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Photo Ideas For Siblings Forever

A sibling is a lens through which you can see your childhood. Wonderful, isn’t it? Because siblings are angles who lift you up when your wings forget to fly. So, they’re worthy of everything. Then why not keep their memories? Yes. That’s why in this blog, I’ll give some photo ideas for siblings. Let’s get started!

Photographing Siblings:


Just like sugar and spice, siblings make everything nice. But photographing them is the hardest. Especially when they are little. Because it’s really hard to capture a bunch of restless and playful kids. And gentle kids sitting altogether? That’s just unbelievable. But the relationship of siblings binds people forever. And when they’re little, you’ll get some photos that’ll give you some memories for life. Many families now arrange photoshoots for their kids. Which absolutely comes with tons of photo ideas for siblings.


And when they grow up, there will be a lot of occasions to take photos. Like graduation ceremonies, birthdays, marriages, and so on. You can even take photos of their fighting and doing something together. I’m 100% sure you’ll get loads of photo ideas for siblings. Oh, and I obviously didn’t forget to manage some pointers for photographers too. Let’s see!

Photo Ideas For Siblings:

Siblings seem to bring out the best and the worst in another, no? Now, I’ll give some pointers for siblings that you can use for newborn siblings from grown-ups.

Start With A Classic Pose:

Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

Well, there are a few classic poses for siblings. Such as you can keep them standing in a straight line, or the siblings can sit together, hugging each other. These are simple but classic poses. But keep an eye on the proper lighting. Because as easy as these poses are, a lack of light can ruin your photos.

With Newborn Babies:

Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

It’s not just the newborn babies who are the most important in the family. There is the newest big sister or brother too, isn’t it? So, you realize what I’m going to say. Right? Because siblings photography with newborns is a very common and the cutest photo ideas for siblings. If you have a newborn in your home, definitely go for the chance.

Make Kids Talk:

Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

Candids are basically the best. And the baby’s candid? Well, I didn’t know siblings’ photography could get any cuter, but it just did. Besides, siblings don’t fight all the time. There are certain times when they just sit like adult persons and talk about serious toys or storybook issues. Capture that. The serious looks on those adorable faces will give you some photos of all time.

When Siblings Make Funny Faces:

Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

Did you ever hear about the competition of making the funniest face? Because even I have participated in this competition when I was little. Every sibling has faced this once or twice. Maybe a million times? What is more important here is to capture that serious competition.

Imperfections Are Very Good:

Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

Almost everything is adorable with the kids. Especially their imperfections. The way of their talking, acting like the grown-ups, everything. And when they interact with their siblings in their style, no one can deny their level of cuteness. For example, the new big sister is reading a storybook to her brother. Or the big brother is trying to calm down his sister for sleep.

Outdoor Photo Ideas For Siblings:
Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

There must be a place your kids like to play. Or should I say several places? What I mean is, if you plan to go outdoor, you better be careful about some facts. Such as harsh lights and shadows during midday, suitable outfits for the siblings, a weather-friendly environment, and so on. Also, try to manage the same color outfits for the siblings. This will give even cuter photos.

Use The Fur-Member:

Playing Time

If you want to add an extra scoop of sweetness to your photos, use a fur baby! Yes, everyone loves pets. And they go very well with babies/kids. Like peanut butter with chocolate. So, if you have any pets in your home, don’t forget to include them during siblings’ photography sessions. Because this is one of the cutest photo ideas for siblings.

Capture From The Back:

Capture From The Back

Capturing photos from the back can give you some special ones. Because you’ll be surprised to see how beautiful a photo can be without the face of the subject. Now, the siblings can smile together when they’re turning backs from the camera. Or they can push something. Or they can just give each other a one-hand hug and stand together.

Use Windows With A Beautiful View:
The Window

Windows are the symbol of the new beginning, a beautiful future. So, it will be a wonderful shot if the kids turn their back from the camera, and look into the distance through the window. I can see a very wonderful photo with siblings in this position.

Let Them Walk:


Trust me on this one. This idea for photographing siblings is more popular than the trendy ‘Follow Me’ pose. Yes, I’m not lying. To capture such a pose, tell your kids to walk away slowly holding each other’s hands. And make sure you capture this in black and white. Mark my words. This is going to be a photo that will be adored for ages and generations.

Silhouette Photography Ideas For Siblings:

Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

A silhouette says a lot with little information. So, if you can get to photograph the kids during the golden hours. You’ll be able to get some beautiful silhouette photos. Silhouette photos are very common but they appear in a very mysterious yet beautiful way.

Childhood Energy:

The Energy

Kids are full of fresh energy, no? What if you tell the kids to run from a distance to the camera? It’ll be photos full of childhood energy. You can also tell the kids to jump all together and capture.

Whispering Dreams:

Ideas For Sibling Photo Shoot

I bet you’ve seen photos like this. Where siblings are whispering to each other. Because siblings often love to keep secrets from their parents. That’s why they whisper to each other very often. Try to capture that.

Let Them Play:


What makes the siblings most lovable is their playtime together. And I bet it was your favorite time with your sibling too. So, give them their favorite toys and tell them to play with each other. Trust me on this and capture that moment. And you can thank me later.

Use Holiday:

Easter Spirit

Holidays can be very special for photo ideas for siblings. If there is Easter or Christmas nearby, you can take some adorable sibling photos. And don’t forget to use holiday props for the photo session. You can use customized Easter eggs or Christmas mistletoes for the photography session.

Edit And Edit:

As I have said before, children are restless and carefree as always. So, you’ll have to struggle enough to get a clear photo out of the whole photo session. So, you’ll always need to go for photo editing services from a professional company. Because editing baby or toddlers photos are a task that can’t be done by all companies. But don’t worry. You can always count on Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?

Photo Editing

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