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Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

Sometimes you just need to get out of the office for a day with your coworkers. Or someone else whom you love or can be your family and friends. It’s not just the idea of spending time with loved ones outside on a nice day. It’s the memories we create when we do these things. And there is a way to keep save of all these memories together, that is photos. Yes, the photo is a very common and easy way to capture a memorable day similar to a picnic picture. For beautiful Picnic photos, find some picnic photoshoot ideas.

I am going to share with you 20 Picnic Photoshoot Ideas. These 20 ideas will help you to make the most of your next picnic or family get-together more capturable. So, grab a friend or family member with a digital camera and, using these ideas, have some fun creating memorable keepsakes to enjoy for years to come.

  • Shoot Picnic picture During Golden Hour
  • Enhance the Atmosphere by Using Picnic Props
  • Extend a polaroid camera towards the camera
  • Enjoying Picnic Food
  • Look at the charcuterie board
  • Capture the Picnic Details
  • Smile with a friend
  • Choose a Picnic picture Color According to the Season
  • Drinking Wine
  • Cheers to the camera
  • Include Pets
  • Shoot Families
  • Combine Picnic picture with Engagement Photoshoot
  • Capture Group Photos
  • Look at the distance
  • Picnic At the Beach
  • Picnic In the Flower Field
  • Lying Down on a Picnic Blanket
  • Get Lying on a Belly
  • Laying Pose from Overhead Angle

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Shoot Photo During Golden Hour:

Golden hour is the first part of the day (between sunrise and noon) when you’re most likely to get great photos. The light is soft but not soft enough to be considered “shade”. The weather is usually neither too sunny nor too dark. 

20 picnic photoshoot ideas clipping amazon

The sun is at its peak, and the light is golden. That’s what we call “Golden Hour.” That’s when you take photos of your favorite place at the height of the day. It doesn’t mean at the exact moment the sun comes up (that would be Sunrise). It means between 10:00 and 11:00 am. I’d recommend taking photos when the sun is at a low angle in the sky, as the light is more evenly distributed. The photo above was taken during Golden Hour.

There are many things you can do to make sure that you get good photos whenever you are taking them. First, be sure to use a tripod to hold your camera still. Tripods are especially important for photos taken during Golden Hour. This is the time when you are most likely to get blurred caused by camera movement.

Enhance The Atmosphere By Using Picnic Props:

Picnic props mean the things you can carry with you for a picnic. You can get very attractive photos by using very simple props. Do some experiments with the things that you carry for a picnic. It will be a fun and memorable time that will make you laugh once you remember it. Also, impalement your picnic picture using the fruit basket, drinks, and snacks. You can carry books, flowers, and some game materials. These will be great props for your photograph.


If you plan for some good photography before picnic day, try to set the theme color for picnic materials. It can be like a blanket, basket, water bottles, plate, cup, and other things that are the same in color. You and your family can dress yourselves in the same color. It will help you to get some beautiful photos. So, why shouldn’t you try?

Now select the props that match the theme and mood of your shooting. Do experiment with flowers, cakes, toys, and a lightly colored picnic blanket.

Extend A Polaroid Camera Towards The Camera:

You can use a fun prop. It is a Polaroid camera! You can give a pose that you are capturing a photo or looking at photos in a polaroid camera. And then capture a beautiful photo with this camera. Also, you can set your camera towards the camera. It can be a great pose for photography.


 Another thing you can do is to use props like little flags, cups, baseball bats, etc. This will add some “energy” to your photograph and make your subject more interesting. And also, you can use props to create some interesting compositions.


Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Enjoying Picnic Food:

So, if you’re going to be taking photos and want to post them online, it’s important to capture the time while enjoying the picnic food. If you want to show off your picnic food photos and other images on social media, make sure you follow these best practices for how to do so.


You can photograph only the foods that you prepare for your picnic. Include some sweets, candies, pizza, and chips to make your photos more chancres. You also can capture some romantic photos. Like you and your partner can feed one another. If you have kids, can feed your kids also for photographs.

Look At The Charcuterie Board:

If you are looking for a way to engage your props in a picnic photoshoot, this is a great idea. Use the charcuterie board to get the perfect picnic-themed photo. You can use it to display your food or serve the food. It will show your performance at the picnic. 


Also, you can decorate it using various plates and cutlery. You can also put your food on the plates and cutlery. The idea is to create an atmosphere that looks natural. If you have more than two people, you may want to include a knife for your charcuterie board. The knife will make you look like a professional in the photo.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Capture The Picnic Details:


Picnics are always a lot of fun and a great way to spend time with family and friends. You can plan a day at the park or go on a road trip, but there’s one small thing that makes picnics special—the photos. If you look at the photos after the picnic, what do you notice? This photo captured the park where you went for a picnic. All family members from your family, friends, and partner were there. They’re sitting on blankets in the grass, talking, and enjoying the sunshine. The tablecloth and the picnic baskets a lot of food being served and consumed. These all say don’t just take the photo; add details to it.


Look around, see what you can use. The picnic table can be a great addition. Also, the blanket is a nice touch. The food is a great shot. The ice-cold water is a great bonus. So, to make your picnic’s every moment memorable capture it in detail.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Smile With A Friend:


Picnic means come out from daily life problems and stress. It makes you happy and gives you a relaxed day. So, try to laugh with your family and friends and enjoy the day. Capture the happy moments to keep them rememberable. Once you look at these photos where you were laughing with your friends, it will bring a smile to your face every time.

