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Why Shadow Effect Is Important For Product Image?

Photoshop’s shadow effect service is a great editing service that can add extra charm to your images when applied. Product shadows are also created through this service on the product photos that are currently used on e-commerce sites to be trustworthy. By hearing the name of the service, you can guess what it actually is. Simply put, this is a Photoshop technique that allows the editor to cast some real shadows on your images.

Shadow Effect is used to highlight some parts of the image to attract the viewer’s attention, and the result is so admirable. Although applying a drop shadow to any of your images can make it look different from others and increase the visibility of the image.

Here we are going to highlight all the types and benefits of the shadow effect. Just read once with patience, and at the end of the reading, you will realize for yourself how much product shadow is needed for an e-commerce site.

How Shadow Effect Service Works

Shadow is a very important element of photography. This can enhance the overall look of a photograph. A perfect shadow can create a simple image in a great picture. However, achieving the perfect Product shadow in photography is sometimes harder because of the light.

Also, you just need to have great photoshoot knowledge to get it in your photograph. But Photoshop Shadow Effect is really a great strategy that can fulfill all desires in this issue.

This is a post-processing service used to enhance the quality of the images and add some natural shadows to them.

While photography alone may not always fulfill the desire to create shadows in images, Shadow Effect comes as a blessing to editors.

The Shadow Effects service can apply basically two types of shadows to images. One is a cast shadow that is applied around an object that is placed in an image.

And the other is the form shadow, which can be applied to the inner side of any object. Both of them need to acquire Photoshop skills to use them in images. If you want to cast a realistic shadow on your image, you must know the technique of how to do it with Photoshop.
The video below contains a tutorial on the basics of Shadow Effect that can help you along the way,

Shadow Effect Category

When you think that your images look lifeless and need to be revived with some photo editing services, the shadow effect will come first.

Especially for e-commerce products retailers need to reconstruct their product images to get the best performance online through them. Shadow effect services will apply to them if they want to enhance the look of their product image.

Therefore, those who need this service should have knowledge of the service category that provides the provision. Typically, post-processing service providers mostly come with drop shadow sections.

Drop Shadow Effect

Drop Shadow

Now Drop shadow is a common method in Photoshop’s shadow effect. It casts shadows on an image to make it look more attractive than the background of the image. This is applied to images that have a white background and make the object of the images appear more than before.

However, it has become a popular post-processing service due to the professional description of the image. Almost all e-commerce retailers are looking for this service to give their product images a different look to attract customers.

Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow

It is a shadow effect service that can add a more realistic shadow to your images. Natural shadows do this very easily when it becomes hard for the photographer to achieve real-time shadows in photography. Because it takes so much effort to keep the light in the perfect place to get the artificial look of your photograph.

Sometimes, finding a perfect light source becomes a complex task for them because it requires high light-shadow knowledge to achieve it. Photoshop natural shadow service would be the best option for them. If you are looking for similar effects in your images, you can definitely contact professional photo editors.

Cast Shadow

Cast Shadow

As we said before, cast shadows relate to the surroundings of your content and put shadows around it. A cast shadow is a good option for some products such as bags, toys, accessories, etc.

Editors remove the background from the object in your image and then give it a white background to focus the shadow clearly. If you want to put perfect cast shadows on your product images, you also need to understand the opacity and clarity of what you do with the images.

Reflection shadow


It is also called a floating shadow. It is used to give your images an aesthetic feeling that you want to rely on the mind of your viewer. The reflection shadow gives your product image a different look that looks like it is floating in its territory.

This is why it is called floating shadow. On the other hand, the reflection shadow can give the effect of reflection on the target which it shows as reflective. Without expert skills, this effect is not found in images and it is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Why Shadow Effect Service is Important

Clipping-Amazon-Importance-Of This-Service
Importance Of Shadow Effect Services

It’s clear that putting shadows on your images can give you great results in your marketing. For those who are trying to get sales in the online marketplace, dropping a shadow is a great option. This is because it can turn ordinary e-commerce product images into appealing product images for customers.

In the eCommerce business, images are the main component that can make the perfect marketing for your business. If recognized, it could drive huge sales to your store. Here are some importance of the shadow effect service that can help you decide to use it

Premium Quality Image

There is no space for the argument that the shadow effect helps to create premium quality images. A lack of shadows or terrible Product shadow can destroy your image and ruin all impressions. So if you apply it perfectly, the shadow will make your image unforgettable.

Natural Looking Image

People only buy products in e-commerce stores if the presence of the product satisfies them and the formation of an online product image seems normal. Products without shadows look floating and it creates an unrealistic look. So the shadow enables you to create an image of a natural look and also enhances its charm.

Hiding Distractions With Shadow Effect

Hiding Distractions

Sometimes you get the perfect shadow, but the images get distracting in the background. So when the expert removes the background, the shadow also gets cropped with it. It’s best to add a solid background before creating any shadows. After adding the background, if you add the right amount of shadow, the image will lose its distractions and become a great version.

More Appealing

Online products must look appealing to attract customers. By using shadows, you can improve the conversion rate by making your product images more attractive.

Grab viewers’ attention

A product image with a perfect shadow can attract the viewer’s attention. While everyone uses only clipping path services in images to get a white background, the tried shadow effect can set you apart from others.

The shadow effect can give the image a real and aesthetic look and the viewer can spend some time on the image.
Creating detailed and perfect shadows in Photoshop can be a game-changer for your business. So experts can create Ultimate Attention Grabber product images by focusing on detailing the right angles when creating shadows with ultimate attention and sharp vision.

Increase Sales On The E-Commerce Platform

Shadow Effect is an effective service for e-commerce retailers because it helps them increase their sales rate. When customers find the best perspective through product images, they will probably go to buy the product.

This kind of post-processing service can make the purchase decision in the mind of the customer as soon as possible.

Whether it’s a product image or whatever, the Shadow Effect service will be able to enhance the look quality of all your images. If you want to apply this service to any of your images, you must consult an expert who has the skills to do so.

Or you can take advantage of this great Photoshop strategy by yourself. If you are a beginner, it may seem hard to you, but once you get it, it will be your source of income.

Using Drop Shadow Services with Clipping Amazon

Using Drop Shadow

The best combination of quality editing, fastest turnaround time, security, safety, and client-friendly solutions for creating shadows in Photoshop is the ultimate achievement of our years of experience. Meeting your marketing goals has never been so easy as it is now with our shadow-making services. The features that allow us to guarantee our services are as follows:

Customizable Shadow Making Service

You can customize your Photoshop shadow effect according to your budget and needs. Our concern is to provide the best possible image editing services to our clients to get premium images for their marketing.

Uninterrupted Assistance

Our customer support department is working 24/7 to provide any guidance regarding your question. You can send your images to our Free Trial process to check our quality or just ask your question and our experts will embrace you at any time.

Excellent Quality Service

For each project, we aim to maintain the same consistency. We calculate and evaluate the supplies available for each project. Moreover, our quality management professionals will ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Ensuring the fastest turnaround time by keeping a premium quality on one of the key standards that have come out of our many years of work culture in photo editing. It is rare and difficult to combine these two features when an emergency happens for others companies. But It does not happen to us ever due to our 15+ years of experience.

Safety And Security In Data Transferring

It is not a wise decision to risk your critical and categorized unique images when transferring for outsourcing through an insecure transfer system. At TGL, we have the best online file sharing system and personalized premium subscription to our FTP system to ensure data transfer.

Affordable Pricing

You should meet with us if you have budget limits. We have a tailor-made shadow service and will modify the project to provide cost-effective services.


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