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Outsourcing Vs In-house Photo Editings

Outsourcing Vs In-house Photo Editings which will you choose. At present e-commerce business requires photo editing where it decides to sell product photos. According to Etsy, 88% of consumers decide to buy after seeing the product.

Even if you have a high-end product, it’s really hard to drive traffic to an actual buyer. In that case, photo editing is a must and this technique will also create product quality and attachment to a product. It is not wise to upload just one raw image to your e-commerce website. Before uploading, you must retouch the various aspects of a product to attract customers.

What Is Outsourcing Photo Editing?

Before comparing outsourcing vs. in-house, let us know what is outsourcing.

Outsourcing photo editing means when the photographer or company pays a third party to handle their photo editing. The images are going to send to a contractor or company. Then they edit the photos before sending them back to the photographer or company.

Usually, this means that the images are processed for the photographer or company and then returned. This type of photo editing is greatest for Photographers and E-commerce companies who have a high volume of work because it takes a lot of time and effort to edit photos.

Whatever type of photo editing you choose, you can be sure that it will enhance the quality of your photography. Also, it will help you present your work in the best possible way.

Outsourcing is the best solution if you are dealing with large amounts of photos or if you have a team of people working on various projects at once. If you have a team of people who are used to working together, then outsourcing is the way to go. If you don’t have much experience in this area, then outsourcing editing is a good option. Because it will give you a very high-quality result.

What Is In-house Photo Editing ?

In-house photo editing means that the pictures will be processed by the photographer or company that created the photos.

There will be no third parties involved in the post-processing of the pictures. The photographer will go through each photo and edit the photos which he thinks are not standard. If you have a small business and need to create high-quality photos for marketing and advertising then in-house photo editing is the best solution.

The advantage of in-house photo editing is that the end product is done at a very high quality, and there will be no problems with the photos.

This is the easiest way of producing high-quality images, and you don’t have to pay for expensive photo stock. However, if you are not very technically proficient, it can be a bit daunting. The disadvantages of in-house photo editing are that it may take longer than outsourcing your services. There will also be no guarantees that the end result will meet all your expectations. This is because there is always going to be some level of human error when it comes to editing photographs.

How To Choose Between Outsourcing Vs In-house Photo Editing

Now that we’ve covered the basics of outsourcing vs. in-house photo editing, let’s talk about how to decide which method is right for you.

There is no definite answer here since every business needs photo editing differently. But the following questions will point you in the right direction.

Image Quantity In Outsourcing Vs In-house

Image size is a major fact in Outsourcing Vs In-house. If you have about 5000 images a month, it will be really difficult for you to manage all the images in-house. In that case, you can get more relief if you hire an outsourcing company. Just set a time to interact with them and relax. The outsourcing team will pick you up as soon as the image is ready for you to download. So, things will be much easier if you hire an outsourcing company.

Outsourcing Vs In-house: When Is Your Deadline

The Deadline is a key piece of information for choosing whether you are going to set up Outsourcing vs In-house photo editing. For example, you have 7 days and you have about 1000 pictures to edit and your in-house team is only able to edit a few because they have other parts too. So, in that case, outsourcing your image is a good option rather than In-house.

What’s Your Budget?

After receiving quotes from your supplier you can set your budget and pass all images to them. There is also a chance to get a higher discount if you have bulk pictures. So, the good part here is that you get discounts according to your budget and return edited images without any pressure. So Outsourcing vs In-house here Outsourcing your images for editing is always a good option to make your clients happy and more cost-effective.

What Kind Of Editing Do You Need?

Also, the type of editing is important for choosing Outsourcing vs In-house Photo Editing. If you need a straightforward background removal service, this can be done by you. But if you have to do more than one service, it is a matter of concern. Working with all the business staff is really painful and it would be a waste of time to edit this kind of bulk amount with different services. Multiple services required can only be handled by your outsourcing image editing partner.

Photo Edits Through Outsource

Background Removal:

Background Removal

In Outsourcing Vs In-house Background Removal Service is always safe to forward to your outsourcing partner as they will be highly skilled at cutting backgrounds from photos and adding your product to your desired background with the Pen tool.

Clipping Path:

Clipping Path Service

The Clipping path is a very important task in photo editing. It is required for almost every type of editing. So if there is no perfect clipping path then editing will not be perfect. There are some editors who can make the path very fast and good while some are very slow. An outsourcing company builds a clipping path team with editors who can do something like this quickly. So Outsourcing vs In-house outsourcing is definitely better for clipping paths. Using Adobe Photoshop’s Pen Tool, outsourced designers can completely cut out your product. They are really aware of every corner of your product. They have a quality assurance team that checks the final quality and makes the images up to the mark.


Image resizing

There is no difference between Outsourcing vs In-house for Image resizing. But if you have a website, you need to upload all images in a certain format. Resizing thousands of images in one day is really a time-consuming task. In that case, an outsourcing company can resize any of your images in one day. Because they will have a team and they will share all the work between them. This will allow them to meet your changes at the end of the day.

Photo Retouching:

Clipping-Amazon-Outsourcing-vs-in-house-Image Retouching
Image Retouching

An outsourcing company can easily remove dust, stains, creases, or any other imperfections from the product image by experienced workers. You may have pictures of many products that are not yet ready to display on your website. But now that there is a demand for the product, you do not have enough time to retouch it yourself or with a small staff. In this case, with the help of an outsourcing company, you can quickly retouch the images and upload them to your website. Because they work according to your needs, in big teams and with 24 hours service.

Image Masking:

Image Masking

If you have about 500+ images with fur that have been snatched by your photographer but you want them on a white background then editing those images will be really hard for you. Your outsourcing partner can edit all the hairy and furry areas of your image at any time. Their quickest skills will impress you and make your products look attractive which will be effective in building your sales.


So, at the end of this discussion, we can say that image editing is a must for you if you are a photographer or e-commerce businessman. For those businesses that have to upload a lot of pictures every day, I think outsourcing is more meaningful than Outsourcing vs In-housing. If you have bulk images in your hand, outsourcing your images is the best option for editing Outsourcing will save you time, be affordable through bulk photo editing on different offers and grow your business faster.

There are currently many outsourcing companies available online for image editing through outsourcing. But you have to choose from among them a skilled, experienced and trustworthy company. Next time I will try to create a blog on what aspects should be considered to choose a good outsourcing company.
After reading this blog, if you choose outsourced photo editing and you need any kind of photo editing, you can feel free to contact us via the button below. I can assure you Clipping Amazon will never disappoint you.


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