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World No Tobacco Day Theme and History [2021]

Tobacco fills you inside with toxicity that cannot be seen with naked eyes. People say uses of tobacco brings peace by reducing tension. But let me tell you, the only thing it brings is diseases. There are a lot of people in the world who aren’t using tobacco to escape from tensions or troubles. So, this world no tobacco day, stop making excuses and say no to tobacco. Because this toxic element not only hurt yourself but also hurts people around you.

Almost 6 million people die from using tobacco each year. And the alarming issue is, that percentage is going to increase to 8 million by the year 2030. But we can put an end to this. The world no tobacco day is here to spread awareness amongst people. The day comes with agenda to reduce death caused by disease linked to tobacco. The World Health Organization (WHO) is working towards fulfilling the agenda. But if we don’t associate them, it won’t be possible.

So, let’s work together to stop the spreading of toxicity all over the world. It will not only serve a health purpose but also save you money. Did you know that an average smoker spends around $4000 on cigarettes annually? Now just think if you spent that money on something else like holidays, you could have enjoyed it a lot more than that. Therefore, let’s promise yourself that you would stop smoking for a less smokey and sunny future on this no tobacco day.

Date & Theme of Word No Tobacco Day 2021

The day is declared by WHO as an initiative to spread awareness about the risk of tobacco. Each year on May 31st, people around the world celebrate this day. The day aims to reduce the diseases and death caused by the consumption of tobacco. World No Tobacco Day 2021 is on May 31st.

Say No to Tobacco

World No Tobacco Day 2021 theme is “Commit To Quit”. There is no temporary pleasure let alone tobacco is worth having to destroy your health. Everybody knows that life isn’t easy and you have to put a lot of effort to survive. But if you put your efforts to give up smoking, that sure will be the hardest one but also the rewarding one. And if you are in need of motivation to quit smoking, just looked at your family, your loved ones. Then think how would they feel if they lose you. Therefore, get the strength to say no to smoking and leave a healthy life.

Commit to Quit

Quitting can be the very hardest thing to do. Especially at this time of the pandemic which causes a lot of stress. But there are a lot of reasons to quit. According to WHO, “50% of the smokers are at more risk of COVID-19 than the nonsmokers.” Therefore is there any option rather than quitting smoking to lessen the risk of Corona Virus? Besides that, quitting will also lower the risk of developing heart diseases, respiratory illness, and cancer.

World No Tobacco Day History

Who initiated this day in 1987 in response to the global tobacco crisis. The diseases and deaths that the consumption of tobacco causes was turning into an epidemic. In such a situation, World Health Assembly passed Resolution WHA40.38 in 1987. They propose April 7th as no tobacco day. But later in the next resolution passed in 1988 May 31st is declaring as world no tobacco day.

Tobacco is the primary cause of respiratory diseases. These include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, and other lung diseases. In the year of 2008, World Health Organization Banned any kind of advertisements that promotes tobacco.

What is the Purpose of No-Tobacco Day?

The sole purpose is to build a tobacco-free world. Initially the purpose of this day was to discourage people from taking tobacco for twenty four hours. This became an annual event. The event shows the exploitation of tobacco industry and the hostile effects of smoking on health. This is their way of creating awareness amongst people.

A lot of people say that they are going to quit smoking. But they can’t at the end. Because they don’t have access to the tools that can help them to quit. WHO and its partners will provide people the tools that they need to quit smoking.

Tobacco-Hurts -Your-Kids
Tobacco Hurts Your Kids

What Are The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking?

There are immediate and long terms health benefits of quoting smoking. Let’s have a look on some of those-

  • Your heart rate and blood pressure will drop within 20 minutes
  • the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal within 12 hours
  • Your blood circulation will improve and also the lung function within 2-12 weeks
  • Coughing or shortness of breath will decrease within 1-9 month
  • The risk of heart disease will decrease than the smoker in one year
  • Risk of having stroke, cancer will reduce comparing to the person still smoking

What we should burn on daily basis are calories, not tobacco. So, stay healthy and happy with no tobacco. Happy World No Tobacco Day 2021 to all.

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