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Introducing The Most Common Photography Type

Photography is the name of beautiful art. The Common Photography Type is changing day by day. As a beginner in this industry, choosing just one or two genres from its various niches can seem difficult and challenging. Since the development in this area has received attention. You have the option to research and experiment with different types of photography in order to gain in-depth knowledge.

In this article, we plan to introduce you to the Most Common Types Of Photography sections with their amazing examples.

Adventure Photography Type

Photography Type Adventure

Adventure photography has become popular, especially for young people who love to be with the beauty and thrill of nature. In other words, it has also called outdoor photography. It is related to taking pictures of mountaineering, skydiving, biking, skiing, etc. This type requires a perfect setting at the right time. So, you need extra attention and skill to catch the focus.

Advertising Photography

Advertising Photography Type

This type of photography is related to capturing interesting elements with products or services for advertising in posters, magazines, or social media platforms. In modern times, it has a lot of value for a business to inspire and engage the audience.

As a result, most local and international brands take this service from professionals every year and invest a lot of money. Experts in this field have also known as commercial photographers.

Bird Photography Type

Bird Photography

Another challenging Photography Type is bird photography. It takes time, passion, and skill to realize the art. This type may not be suitable for you if you do not have enough patience with sharp vision. First, you need to know about the bird and its activity.

You need to have knowledge of camera settings including exposure and composition. In some cases, background plays an important role in this type. So, try to capture photos with the most appropriate background that focuses accurately on the object.

Business Photography Type

Business photography refers to photography that captures the idea of ​​selling business or marketing materials or products or services. As a professional photographer, you must explore the story of the business purpose to the audience. Understanding the offer and usability should be introduced here before the photoshoot. These photographs use on corporate sites, brochures, leaflets, magazines, or any other promotion. So, this is a very important type of photography. This will be working in any type of business very well.

At this time most businesses are online-based for that they need pictures for promoting their product.

So, this can be a great platform to make a career. If a photographer wants to start his career in this sector he should learn business photoshoots very well.

Black and White Photography

Black & White Shot

It is an art of photography that plays with different color tones from white to dark. It uses a minimal amount of light. In other words, it has to call the monochromatic shot. This type often uses contrast and shadow to achieve a realistic look. Undoubtedly, this is a special branch of photography where fine art photographers bring exceptional creativity with sensitive attachment.

Do you think that you need to be better at shooting black and white photos? It may seem simple, but in reality, black and white photography is rather difficult to get the hang of.

When shooting a black and white photo, you have two options: Take a picture with only one color, usually black or white. Take a picture with a mix of colors. The first option is called a monochrome shot, while the second is called a split-toned shot. These are the two most common types of black and white pictures.

Candid Photography

Candid shot

Another Common Photography Type is Candid photography. It captures unprepared things without preparing them. It has also call secret photography, for the nature of photography. Photographers take these types of pictures in busy cities, on the streets, or during various events.

Similarly, In this way, it is essential to use weather and emotions together to get the most meaningful results. The exercise can begin with capturing authentic scenes and reactions from your friends, classmates, or brides.

About 90% of these contents are pictures. And who doesn’t browse Facebook or Instagram nowadays? When you enter the world of social media, you see everyone crying out a hashtag with their photos. Guess what? It’s candid! Everyone, teenager or adult, everyone craves a candid picture.

Creative Photography Type

creative Shot

This photography is something that differs from the general category and contains creative natural elements. Photographers must think outside the box to bring creativity to the film. So, how to add ingredients?

They should be included intentionally so that it creates an additional appeal to the audience. It can be a combination of color, attractive shapes, a splash of water, reflections, amazing backgrounds, animals, or other objects.

Take a picture of something that inspires you or something you’ve never seen before, such as a sunrise, sunset, or moon-rise. If you have an iPhone, take a picture with the new camera mode called Live Photo. When the photo is taken and then stores as a separate file on your device. After taking photos with this mode, you also can edit these later.

