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8 Facts TO Find The Best Bill-Board Ads Solution

A billboard (also known as a hoarding in the UK and other parts of the world) is an outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), usually found on busy streets as well as in high-traffic areas. Billboards place large advertisements bypassing pedestrians and drivers. those are highly visible in the top market areas, usually showing funny slogans and unique visuals.

Billboards are one of the best ways to advertise brands, companies, products, companies, etc. with recognition. You can use billboards commercially, non-commercially, socially, and to enhance the personal beauty of your home or building.

So, in today’s busy world, billboards have multiple useful advances. In particular, newly created brands and companies need to campaign for brand awareness and draw people’s attention to them.

Advertising is one of the most popular ways to spread brand awareness, making it popular with a wide range of people. We see a variety of advertising materials such as posters, banners, leaflets, brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc.

But billboards are one of the oldest and most effective ways to lead a company. Even in the age of television, the internet, and smartphones, the need for billboards has not diminished. Still, people found it tempting, made high-conversion billboards, placed them on the side of the road, and let people know about them.

Types Of Billboard

Billboard advertising has long been a popular medium for outdoor advertising. The message of this medium needs to be very concise and easy to understand. We can know any directions or information about the product or service by bill-boards. This form of advertising is valuable to anyone who looking at it. Digital billboards are more affordable and easier to update.

  • Classic billboard.
  • Vinyl billboards.
  • Painted billboards. 
  • Mobile billboards. 
  • Three-dimensional billboards.
  • Scented billboard. 
  • Digital Billboards and.
  • Wallscapes Billboards.

Classic Billboard


A classic billboard is also known as a Bulletin, Classic billboards are larger in view and shorter in attention span. So, this is the right kind of outdoor advertising that can cost you valuable money. You can see classic billboards on most highways, expressways, and crowded places where people gathered in large numbers. Classic billboards have resized over time.

It seems necessary to increase the size of the billboards to attract more attention as the number of people increases. Currently, classic billboard standard size 10 feet by 30 feet to 14 feet by 48 feet. However, this national billboard is so perfect for capturing both pedestrians and vehicles as it comes with A large body size.

Vinyl Billboards

clipping-amazon-Vinyl billboard

Vinyl billboards have a brighter appearance, which is more enticing than ordinary billboards. These are regularly painting with UV defensive paint – and this can last a long time. These billboards are painting in bright colors. Its lifespan is three to five years and the material used is known as polyvinyl chloride. These are digitally drawn banners, made with large inkjet printers. The vinyl Billboard is actually using for company logos and events. This billboard so useful for keeping things light and focused. Especially for banner and billboard advertising, 

Standard sizes for vinyl billboards are 14 ‘high x 48’ wide and 10.5 ‘high x 36’ wide.

Vinyl is becoming the most pioneering. Why?

The answer is, vinyl is a low-cost but high output solution to advertising problems.

Painted Billboards

CLIPPING-AMAZON-billboards advertising

These billboards are very rare nowadays as they have been replaced by graphically printed billboards. Painting billboards are basically done by manually painting the advertising messages and images. All these billboards are painting in large studios. 

The image was projected on top of a series of paper panels made of billboards. The line was drawn, then identified with a pound wheel that made perforated lines. Patterns were “pounding” on the boards with chalk-filled pounds marking the outlines of images or objects. Artists using oil paints will use large brushes to draw the image. After the panels were installing using hydraulic cranes, the artists would climb on the installed billboards and touch the edges between the panels.

These large, painted billboards were especially popular in Los Angeles where historic historical organizations such as Foster & Clauser and Pacific Outdoor Advertising dominated the industry. These painted billboards led the way in graphic reproduction, hand-painted billboards are still being using in some areas where only one or two boards are needing. The “Sunset Strip” in Los Angeles is an area where hand-painted Billboards are still available, usually to advertise upcoming movies or albums. Painted billboards are a type of billboard made by manually painting messages and images on the fabric.

Thus, these are not a desirable alternative in the world of digital advertising where automated devices were invented to create computerized banners, posters to meet the huge demand of the people. Painted billboards are so rare and replaced by modern advertising formulas. However, you can still see the use of painted billboards in some cases when you just need to create a billboard.

Mobile Billbord


Unlike a typical billboard, mobile billboards are able to go directly to their target audience These can be placed where there is heavy foot traffic due to an event – including convention centers, train stations, airports, and sports stadiums. An advertiser’s message can be noticed and also repeat routes, but that information can be retained through repetition.

Mobile billboards are using where the target audience attends a large event. The billboard is placing on top of a moving vehicle and thus, it can be seen wherever the vehicle can be moved. Mobile Billboards are useful if you want to move your billboards from one place to another as opposed to other static billboards.

Ads on the body of the car through stickers or other types of billboard materials are now so popular. Usually, billboards are using to place on top of buildings but mobile billboards are different from them. Since they have been adapted to the vehicle, the message on the billboard can reach wherever the vehicle goes

Outdoor advertising is as effective as a mobile billboard because it is difficult to ignore. It is also memorable, according to a UK national survey. The Capital Communications group discovered that pol1..7% polled recalled images they saw in the moving multiple image mark. For stable symptoms, it is compared with a retention rate of 19%


Three-dimensional billboards are quite modern and artistic comparing to other types of billboards. There are 3D billboards in a dramatic and lively way. They are designed so that the image pops up and the emphasis on the product is even greater. For example, if you are advertising a new dish, you can use this billboard to pop out the dish to emphasize the product more than the rest of the billboard.

