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How To Do Street Photography

Life goes on. Whether you choose to move on or to stay. Or to take a chance. It all happens together in the street. That’s how the life of a street goes on! You’ve seen random photographers taking random photos in the street. Right? It feels like these photographers are taking photos but those scenes are not really worthy. But trust me, they’re doing the most intense art. And in this blog, we’re going to learn about this intense art. At the end of the blog, you’ll learn many things about street photography.

What Is Street Photography?

When it comes down to the daily life of a street. You have to combine multiple photography categories to get perfection here. Because there are hidden meanings, untold stories, hints, and everything in street photography. The main point of street photography is that here street photographers take simple moments and make them gorgeously unique. Every single street photo we see, they are from our lives. Either you’ve seen these or you’ve lived that moment. And you’ve never guessed these simple and random moments can be so beautiful!

Street Photography Tips

That’s the magic of street photography. To be a story-telling photographer, you’ve to be an observer. Obviously, you can’t realize which scene needs to be captured if you don’t notice that closely. It’s been said that street photographers are like angles and ancient guardians of history. Because they watch everything with their inner eyes. They everything through everything. Also, unlike other photographers, they never intend to harm anything while they take photographers. Street photography doesn’t just represent human life or still-life, it also represents the solitude of the photographers.

Street Photography Tips

So, if you ever set a goal to take these daily life activities inside a photo, you’re doing street photography. Another killer point of this category is you can’t let your subject know that you’re photographing him/her. More like candid photography or still-life photography.

As this photography goes under the candid type photography as well as still-life photography, It’s legal in most of the countries. Besides even if you take photos of a random girl who is looking at the dresses through the shop’s glass and walking. I think this photo can represent a normal girl’s desire of wearing her dress of dreams. And taking a photo is nothing wrong here.

Respect The Street Code

But yeah, if you see someone in a bikini heading for the sea, it’s wise to take permission of that person before taking the shot. You know, Martin Reed said-

If you’re in a street fight, you don’t go after a man’s ball sack. Respect the street code.

And I think this line is applied all over on the street photography concept too.

Some Traditional Street Photography Ideas:

In street photography, you can choose any location of your choice to take shots. Highway roads, busy city streets, narrow alleys, sidewalks by the beach, etc. Of course, different kinds of locations will give you different photos.

Dog On The Street

When we’re talking about street photography ideas, you have to realize that street photography doesn’t mean just the people. It also can be of random things and animals too. Why not? In many countries, cats and dogs wander free and aimlessly on the road. Obviously, they’re not pets.

A Narrow Alley

Besides, roads take new makeovers in every new season. For example, in fall, everything becomes orange and yellow. When it’s spring, everything becomes so colorful. And in winter, everything becomes white! You can also get some killer street photos in the rainy season too.

Capturing the traditional yet unposed photos in different situations and locations are not just some street photography ideas, it’ll also give you some experience of a lifetime.

Street Photography Tips:

For photography, most photographers have to use so many tools for the right shot. But when you get out to the street, all you need is just a camera. And maybe a wide-angle and a macro lens. A polarizer too. You know, to avoid the horrible reflections. Now let’s get you some awesome street photography ideas!

Mind Some Ethics:

If anything, a street photographer should always maintain some ethics very very strictly. Yeah, this photography is legal in most countries, still, you should always be aware of situations. Obviously, you can’t photograph a couple fighting over on the street? Also, the main code of this photography is to do an unposed photo. So, when you’re going to take photos of strangers, it’s wise to keep some answers ready I’m case if you get caught.

Give People Privacy If They’re Not Comfortable

Then you can tell the person that you’re working on a project that calls for some random street photos. That’s why you’re taking photos. If the person feels uncomfortable, then you can always delete the photo.

Some Imprefections Bring Out The Perfections:

You know, there’s a saying. They say that beauty is found inside imperfection. And in your daily life, when you go outside, not everything you see is perfect. Is it? So, capturing these daily imperfections can get you some stunning street photos. Don’t you think?

A Street Photo During Bad Weather

For example, strangers bumped into each other and spill their drinks over the street. It’s a pretty common scene in every country. And what happens after that? They get down to pick up the glass or empty can, right? You can take photos of such scenes and build a story of ‘what’s left inside the can?’

Also, sometimes the pets love to make their owners run after them. This can be quite the photo if you ask me. And I think people won’t mind if you take photos of such scenes.

Keep An Eye On Light And Composition:

Oh heavens! I totally forgot to say that you must keep in mind the light source and light amount in the street. Unlike my other blogs, this photography doesn’t call for sunrise and sunset. And guess what? You have to take street photos at midday.

Keep An Eye On The Composition

So I guess this is where lens crash into the party. Using different lens will let you take photos as many as you want. But a reminder? It’s wise to prepare your camera before you go out. Why? Because street photography happens out of nowhere and all of a sudden. So, if you’re late in preparing your camera, you may miss the shot.

Zone Focusing Is Very Important:

Among the street photography tips, zone focusing is the most important to street photographers. Because in most cases, you have to take photos from a distance. And zone focusing is about using distance to your advantage!

Street Photography Tips

And by distance, I meant at least 6-7 feet from the subject. If you don’t want your subject to know about your photography. And of course, you’ll need a wide-angle lens here.

Street Portraits Are Really Good:
Street Portrait

Okay, maybe this is not the actual street photography. But taking some street portraits can really go a long way! And the main code of the portrait is the photo will mainly focus head from the shoulder of the subject. If you request some of your relatives or friends to pose for you, I think you’re good to go!

Street Photography Tips

Street portraits represent a culture very highly, so does street photography. That’s why street portraits are important.

Practice Is The Ultimate Key:

Look, no matter what photography you do, you must practice. To start as a newbie, take your camera and get out to the street. After taking some shots, you’ll realize what you should capture and what you should not. And which distance is better for you to capture. So keep practicing.

Look Around For Plot:
Balcony Garden

You don’t have to go out on the highway for street photography ideas. Just get out of your door and have a walk. You can capture the tiny balcony flowers of your neighbor. Or the scene where your neighbor is picking up veggies from his garden.

Post-Processing Is A Must:

As street photography call for a quick change of lens and camera settings, you may miss many of your perfect shots. So, what would you do? To purify all the wrongs in the street photos, you must take these photos to post-processing! Street photography seems very simple and easy to do. But this is the most delicate photography to do. So, editing is a must. The light balance, shadows, white balance everything matters the most in street photography. And If anything goes wrong in the shot, you can always remove them during the editing section. You can always count on Clipping Amazon for this.

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