Drone Photography

Drone Shot

Again, we’re here to introduce one of the most modern and versatile forms of photography. Drone Photography has also recognized as aerial photography which captures any object using drones. It is a type of electronic device used by photographers to capture scenes from high in the sky.

Taking photos from different angles is a must-do fact of photography. But not always do you get great photos by doing that. Right? So with a drone, you can take photos truly from any angle. Besides, it brings out the most incredible and beautiful, and dramatic photos.

It is a popular genre in the photography field, especially among young people who like to connect with technology to explore exceptional skills. All in all, drone photography makes the way to capture complex and challenging shots with a unique kind of photoshoot comfortable.

Editorial Photography


You may have confusion regarding editorial, commercial, and fashion photography. We will! Editorial photography is a special branch where pictures tell the whole story in addition to their intended use.

These images are mostly used in newspapers, documentaries, textbooks, and magazines. Before creating and working on an editorial project, you must know how to explore the story and relate it properly. Also, the camera settings are crucial for achieving a meaningful result.

But first, you have to know how to do this. Also how the photos will work for your client. If you don’t know the requirements of your client you can’t fulfill their desire. So, before doing this type of photoshoot try to get all information.

Event Photography

Private Event Photo

Event photography is another important area where photographers take pictures of various events including weddings, corporate parties, awards ceremonies, workshops, seminars, funerals, and concerts. It is one of the most sought-after and popular genres in photography. As a professional, you must be concerned about capturing the expressions around you at the right time. Sometimes, using an external flash can bring unique and interesting results.

When you start, maybe

you will market yourself as a general event photographer. As you get more jigs under your belt, you will see a kind of event photography that you are particularly good at or enjoy. At the moment, you can specialize in a variety of professionals in this field.

Family Photography

Family Photo

Who doesn’t want to have sweet memories of his family? Family photography brings the opportunity to capture strong relationships between parents, siblings, and children. Shots can be taken at various occasions such as family reunions, birthday parties, or weddings. In this case, the photos need to be captured in normal tone and expression. Also, you can try black and white mode to get a stronger effect.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photo

This Fashion photography refers to the practice of photographing clothes and fashion accessories. Pictures are used for commercial purposes to sell cloth and footwear items. Every e-commerce company that deals with this type of product need fashion photography to properly display it so that the customer pays extra attention. In order to achieve the expected results, it is necessary to make optimal use of light, location, and surroundings.

Food Photography

Food Photography

In recent times, food photography has become very popular. It’s all about the scenes related to the food and its ingredients. Photos are used in various media, probably in blogs, advertisements, magazines, restaurant menus, and cookbooks. This is one of the types of photography where you need to focus on creating bright images while maintaining shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings. Back and side lighting, angles, and styles are also important for taking interesting pictures of food items.

Food photography is a great way to promote food items in your restaurant or online food business. Nowadays, people are most engaged with the internet, so you can post your own food items online and be enticed by their brand. On top of that, with the help of food photography, you can also advertise the restaurant’s signature plates and other dishes. This will help you to stand out from the competition in your food business.

In fact, it is easier to express anything through pictures. Again, pictures are an effective way of marketing food. Because people like attractive food pictures and after seeing that they can not stop their greed to eating the food.

Glamour Photography Type

Glamor Photography

Glamor photography is a genre of portraiture that is sometimes similar to a portrait and boudoir photography, but the differences in style

You have seen this trend in many international magazines and posters. Working with this type of photography you need to be concerned with the elements related to the beauty of the subject.

Headshot Photography

Headshot Photo

Whether you’re in the corporate world or just hanging out with friends on social media, you’ll want to have a great photo to represent your personality and show your followers

This style of a portrait often focuses on a single element or expression, such as a close-up of the subject’s eyes. It also includes a head and shoulders shot with a clear background. Captions for your business website and professional and social media profiles make them more interesting and eye-catching. It takes less time to take headshots than portrait photography does.

Many people use headshots for a first impression. They affect how the audience views a person or a brand. They need to represent the client in a certain way. These types of headshots can increase the popularity of a party.

Holiday Photography

Photography defines the niche that is associated with taking pictures of you or your family and friends in different places where people go on vacation.

