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When Is World Ocean Day 🌊πŸ¦ͺ🐬2021? Theme And History

The Oceans are the lung of the earth. The mighty vibrant blue ocean covers almost 70% of the earth’s surface. The ocean produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen. It is the primary source of protein for almost a billion people around the globe. No to mention, the ocean also serves in the world economy as the most popular vacation spot. It is home to most of the world’s biodiversity that is remarkably essential for the ecosystem. Even after all of the benefits, the ocean needs our support. Therefore, World Ocean Day 2021 is here to celebrate the significant role that it plays in our lives. The day also educates People On the global problems related to the ocean.

When Is World Ocean Day 🌊🐬🐟2021?

Ocean day is a day for mankind to celebrate the ocean. The World Ocean Day 2021 is on June 8th. The day aims to raise awareness about the importance of the Oceans and their role in nourishing a healthy planet. Because of the day, people and lots of organizations pile up and conducts series of events to protect the oceans.

On this greatest day, people around the globe honor the blue ocean that connects us all. Because we know, water is one of the elements that distinguishes Earth from other solar system planets. And the sea is the primary source of water. We get both medicine and food from the sea. The ocean is serving us with all of the facilities from the beginning of life on the earth. Now it is time for us to return the favor by taking action to protect it.

What Is The Theme of The World Ocean Day🌊πŸ¦ͺπŸ‹ 2021?


The theme of World Ocean’s Day 2021 is “The Ocean: The Livelihoods”. Besides that, this year there is a declaration to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goal 14 within the year 2030. The goal is to β€œConserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources”. The committee sets the purposes of the day which are-

  • Informing the people around the world about the consequences of human actions on the ocean
  • Establishing a global movement of citizens for the ocean, and
  • Unite people around the world on a project for the sustainable management of the oceans.

Like the previous year, this year on 8th June the celebration will be fully virtual. The Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations will run the annual event along with the partners. The other partners are Oceanic Global and Blancpain. The second fully virtual celebration of World Ocean Day will focus on-

  • The marvel of the ocean and how it is our life source
  • How the ocean is serving humanity and other organisms on Earth

This year’s theme is focusing on the event of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development that will run from 2021 to 2030The decade aims to develop scientific research and discover technologies for connecting ocean science with the needs of society. So, join with the others to protect the ocean. 

Life and Livelihoods β›΄οΈπŸ¦πŸ¦ͺ

The ocean provides us with lots of things. For instance, the ocean comprises around 97% of Our Planet’s water and all of its saline. It also is an integral part of the carbon cycle and influences weather patterns. The ocean provides us with lots of seafood. But we are taking more from the ocean that is gradually destroying it. For instance, about 90% of the big fishes are consumed and 50% of coral reefs are destroyed. So, to protect the ocean, we must maintain balance. World Oceans Day focused on reducing plastic pollution in the previous year. The theme of Oceans Day 2021 focuses on life and livelihood related to the ocean.

History of The International Oceans Day πŸŒŠπŸ‹πŸ¦‘

Canadian Government first proposed World Oceans Day in 1992 during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Ocean Project group organizes Oceans day since 2002. The UN Assembly gave the official recognition of this day in 2008. UN established the day to celebrate the connection of the sea with human beings. And also raising awareness about the various dangers it faces every day.

The world is going through a global catastrophe due to over usage of plastic products and later dumping those on the sea. Not only the plastics, the industrial waste, human waste, oil, etc are also dumped in the ocean that is polluting ocean water. Did you know that around 13,000,000 tons of plastics leak into the ocean each year that kill almost 1000,000 marine animals along with other damages? World Ocean Day is an opportunity to aware people around the world about this danger.

Recently the United Nations has launched a new dynamic and interactive website to promote the day. The UN Global Oceans Day Website is hosted by UN DOALOS and IOC-UNESCO in partnership with Oceanic Global. There is a great deal of information to learn about the history of World Oceans Day.

How to Celebrate The Day?

Clean the Ocean

There are a lot of activities that occur on this day. These events are our opportunity to save the ocean, save the climate. It gives us the chance to have a blooming nature and Healthy Day.

To celebrate the day, you can go to the beach with your friends and have some fun. But the best way to celebrate the day will be to participate in cleaning the beach. There is a huge amount of garbage spreading around the beach these days. This waste is both damaging the beauty and nature. So, you can bring back peace by cleaning the nearest beach.

You can also find United nations ocean-related events on the website. There are events like the annual photo competition, you can participate there. you can also find the latest ocean-related stories, videos, and other resources on the education portal.

What This Day Teaches Us?

World Ocean Day is a reminder of how the ocean is always helping us by providing food, water, and oxygen. It is not only producing those things for us, it is also teaching us great things. Such As-

  • Motion- When we look at the ocean. we see the waves and it’s moving back and forth. They never stop rather continue to wave at different speeds and strengths. Well, life also doesn’t stop moving. Life is like the currents of the ocean. No matter what happens, it never stops. 
  • Persistence-  The ocean has an incredible amount of energy and power. If the ocean got furious, it can destroy everything. But the ocean is not always like this. It holds into its power. Like the ocean, we should learn to control our power and stop abusing it. If there is a need for fighting, we should do with perseverance and assertiveness.  
  • Silence- It is one of the many essential lessons that the ocean teaches us. Even the greatest lessons of life are learned through silence. 

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Happy World Ocean’s Day 2021 from Clipping Amazon!

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