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How To Do Toddler Photography

Babies are a handful, no? But what about the toddlers? Surely, toddlers make your home messy as hell and chaotic like the local market, no? But when they’re not around you? Also, your toddler won’t be a toddler forever. So, isn’t it better to capture some photos when you have time? That’s why in this blog, we’ll talk about toddler photography. Because I know, photographing toddlers can be hard enough.

What Is Toddler Photography?

Just so you know, photographing toddlers isn’t about the rest of the photography types. Because why? I mean, when babies are 1 or 2 weeks older, you can take photos of them easily. But once they’re 1 or 2 years older or more than that, you can hardly get your babies into the desired position.

Toddlers Photography

I mean, toddlers are always full of energy. So, you need to be very ready when you take photos of a toddler. Because it’s much easier when your model is an adult. I mean, you can tell your model to pose in whichever way you want. But you can’t do the same with a toddler. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Because we all know, how toddlers are. I mean, if you tell your kid to do anything, they’ll do the exact opposite. So, the fact is, when you take photos of a toddler, you’re doing toddler photography.

It Doesn’t Fall Under Newborn Photography

Newborn And Toddler Photography

Oh no, toddler photography definitely doesn’t fall under newborn photography. Because photographing newborns is totally blissful. Because newborns aren’t that playful. But toddlers, on the other hand, aren’t the same. So no. Though toddler photography falls under baby or kids photography. It’s not newborn photography.

Tips And Ideas For Newborn And Toddler Photography:

I saw many clients where a newborn and a toddler is the sibling. So, if you plan a photoshoot, you better plan that for both of your restless bundles. A baby photoshoot should be fun. I mean, it’s going to get messy one way or another. So, the more, the merrier!

Be Ready For Anything:
Newborn And Toddler Photography

Prep work for a photograph of a toddler starts with talking to your client about what their toddler like and doesn’t like. Toddler’s parents can tell you what their child likes and dislikes. I mean, a photographer should always know their subject. So, asking your client about everything that makes her child laugh and keeping those in mind will help you create a fantastic photo session.

Let The Kid Have Fun!:
Newborn And Toddler Photography

A great way to make your photo sessions fun is to set up a simple game with your little one. Playing games and having fun while posing for your photos is a guaranteed way to have a happy toddler.

You may tell someone like their dad or mom holding them upside down, or jumping on the bed. Also, you can tell the parents to let the kids blow bubbles, play hide and seek, and play peekaboo. Or it could be the parents tickling them.

Kids’ Favorite Toy For Comfort:
Toddlers Photography

One of the easiest ways to bring a smile to your toddler’s face is to bring them their favorite comfort objects. It could be a stuffed animal, it could be a comfort blanket or even a pillow. So that way you’ll not only capture a photo with a happy and contented smile on their face, but you also get to have a memory of a little piece of their childhood.

Never Force Them:
Toddlers Photography

Don’t force a toddler to participate in family photos. The more you try to force the toddler to sit still, the harder it usually becomes. When children don’t want to join in family pictures, don’t make them. Shower him with group cuddles by his mom and dad, bringing out beautiful smiles from everyone instead.

Get To The Subject’s Level:
Toddlers Photography

Toddlers see the world in a different light from other age groups. If you want to have clear photos that accurately reflect how someone sees the world, photographing them at eye level is the best choice.

Instead of standing up, kneel down, or sit in front of your toddler, so you are level with his or her eyes.

Be Patient:
Newborn And Toddler Photography

If you want to have great photos of your own toddler or another family, you must promise to be patient. A photo session is all about patience. Decide in advance that nothing will cause you to get upset. A photographer who works with children feels impatient with toddlers because they have so much energy and need attention. Give them something to do, even if it is only playing with a favorite doll or toy.

Build A Frankly Relation With The Toddler:
Toddlers Photography

Toddlers love to make new friends. While taking pictures with toddlers, you must make time to befriend them. A fun adult is like a superhero who leads the toddlers into adventures.

The best way to introduce a shy child to other people is to allow them time to warm up. They’re always ready to be your friend. Yes, even the misbehaved toddlers. Take them outside and let them run free. Pretty soon, they’ll want to come to you for play. Also, this will let you capture some amazing candids.

The Small Details:
Toddlers Photography

Whether your child is sound asleep on the sofa, happily watching television, or they’re absorbed in whatever they are doing—get in close and capture the details. You can pay attention to their eyelashes, their little feet, favorite toys, and other things.

Faster Shutter Speed:
Toddlers Photography

Having the right shutter speed (time of exposure) in this case is important because they move around a lot. A faster shutter speed is the key when you’re photographing kids. Because they move pretty quickly.

So if they’re sitting in one place they’re quite small, but they can move quite fast and often their movements are quite unexpected. So always be sure that you’re using a fast shutter speed.

Follow The Toddler:
toddler photography tips

This is a great example of the best toddler photos I’ve taken. So, If you want to take great toddler photographs, you should let the child play and follow his or her lead.

If a toddler wants to play, the best thing you can do is to give them the freedom to move around.

Beware Of A Tired And Hungry Toddler:

Toddlers are a handful, especially during the evening. For a more comfortable photo session, avoid taking pictures when the toddler is tired or close to bedtime.

toddler photography tips

Everyone gets cranky when they are tired and hungry. If you want to feel less cranky, eat less and sleep more. Before you take your photos, make sure that your toddler is not going to be getting tired or hungry. If your little one is always cranky in the evening, get them to sleep earlier so you have a peaceful photo session.

The golden hour is a good time for catching a smile. Because smiles are more important than light.

Use Props:

Props can help a lot in working with toddlers. One toy that helps is a noise-maker that will make them look at the camera. You want to make sure the prop is safe and the toddler won’t be hurt when he tries to touch or hold it.

toddler photography tips

Using bubbles and props can help you to capture good photos. Especially when it’s easy for the child to hold them in place. So, giving toddlers props to hold can be useful for keeping their hands still.

Must Edit Your Photos:
toddler photography tips

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Baby Photo Editing

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