It’s about capturing the sweet moments of different occasions with your loved ones.

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, a family vacation, or any other occasion, it’s never too late to plan the perfect trip! This is a good type of photography for anyone to learn about because it requires very little equipment. It’s a great alternative to traditional wedding photography.

Indoor Photography Type

Indoor Photo

The technique that captures the interior of a home or a studio refers to indoor photography.

This type of photography is generally done in the rooms of the house. The main reason why people prefer indoor photography is that they can capture the natural beauty of the house. You will also be able to see the architectural details of the room and the surrounding areas. It is also referred to as interiors.

Landscape Photography Type

Landscape Photo

This is a very popular type of photography. It has become a hobby for many people around the world. The main thing that you need to do when it comes to this photography type is to have a good camera with a lens. It is one of the types of photography focusing on potential lakes, rivers, gardens, farmland, deserts, and many other landscapes in different seasons.

The most important thing in this photo is to capture a perfect scene. You need to understand that it’s not just about taking pictures; you should also know what it takes to make your photos look more professional. When it comes to landscape photography, there are various factors that will affect your final images. The Importance of Lighting If you’re a landscape photographer, you must be aware that lighting plays an important role in your final image.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photo

It’s all about real-life people and exploring their lives. Lifestyle photography is similar to or close to other genres of photojournalism, documentary, and family photography.

It’s about capturing the people and their relationships in their everyday lives, as well as the environments in which they live. The focus is often on the ‘lives’ of the subjects and how they interact with one another. It’s not just about getting the perfect pose, but also capturing the moment as it unfolds. A lifestyle photographer has the ability to capture a special moment and the moment is never quite the same.

Macro Photography Type

Snowflake Macro Photography

Macro photography is the best type of photography where small objects are captured and shown on a scale larger than their original proportions.

The main focus is to capture a small object, a flower for example, in a closeup manner, and make it appear bigger than its actual size. It is also known as close-up photography or microphotography. This photography type is very different from general photography in many ways. The techniques used in it are quite different from those used in general photography. This photography type can be done in two different ways. Either by using a closeup lens or a macro lens.

Mobile Photography

Photos Taking By Mobile

Photoshoot using smartphones is defined as mobile photography.

This is a very popular form of photography, because it’s easy to do, and you can shoot anywhere you go. You can also do it in any situation. However, mobile photography does have some limitations, and you need to be aware of them. The main limitation is that the camera sensor is small, so you cannot take great photos with it. You can also miss out on certain opportunities if you don’t have a proper camera.

Newborn Photography Types

Baby Photography

It’s about photographing newborns with or without parents. This type of photography requires an extra priority and security of the subjects as well as posture care.

The session will take place in the parents’ home, but it is not mandatory for the parents to be present during the session. It is an opportunity for the parents to watch their baby grow up and to share their experiences together. The session has set up to photograph the baby and the parents together, in a natural way. It may also be possible to photograph the baby on its own.

Night Photography

Photos At Night

Night photography deals with the technique of taking pictures in low light at night.

Many photographers like to take pictures at night to capture a special moment. Others do so for artistic reasons, to create a mood or scene that is otherwise difficult to create at other times. The most important aspect of night photography is the ability to use your camera settings to get a good exposure when it is difficult to see the subject. It is very important to use a tripod for night photography because the slightest movement will cause blurriness.

Pet Photography

Photoshoot For Pet

Pet Photography has become one of the most popular fields of photography for pet lovers these days. Photographers like to focus on images of cats, dogs, birds, horses, etc. in portrait format.

These portraits are usually taken in studio environments or outdoor settings with pets and their owners. Most photographers will have their own dog, cat, horse, bird, or some other pet that they have had since childhood. The photos are often posing with the pet owner and their pet and sometimes with a backdrop that adds interest to the shot. One of the things that make these photos so special is that the photographer is able to capture an image that would be impossible to do without the pet.


Photojournalism is one of the most popular and in-demand forms of photography, telling the story through the news. There are several categories of it. Where creations are mostly used in daily newspapers, magazines, and other platforms.

