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Watch Photoshoot Tips

The type of Watch Photoshoot is quite challenging because the object is small, reflects light, and shooters may experience many difficulties while taking photos. If you are an aspiring product photographer, it is very important to learn some useful tips. It will help you to take impressive pictures of the watch.

As we all know, a picture is equal to a thousand words. Therefore, a fruitful picture presents the watch in its unique beauty. So it is not surprising that watch brands attach great importance to the professional presentation of timepieces by a watch photographer when photographing their latest models and collections. The value of a good photo ad is huge. So, It is a determining factor in determining the purchasing behavior of the customers. If a watch has high quality, a nice design, and an expressive character, it will definitely express it. A good picture decides whether it succeeds.

Watch Photoshoot Gears

Watch Photoshoot Gear

There is no need to spend extra money when it comes to taking Watch Photoshoot. If you own a smartphone with a great camera – you’re ready!

That is to say, some people like to use the camera to take pictures of their watch. If you are one of these people, make sure you buy a camera with a macro lens, as it is the best lens for Watch Photoshoot.

This will allow you to perform sharp close-ups on your watch, capturing many details. In addition to a camera, it is worthwhile to buy a tripod because it will guarantee clear shots.

Clean The Watch

Watch Cleaning

Once you’ve achieved all the requirements for a Watch Photoshoot, it’s time to brighten up your watch.

To clean the watch face, all you need is a microfiber cloth and a cotton bud soaked in alcohol. Simply wipe the microfiber cloth over the face and use a cotton bud to access the hard spot.

In terms of the watch strap, the cleaning process will vary depending on the material. For leather watch straps, gently clean using a damp sponge and some soap. Therefore If you have a metal bracelet on your watch, use a toothbrush with soap to wash between the links.

Choose The Proper Background & Props

Watch Photoshoot Background

To create the best product photography, you should use a non-reflective surface for a watch photo, but it is up to you what product photography backdrops to choose for implementing your product photography ideas. You can head to your local hardware store to select a suitable background for a watch photo, such as Plexiglas, acrylic to glass, mirror, metal, rubber, stone, brick, sand, wood, etc.
You can try to go with the watch theme. Is your watch a dive watch? A racing watch? A costume watch? If it’s a dive watch, for example, you can try to surround it with water sports gear.
If you are not in a studio or simply have no access to props, attractive textures like wood, fabric, leather, or metal create a nice backdrop for a luxury watch.

Create Balanced Composition

Watch Photoshoot Composition

Photography composition techniques are very important for taking pictures of stunning watches. Pay attention to how you place objects and other elements in the frame. For example, in photography, the rule of the third demands that the object should be in the left or right third of the image.

It is also important to follow the main lines of the photography guide which states that props are an essential element of a photo session. Use negative space photography techniques and avoid frame chaos. Your job is to create some space. So, you need to learn to photograph your watch to create a balanced composition.

Types Of Watch Photoshoot

Wrist Shot

There are three main types of Watch Photoshoots

so be sure to learn about the differences between them.

Wrist shots: A picture that shows a watch on the wrist of a model. This type of lifestyle product is great for photography and promotional campaigns.

The hero shoots: This requires a stage setting as well as various props or alternative backdrops. You can use this type of shot on the main page or billboard of a website.

Catalog shots: This is one of the most popular types of Watch Photoshoot that allows you to capture small details that are clearly visible on a white or black background. That way, you can take photos that look like pictures from the watchmaker’s catalog. This is the best option for Amazon product photography and e-commerce photography.

Diffuse Lighting

Watch Photoshoot Diffuse Lighting

When photographing watches, use diffused light. In the studio, you can use a softbox or umbrella, etc. A reflective board reflects and scatters light. Most watch shooters believe that it is best to use a photo lightbox when taking pictures under equal or consistent lighting.

Although Inexperienced photographers who do not have all the necessary equipment at home should know that a window without direct sunlight can be a source of diffused light. Photoshoots are recommended on cloudy days or early in the morning.

Also, you can try to close a window with a mere curtain. Some shooters prefer to create a DIY photography reflector or DIY lightbox to create the perfect lighting situation.

Set The Time

Watch Photoshoot Set Time

Many early photographers do not think that the time set on a clock is important. Indeed, photos of the watch brand or other material covering the wristwatch look strange and attractive. Experienced photographers set the time around 10:10.

This time divides the space between the hands into equal thirds and makes the clock face more symmetrical. Also, a logo or other inscription will remain visible.

Change Watch Angles

Watch Photoshoot Watch Angles

The camera is the eye of the potential buyer, so it needs to capture all the angles of the watch.

Different people have different ideas about the best angle for viewing photos, which is why it is important to separate the angles and keep everyone happy.

What’s more, the images given at different angles give a better picture of the size of a timepiece.

Use Low ISO In Watch Photoshoot

Most modern cameras have high ISO settings. However, in order to take sharp and clear pictures, you should set a lower ISO value for taking pictures within that sensitivity range. Be sure to choose the best source of light for your product.

Watch Photo Post-processing Sevice

Watch Photoshoot Post Processing

No matter how thoroughly you clean the watch, it is impossible to get rid of all the dust. If you have problems removing the remaining dust and dirt, you will need to make a digital extension. So, Digital processing will help you to improve the color, remove the reflections, enhance the contrast, make the images more unique.

Since a lot of detail is involved in the photo enhancement of the watch, a beginner retoucher will have to face many problems while trying to meet the standards of the industry. Save your time and effort by contacting Clipping Amazon through our post-processing service. We can professionally edit your photos at an affordable price and meet strict deadlines.

Final Words About Watch Photoshoot

There are many factors that you should consider when it comes to Watch Photoshoot. But if you follow our top 10 tips for Watch Photoshoot, you’ll have a host of distinct professional photos in no time.

And don’t worry, the tips below are applicable to all types of watches – whether they’re vintage or modern and made from any material. In this article, we’ve broken down the entire process of capturing the perfect watch photo into three sections: the pre-shoot preparation, the shoot itself, and the post-shoot editing and finishing touches. These are the most important steps for getting the perfect watch photography results.


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