 Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

πŸ’₯ 360 Degrees Packshot Rotating Ghost Mannequin

🟑 Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

πŸ’₯ Sleeve Joint on Ghost Mannequins


It must be clear that the most vital feature of a good product image is quality. Having low-quality images will not convince your customers to spend their money and most of all it sets the tone for online stores. High-quality images will have a direct effect on sales. It also reduces your costs. 

Clipping Amazon provides the best Ghost Mannequin photo editing company. We mostly care about the client’s demand. We provide our services worldwide. So, we are specialized in photo post-production services. Our target is to make our clients 100% satisfied. We also provide them with the best quality. Our editors deliver the task within the shortest time. To clarify, designers can remove the background from the pictures well using the newest Photoshop Software. If you need such services then please feel free to our FREE TRIAL offer.

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