It is also a very demanding form of work that requires a lot of skill and experience, but at the same time, it is a very creative and artistic process. It is not an easy task to capture something as fleeting as a scene or event on camera, especially when you have to get that shot just right.

Product Photography Type

Product Photoshoot

This is another popular form of photography, especially in the eCommerce sector. It’s about capturing products or services for advertising purposes.

It is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce websites and blogs. This Photography Type is using in marketing and promotional materials also. Product photography is an important part of online marketing. It have using to enhance a company’s image as well as to promote its brand. It is a very useful tool to capture the right image of a product before it was placing on a shelf.

Sports Photography

Sports Photo

This photography type deals with the game and everything related to this event. Sports photography requires a lot of patience and practice to take the most natural pictures.

The best sports photographers are those who know how to use their equipment. The camera is like an eye that helps you capture moments in time. To take the best possible picture, you have to be able to see everything around you. You need to learn how to use your camera’s manual settings. This will help you adjust the settings to make sure that you get the best shot.

Street Photography

Capturing Street Photo

Street photography brings the technique of capturing real-life scenes on the street. It involves a variety of photography styles, including architecture, documentaries, portraits, and urban photography.

Street photography is a sub-category of documentary photography. It is one of the most challenging forms of photography. The photographer must be alert to capture the moment. It is an art that can be learned, but not taught. Street Photography is a great way to get your name out there. Many of the world’s most famous photographers started their careers by shooting on the streets.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photos

Among the various popular fields of photography, wedding photography brings the process of capturing the most precious and memorable moments of a person, including engagement, wedding reception, honeymoon, etc.

This is more than just a business. It is a form of art that has its own distinct style and unique personality. It involves creativity, passion, and dedication to get the best shots. Therefore, you should be able to handle the job with ease and expertise. Choosing the right wedding photographer is as important as choosing the right bride or groom. You should look for the right one who can capture all the details and emotions of your wedding. The photographer should be able to work well with you and understand your needs.

Wildlife Photography Type

Wildlife Photos

If you love to capture both natural beauty and animals, then wildlife photography may be a good choice for you. This is an important photography discipline that deals with capturing animals.

Many people love this kind of photography because it is challenging. You must have a good knowledge of animal behavior and the animal’s natural environment. If you are interested in this type of photography, we recommend that you learn more about it first. When you are taking pictures of animals, you need to get closer. You can use a zoom lens to make sure that your pictures are sharp. Use a flash when necessary.

To Conclude

So, you’ve got an extensive list of different types of photography. As a beginner, it will help to get an overview before choosing a suitable section. No doubt, there are many criteria to get started as a professional photographer. In addition to technical skills, achieving goals requires patience, dedication, and hard work. Also, you need to be proficient in photography post-production services to enhance the quality. This is not mandatory. If you are not proficient in photo editing you can do it by others. But the main requirement is knowledge. If you don’t have the proper knowledge about your chosen section of photography you can’t do well. So, learn more, practice more, and explore as much as you can. I hope this will make you perfect.

Image Post-Production

Photo Editing

How carefully you shoot the photos, you are still gonna need to get a post-production service for any Types Of Photography. Your photos need to be edited to have a polished and elegant look. Editing ensures the difference between mediocre and professional results. For a person, it would be pretty difficult to do both shoots the photos and edit them. Because photo editing is a time-consuming process and it is pretty difficult to do it correctly without a professional. So, you must get an editing service.

Luckily, Clipping Amazon is always available to help you with all of your photo editing needs. They provide 17 Photo Editing Services including retouching, background removal, color correction, ghost mannequin or neck joining, shadow and reflection service, raster to vector, etc. You can pick as per your need. The best part is, that you don’t even have to worry about the cost because Clipping Amazon is quite a budget-friendly service provider. It’s starting from $.39 only. You can also have a FREE TRIAL if you want! Just send your test image and they will deliver that within 30 minutes! If you don’t want to continue the deal after the free trial, that’s completely okay with them.

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