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Photography Categories: 17 Top Photography Genres That You Need to Know

Photography is an amazing medium for catching reality, emotion, creativity, memories, history, and fantasy. Photographers can enjoy robust careers with scope in many industries. With the knowledge of camera technology, editing, and equipment, you can make yourself a professional photographer. That is why you need to know the photography categories.

Did you think that there’s only one type of photography out there? Nope, photography categories come with wide variations. It differs with the varying subject affair, various materials, and personal skills. Some photographers introduce to expand their skills and widen their portfolio. The types of photography depending on the subject. The point is, you can take photos of the various objects and also take them as your career or hobby.

Here, you will know about some of the famous types of photography that will help to enhance your idea in the field. Let’s go with the points below!


Adventure photography is much more self-explanatory. This type of photography captures images of adventures. Commonly it’s great in the outdoors. It mostly features remarkable landscape shots, challenging shooting environment. Because of, reach to special locations and shifting weather conditions while taking photos outside.

Do you know what makes adventure photography so challenging? Because photographers have to photoshoot in remote and rough places. And you never know what’s waiting for you in these places. Mainly these photographers go hiking or biking in the countryside for photoshoots.

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Astronomical objects like stars, planets, and heavenly events like a solar eclipse, and other phenomena of the night sky. It changed the field of astronomical research as long-time exposures made it possible to record images of stars. 

Photographers can use both film and digital cameras for a long-time. The exposure functions to capture these types of images. Since light photons are able to heap over time. However, they are pretty vital for capturing details. So, getting into astrophotography is no joke.

Mainly, scientists call for this unique type of photography. Besides, photographers also have a passion for the night sky. Although you’ll need some additional tools for taking the photo in the dark. Tools like telescopes, tracking mounts, sensors, etc. But make sure you’re going for post-production services afterward. Why? Because this photography calls for it. You can’t manage lights in the dark. Even the mini lights fail in astrophotography. So, editors are the best choice for it.


Insects and plants or flowers are famous subjects in this system. Other macro images can include close-up shots of food, water, droplet’s everyday items. This is about showing the unseen face of very small subjects. Such as fabrics or feathers, jewelry, toys, eyes, and other abstract patterns. 

The subject of this category is tiny or moving. So you’ll need a specialized lens to get the real ratio of the subject. If you want to adjust the shot, then lighting is a vital element for you. And if you want to extend lenses you can add extension tubes.


People go for commercial photos for commercial use. Usually to promote or service or sell a product. Business owners hire photographers here to take shots of their products. Then they use it for marketing. It parallels brochures, booklets, menus, and beyond. Images of services can be stage using models. Headshots are another famous piece of the puzzle for this system. 

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Event photography captures guests, activities, and the atmosphere of a gathering. Weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, live concerts, awards ceremonies, and many other categories of photography.

These shots can be used for personal, feeling value, as well as to promote. We can also market an event, club, or company for commercial purposes. Some shots at the event may be posed to document the guests in arrivals. But most of them are commonly taken as events.


This can include desired photos, pre-wedding photos, shots taken during the ceremony or reception. Sometimes may even include a honeymoon. You can also call it event photography. Here photographer directs throughout the event. But you’ll need to take photos as per your client’s choice. To me, wedding photos are a blend of traditional & modern poses.


Business photos focus on the working world. Photographers take photos of the growth and growth of a business. It may be of the owners. Their product, their teams, or their services, etc all photography allows companies to tell a story about their offerings through photos.

Portraits, products, lifestyles, candid photos (of things like workshops or meetings), etc fit into this category. It also depends on the industry the business operates in. After all, technology is big business.

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Candid photography is a type of photo that removes the posed scene of the equation. With photographs taking shots of people in motion, amicably, or by surprise. They should aim to capture subjects in a natural state. Without any need to direct or pose them to get the right image. However, your candid images will capture genuine scenes, reactions, and facial expressions of the people in them. As well as these photos help in capturing the uniqueness and magic of the moment. It is part of the photography types.


