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Lifestyle Product Photography Ideas

Lifestyle Product Photography is a type of product photography that aims to present your product in a styled scene, with or without a model.
The main purpose of this photography is to show how a potential customer can use this product.

What makes it different from the conventional approach is how relatable and interactive it is. When you look at a product in its natural context, it produces more believable results than seeing it on a simple white background.

Bird’s Eye View On Lifestyle Product Photography

Birds Eye View

Flat-lay is the most popular type of tabletop photography, which is taken from above. When you take flat-lays you are creating a story about your product that will help to represent it. To do this, you need to consider your props carefully.

Do they have a good shape and do they make sense in the photograph? This will help your audience understand your product better. It is also a good idea to choose your props with care. Because if you use the wrong props they may distract the viewer from what you want them to see.

The photo should be vibrant and energetic, with items that are common with your product. You should also pay attention to the color pallet, as your aim is to create a well-coordinated image with a visual punch.

Hire a Model For Lifestyle Product Photography

Hire Model

In Lifestyle Product Photography using models to showcase your products will attract a wide audience. People understand how to use the product, how it can be applied in their lives, and also give a clear idea about the different features. The model can come up with creative model poses to showcase the product in the most attractive way.

The model will be able to interact with the product in an interesting way. It will also be able to demonstrate it properly. They can use it as a live demonstration or they can also help out by demonstrating the product to potential customers.

Hiring models for a clothing photoshoot is very important but also can be a pretty expensive undertaking. Luckily, there are so many free sites where you can find models. By that, you can take your pick of the best for your photoshoot. The model can hire on an hourly basis or on a project basis.

Incorporate Body Parts

Incorporate Body Parts

As with previous concepts, photos of this type of product also include models, but they do not appear in the frame as a whole. Only parts of their body, such as arms or legs, can be seen in the picture with the product.

This is usually seen in advertisements for luxury handbags, where you will only see one model holding a bag in her hand. You can also use the concept for product shots of sneakers. It can complete the picture with a mysterious element.

The idea is to show the product in a way that it becomes an essential part of the model’s body. This is also known as the “Product Shot”.Product shots are the most common type of advertising photo. They consist of a model holding or touching a product, either for sale or for use. When the product is not directly visible in the frame, it can be seen in the background. A lot of products have a very specific shape, and the model usually places it on the background in a way that makes it look like a natural part of the background.

Show the Ingredients

Show the Ingredients

The best way for cosmetics and food photography is to incorporate the main ingredients of the product. Along with the pictures of the food, you can also include the necessary tools needed to cook it.

The best way to do this is to take a picture of the ingredients and place them in the background of the photo. Show the Process The second best idea for cosmetics and food photography is to show the process of cooking.

Focus on the Product

Focus on the Product

In Lifestyle Product Photography some products are so chaotic that it is not clear what the product is advertising. When there are many props, many objects compete for the attention of the customers. Focus the product on your captured photography to avoid any confusion. You need to use a larger aperture, such as f / 1.4, or f / 1.2. To capture the perfect photo, you need to focus on your product.

A good composition is necessary to make your product more attractive and distinguishable. Make sure your product is in the center of the photo. Focus on your product. If the product is not in focus, the image will be blurry and the product may be missed. The product must be the main focus of the image. Therefore, you must pay attention to the distance between your product and the camera. When the product is too close to the camera, it will be blurry.

Colorful Backdrop

Colorful Backdrop

Every product photographer who works in a studio knows that the best background for Amazon product photography is white. But if you deal with lifestyle product photography, you will choose the backdrop of more creative product photography.

If you want to capture your product in an interesting way, you have to change the background. Colors and patterns are very important to make your product look unique. If your product is boring, you can use white backgrounds but it will be boring. You have to use something different than white to make the product look different.

Use Props In Lifestyle Product Phtography

Use Props

Some photographers find it completely unnecessary to use extra props. Although you only need to focus on the product, properly selected props will help to convey the story and present the item in an interesting way.

If you want to highlight a particular part of the product, for example, or add a sense of scale, then using props is a good idea. You can use whatever props that best match the style of your lifestyle product photography. It’s not about whether something looks good or not, but rather what helps to tell the story.

Keep Lifestyle Product Photography Authentic

Keeps It Authentic

A common mistake is to create a lifestyle product photography that

looks fake. I recommend you go for genuine feeling and passion for your models. If your models pose in the gym, they may sweat, have messy hair and breathe with their mouths open.

The goal of these photos is to show your models in a natural way, not to make them look perfect. Your models should be comfortable with you, and they need to feel like real people. It’s more than just posing – it’s about creating a real photo. I want my models to be themselves.

Create A Story

Create A Story

To make it easier to attract visitors, I suggest you use the product lively. Suppose you are shooting a sports water bottle, for example, clicking on a photo of it while on a tablet can be very annoying. On the other hand, you can choose your location to be a beach, where a fit model is drinking from it after a morning run. It instantly brings life to your lifestyle product photography and makes it more relevant. People can easily relate and be encouraged to buy those sporty water bottles that look like them.

Understand Your Audience

Understand Audience

When it comes to lifestyle product photography with models, you first need to identify the brand’s target audience. Find out age, gender, lifestyle, occupation, interests, education, preferences, and basically everything that can tell you about a person who will buy a particular product. If the product is aimed at a younger audience, attach models of the same age to your lifestyle product photography. As a result, potential customers will be able to identify themselves in the shots. After seeing the wearing/user models of the product, they will be more interested in owning it.

Use Shadows

Use Shadows

Using Shadow in lifestyle product photography makes an image pop by adding an interesting element to the background. You can either learn to add a drop shadow in Photoshop, add leaf shadows or manipulate hand lightly. Add Drop Shadows are a quick way to create some depth and interest in your images.

Image Post-Production

How carefully you shoot the photos, you are still gonna need to get a post-production service for your eCommerce photography. Your photos need to be edited to have a polished elegant look. Editing ensures the difference between mediocre and professional results. For a person, it would be pretty difficult to both shoots the photos and edit them. Because photo editing is a time-consuming process and it is pretty difficult to do it correctly without a professional. So, you must get an editing service.

Luckily, Clipping Amazon is always available to help you with all of your photo editing needs. We provide 17 photo editing services including retouching, background removal, color correction, ghost mannequin or neck joining, shadow and reflection service, raster to vector, etc. You can pick as per your need. The best part is, you don’t even have to worry about the cost because Clipping Amazon is quite a budget-friendly service provider starting from $.39 only. You can also have a FREE TRIAL if you want! Just send your test image and we’ll deliver that within 30 minutes! If you don’t want to continue the deal after the free trial, that’s completely okay with us.

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