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6 Tips To Make Sure Your Mail Doesn’t Go To Spam Box

You are sending a very important e-mail to your clients and yet getting no replies. Why? Because they’re not even seeing your email as your email is sent to them as spam mail. Thus, your email campaign is failing every time. In this blog, I’ll show you 8 lifesaving hacks to avoid spam mail problems. So that, your important emails never go to spam again.

What Is A Spam Mail?

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First things first. If you are very new here and have no idea about spam mail, it’s totally okay. Generally, spam mail is also known as junk mail. The message we send in bulk via email to a large number of people who actually didn’t give their permission is called spam mail.

This kind of mails vary from hacker to hacker or spammer to spammer. But mainly, they’re of three types-

  • emails that are being sent for business promotion
  • emails for spreading malware
  • the phishing mail

Well, you see, the first kind of mail is not actually a spam but due to some mistakes, these are being sent as spam.

Why Your Mail Is Being A Spam?

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There are some certain facts of why mails go into spam. And what facts are separating them from spam mails even if you’re not doing it intentionally. These are some prime facts:

  • Lots of spelling mistakes and poor grammar
  • No address of the sender
  • Mails that doesn’t have any header
  • Given a link or multiple links and asking you to click on the links
  • Asking for your private information (except your email) or doubtable actions
  • Unnecessary in nature
  • Mails that bears doubtful or irrelevant attachments
  • Mails that lacks personalization ( spammers send these mails)
  • Lastly, the excessively bright body of the mail that contains colorful images, with various fonts

Now, I’m sure you can see the difference between cold mail and spam. Because a cold mail doesn’t contain irrelevant objects. Above all, a cold mail would never ask for your private information. The online marketers who are trying to promote their company probably will ask for your mail address for their campaign. Some company asks for the receiver’s name too. Not much than that. So you see, the characteristics here are pretty clear!

6 Tips To Make Sure Your Clients Get Your Mail

I will write down here 8 hacks about spam mail. You can thank me by subscribing to our youtube channel. Trust me, you won’t get bored. Because I am sure our videos will entertain you. Nowthen, let’s dig into these 8 tips!!

  1. Don’t Send Email To Too Many People At Once: Most business promoters do this mistake. As a result, the mail goes to the junk box. The rule is to send emails to not more than 10 recipients at once. Why? Because sending a huge bulk of emails can pull off some triggers that can turn your mail into spam. Especially, if there are persons you’ve never emailed before.

What you can do here is, you can arrange for your bulk emails to send off periodically. This way, you don’t need to send mail to a large number of receivers. For example, you can set up your email campaign to send out a minimum number of emails every 10 minutes interval instead of sending all at once.

2. Too Many Images In One Single Mail: As I have said above, emails that contain too many images and are excessively bright goes to the spam box. But you want to show off your new product to clients, right? But you have to keep in mind that images aren’t read by inbox providers that easily.

To avoid this kind of problem, what you can do is you can add Alt text along with a good text to image ratio. Because, using a Alt text isn’t just best for spam replacement, but also a very necessary accessibility.


3. Low Open Rate Of Emails: If email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo, see that your receipents or subscribers are not engaging with your email, that’s gonna be a huge problem. Do you know why? Because, that’s going to inform them that your audience don’t care about your email.

The solution to this fact is to do everything possible to inspire your audience to open your email. Use strong headlines that create enough urgency among them to open the mail. Spam mail doesn’t have any header.

4. Don’t Use Rent Email or Buy Them: I admit that, building an email list which is completely organic is tough. But not impossible. Right? You’ll often see that some marketers choose to buy mail list or rent lists. They do it to blast off their product to a large number of people within the shortest amount of time. But trust me, even if this way is enough for reaching to audience, but it’s not enough to convince them to buy your product.

You have to believe that, the magic of email marketing is hidden in the fact that your audience wants to hear from you. That’s how your campaign’s gonna become a success.

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5. Do Include An Unsubscribe Link or Button: When sending mails to people, make sure you attach an unsubscribe link to your mail. Remember, spam mails never include any unsubscribe link.

Because, if you keep sending mails to people who aren’t even interested about it, it’s better to give them chance to leave. Why? This will increase your email open rate and you will get to know your organic audience.


6. Never Use Spam Trigger Words: Now, when it comes to language, you really need to be very careful. Because, even if you have a very good deal to offer, using the wrong word in the email will turn your mail into the spam mail. So, be very careful about choosing the words.

Don’t worry if you are not sure about these trigger words. There are sites where these trigger words are shown.

Well, that’s the 6 tips to stopping emails go into spam. Now, you might be wondering how on earth did I know about these tips? The answer is short, we, Clipping Amazon, run our email campaign always. Guess what? Every time ours is successful. We got many of our valuable clients by keeping these facts in mind.

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Lastly, I hope you liked my blog about spam mails. If you follow thee tips I’ve mentioned, I’m sure your mail would never go into spam mail box. And if you need any photo editing services, feel free to contact us.


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