Cityscape photo captures images of city skylines of a metropolis. These images were taken during the day or night. It usually features large sections of a city. Lenses are needed wide-angles to achieve these shots. Telephoto lenses can also come in handy to capture a smaller area of the city. Tripods are very useful to prevent camera shake blur.

Cityscape is a variety of photos that is capture at any time from many locations. It can provide lots of options for a great shot like rooftops or top floors of high-rises, and less dense areas. It is part of the photography categories.


Fashion photography is a vital part of the fashion world. So, photographers love to take shots of models. Fashion photoshoots require good gear and lighting. Hair and makeup stylists are also involved. The models preparing in ways that highlight and showcase their clothing or many other accessories. Fashion photos can focus on the latest trends and styles. It renowned designers to capturing models for store catalog. This type of photo mostly uses ads and fashion magazines.

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Newborn photography focuses specifically on taking images of newborn babies. This type of photo can include parents. But if you want you can also capture the child alone in the acute setting. Many newborn photographers have a studio space set up. You can also ensure the safety and well-being of the baby while photos are being taken. Newborns may be capture when awake. Although they are photos while sleeping and easier to pose. These types of photography categories are vital for newborns.


You can also call it photojournalism. Why? Because this works great for newspapers or sports magazines? You have to be very speedy on the field because sports fields are also very unpredictable.

The type of sport shot will determine a lot of the needs for the camera body and lens that works best. Golf, boxing, cycling, or track and field focus on depth of field capturing the intensity. Various teams sharing in team sports like football, hockey, soccer, etc are properly capturing all of the action.


Photojournalism means here you’ll use images to represent a story. You can also relate it to the other types of photography. Like documentaries, street, still life, or war photography. This work needs to be honest and must tell a visual story meeting these terms.

Photos are used in news media or magazine articles. They carry reporters’ photography ingredients. It makes split decisions on what images to capture to represent a news story. This means they are in extreme conditions. They regard their personal safety. Sometimes it’s called concerned photography. This type of photography highlights social issues. It also includes capturing the life of poor and weak societies.

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Black & white photos capture an image by focusing on no color. This can be done through a camera setting or editing a color image afterward. Those images that use a minimal volume of lighting also fall under this category.

At the first of photography concept, almost all images captured were B&W or varying shades of sepia. Hand-tinted was early color photography. But it was fully rare and expensive to create. The color photo became dominant. 

Capturing classic, timeless, and elegant shots. Black and white photography is mainly considered art photography these days. Producing a nostalgic or vintage vibe sometimes makes use of B&W photos. It is part of the photography categories. If you need our photo editing services, then please feel free to contact us.


Drone photography is also called aerial photo. It captures scenes from high in the sky. It demands access to a helicopter, plane, or other airborne objects. Drones instead of flying in an aircraft with their cameras and taking shots themselves.
Using unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs) is referred to as drones. It allows photographers to capture shots automatically. However, some countries have strong restrictions on flying drones. It’s part of photography types.


Fine art photography is made by an artist. Using photography as a means to bring an idea, thought, message, or emotion to life. It is meant to fulfill the creative look of the artist. A specific feeling to the viewer through a shot. These images are often framed and displayed as art. Fine art photo overlaps with other genres of photography. It became famous in the victorian period and the present day. This type of photography includes portraits, natural, nude photography. If you need our photo editing services, then please feel free to contact us.


These types of photography categories include commercial, editorial, and still-life photos, which is a niche of a food photo. Fresh elements, kitchen scenes, or plated dishes being shot are all things that include food photography. These photos often become ads in magazines or blogs. It can also be featured on packaging and menus.

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A prolific system of photography, capturing food usually includes. It combines with an art director, food stylist, or props stylist. The narrow-angled shot has become a very popular trend nowadays. Do you know why? Because this shot comes with some amazing effects. Such as selective focus, titled plates, extreme close-up shots. If you want to showcase any specific ingredient or so, then a narrow-angled shot is your call. If you need our photo editing services, then please feel free to contact us.

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