Choose A Picnic Theme Color According To The Season:

When you are taking your picnic picture, pick your colors carefully. If you’re going for an autumnal feel, use yellow, orange, red, and brown. These fall under the category of picnic colors. Next time you’re at a park or on a beach, pay attention to what colors the other people are wearing. If it’s warm weather and you’re wearing a white shirt, you probably don’t need to worry about wearing a yellow or orange shirt. On the other hand, if most of the people you encounter are wearing blue, gray, or black, you should probably wear something in one of those colors.


When you are taking a picture of your subject, the background should not distract from the main point of the photo. To create the illusion of a clean slate, select a color palette that complements rather than clashes with the season or time of year the photograph was taken. This simple color correction technique will make your picnic picture more attractive.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Drinking Wine:


Adding a bottle of wine to a romantic photo makes it that much more romantic. It also helps people who are camera shy become more at ease when taking a picture. They don’t have to be stiff like aboard. Holding the bottle in their hands helps them feel more natural and at a picnic while taking the shot.

Cheers To The Camera:


You can extend your wine glass towards the camera. It seems like you are cheering the viewers of your photo. It will make your photos more natural and attractive.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Include Pets:

When taking photos of couples in love, it’s not just about taking photos; it’s also about the expression of love. The right props can make your photos come alive and help tell the story. To make the best use of your photos, ask the couple to bring along their pets. It may be hard to get great photos of cats and dogs at first, but as you get better at taking pictures, they will get more comfortable and start looking directly into the lens.


Sibling and family photos will be more memorable if there are pets in the picture. Some cat and dog owners like to include them in their pictures. A pet will stop paying attention to you once it becomes accustomed to you.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Shoot Families:

It is important to avoid making picnic photos look staged if you are a family photographer. A great idea for a family picnic is using board games.


You should make sure that all family members feel comfortable. If they don’t, you can talk to them to make them relax. They are able to play games, eat food and play with animals. When they stop paying attention to you, it is the best time to take candid photos.

Asking family members to assume various family portrait poses is a good way to get them to stop being self-conscious about the camera. They can make their own suggestions and ideas.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Engagement Photoshoot:

If you want some cute and attractive engagement photos with your partner, go for a picnic in a beautiful location. If you want to go to the countryside, you can either choose one of the city parks.


It’s possible to tell the story of the important moments shared by the couple and take a photo of the proposal. If you hire specialize in engagement photography, you can get it easily. One of the best picnic photoshoot ideas is to take a photo of a couple spending a romantic weekend in a beautiful location outside. You can take a shot of the moment of the proposal or take a picture of the couple wearing glasses.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Capture Group Photos:


When taking photos of groups of people, it’s always a good idea to include wide-angle shots. You will be able to fit everyone in the frame, and thus, create an image with a lot of energy and life. Make sure the people in the frame look comfortable and natural like they are really having a great time together. You can use several group photo ideas to make this happen.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas- Look At The distance:


We not only go for a picnic to spend some beautiful time with family but also experienced some new places. If you want to make some beautiful photos for your picnic, then capture some natural photos besides some romantic and family photos. Look towards the view or distance to get some natural photos.

Picnic At The Beach:

If you want to arrange a picnic on a beach, then select one near your location. There are several picnics in beach photo ideas that can be implemented. You could use tropical fruit or pillows as props. It might be a good idea to bring a small picnic table with you.


Take great photos of the couple spending their weekend together and take wide-angle shots to capture the beautiful beach background.

Picnic In The Flower Field:


Another one from picnic photoshoot ideas is capturing photos in flower fields. Try to experiment with different locations when taking photos at a picnic. It is possible to capture a unique atmosphere of a place. And also show a strong bond between the people and nature in the picture. A flower field is a great place to take photos with a fascinating background.


For beautiful scenery, use your creativity and get a photo of a beautiful view. You should experiment with different settings to have the best possible picture. If you are not sure about where to go, ask your friend or someone else who has been there. It is important to be careful about the background before taking photos.

Lying Down On A Picnic Blanket:

You can capture photos, to lie on a picnic blanket to implement this idea. So, do anything that will help you to relax. Look at the flowers, discuss the location, or watch the sky. It is better to take photos in the shaded area to avoid shadows on the face.


When taking photos, you should try to include the surroundings in the frame. A good location can add life to any photograph. Shoot from a long angle and experiment with unusual compositions. Overhead shots can be very useful for experimenting with unusual compositions. So, try the pose next to your picnic photoshoot.

Lying On A Belly:

You can experiment with different poses if you want to take photos. You can lie on your belly and lift your legs. Touch your face with your hands to make your photo more perfect and attractive. Also, if possible, you can hold a book or place it in a frame to make it more visually engaging. Therefore, you can take a candid photo of a happy person on a beautiful sunny day.


Don’t think that posing for a picnic picture is a lot of work. It isn’t. All you really have to do is to concentrate on the photo-taking part. Everything else will take care of itself. You just need to do is posing well and comfortably. Posing for a picnic picture can be quite fun when you get the knack for it.

Laying Pose From Overhead Angle:

You can ask your partner to lie down on the picnic blanket in the opposite direction. Both of you can either look at the photographer or each other. If you want to convey a feeling of happiness, you should avoid situations when your partner looks in different directions.


Don’t allow your photographer to take photos from the ground. In some cases, you might need to use a step stool to make sure that you fit in the frame. So, ask your photographer to capture photos from above.

Edit Your Picnic Picture:

We all want beautiful photos. No one of us ever wants dull photos of our memorable days. If your hair is a professional photographer, then it will be the photographer’s responsibility to give you the best picnic picture. But if you photograph by yourself, then don’t worry. You can edit your photos by a professional to make them perfect and fresh.


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