Who doesn’t like to see 3D paint? And if it’s a 3D ad in one of the busiest places in the city, people must see the billboard for its 3D object. 3D billboards are different and more attractive than 2D billboards. You won’t find a huge crowd of customers in your store for long but you think you deserve it.

Design an outstanding 3D billboard that has an outstanding look, a place that is most suitable where you think it can engage more people.

However, three-dimensional billboards were not very popular back then and we were always offered to view these simply sized billboards.

Scented Billboard

clipping-amazon-billboards advertising
Three-Dimensional-billboards advertising

As the name of the billboard, you understand it is related to fragrance. So, what are you thinking? What is the fragrance of this national billboard? Just like that, scented billboards work differently as well as attracting people through the scent.

The focus was easy to expand when the scented billboard was quite normal. These are using by most restaurants and women’s perfume retailers to provide a quick review of the product and to leave an instant message in the minds of customers.

These billboards are extremely rare and used to pass the smell of the product. For example, if you are advertising your new restaurant dish, you can use a scented billboard so that passers-by can smell and agree to enter your restaurant.

Digital Billboards


 Digital billboards are commonly used at central business points to ensure that they are viewing by the largest number of people. As a result, it provides the most brand exposure. We can also see These billboards displaying stock market prices or showing temperatures in some places. These are expensive but they are also very effective in attracting people and thus promoting your business.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. If you want to promote your business in a creative way, use this unique billboard design. For more information on the cost and other specifications of different types of billboard advertising, contact a professional billboard designing firm.

You may be familiar with digital signage which is now mostly used in markets, airport lounges, hospitals, schools-colleges, and anywhere. The digital billboard is the largest version of that digital signature. It comes with a modern screen where both stationary and moving objects are presented to show the common man.

Since it is a digital way of displaying ads, businesses use digital billboards to increase brand awareness, product display, location of multiple stores, and more. Also, you can see digital billboards with stock market prices, weather and temperature conditions in a few specific places in the city.

How Much Do Billboard Advertising Cost?

 Billboard pricing depends on different things such as the size, type, location, etc. Do you want to place the billboard?

It is clear that billboard advertising costs are often determining by geographical location and type of billboard. This means that physical billboards cost less than digital billboards.

Also, keep in mind that there are some additional costs of billboard design such as design costs, printing costs. If you are also choosing vinyl or fabric billboards, materials, and installation costs.

If you go for a cape billboard on the wall, you will not need any material and installation costs, so you will have to pay a high charge for drawing the wall billboard.

Bulletin (Large Billboard)Range of $1,500 – $30,000 per location per 4 week
Poster (Medium Billboard)Range of $750 – $2,000 per location per 4 week
Junior Poster (Small Billboard)Range of $300 – $750 per location per 4 week

Digital/Video/LED Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard)

Range of $3,500 – $25,000 per location per 4 week period for an ~8-second spot in a loop of ~64 seconds

To know more about how much billbord cost.


Graphics are, of course, preserved elements that are used to attract viewers and convey specific messages, including advertising. The graphics make things lively and interesting. For outdoor advertising, some of our services are available for use in this field.

You can select an ad-related service For instance your ad. For example, vector art is now popular and people are more likely to use it instead of real human personalities. So, it is better to use advertising-related images, vectors, animations, models to seduce the common people. For any type of editing, you can contact us.

Color Matters

After all, colors are an important fact that you should consider when designing outdoor advertising. Proper use of color can bring you extra benefits from billboards because people always like to see colorful things.

Try to use colors that have a strong effect on human psychology. Do not use more than two colors in an advertisement. Maintain a balance between background, graphics, and text colors.

Usages Of Billboard

  • High Way
  • Rail Way
  • Big Name Advertising
  • Tobacco Advertising
  • Non Commercial Use

Disadvantages Of Using Billboard

  • High costs for a brief exposure.
  • It has a Visibility issue.
  • Stationary mode of advertising.
  • Billboard does not target a specific market.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Billboards are a very Short-term advertising tool.
  • Time insensitive.
  • It provides limited information.

Advantages Of Using Billboard

  • Billboards Huge and eye-catching.
  • Targets a large and diverse market.
  • Easily registered information.
  • It can provide people with directions.
  • Targets middle and upper classes.
  • Increased frequency of consumer exposure.
  • Effective medium of awareness advertising.
  • Customers find, can you?
  • Builds company reputation and product image.
  • It can create a quick rise in sales.
  • Photographic information (strong visual effect).
  • Guaranteed audience.

How To Use Billboards Effectively

For the most part, advertising on billboards is not a very valuable thing. However, the effectiveness of the price ratio is often determined by the way these advertising tools are used. Issues such as the resonance and position of the people need to be looked at first, billboards should be made in a certain way to get the desired message. Here are some ways to do it.

You Should Make It Short And Simple

A simple billboard should not contain a lot of text and should be able to provide clear information about the business and the set of products or services offered.

For starters, a billboard should have a maximum of six words to communicate perfectly with the potential audience base. In addition, the font should be large enough to be seen from a distance.

You Can Also Use Images

In advertising, an image is really worth a thousand words. Images attract attention and are easier to focus on while driving than sound. Drivers or pedestrians are crowding in and it will take a few seconds before they look at the billboard. To match these when you make the most money from your ad space, use an interesting and captivating photo related to your brand with a few words. Additionally, be sure to include your logo at all times.

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