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How To Take Jewelry Photos For Online Stores?

Taking jewelry photos is always a tough job. It becomes tougher when you want to display it on an online page or store. So, it would be better to capture these. You can get fresh, clean, and perfect jewelry photos. If you have an online store and want to sell your jewelry, you should follow some rules for jewelry photography. Pieces of jewelry look beautiful but when you take photos, it never looks real. So, to make it perfect takes some professional help.

Tips To Take Perfect Jewelry Photos:

When we talk about jewelry photos, e-commerce store owners are thinking about how they get it perfectly? Because getting the perfect photo of jewelry is not so easy as the other. Jewelry has small sides, angles, and lots of stones also. If you want to show all angles beauty of jewelry then you should follow some way. Some ways are given below-

  • Use white background for jewelry photos
  • Rethink about the lighting
  • Better to use props
  • Use a good lens
  • Focus on the details
  • Use a tripod to avoid camera shake
  • Select the correct angle and ensure everything is in focus
  • Light your jewelry thoroughly

Use White Background For Jewelry Photos:

A solid white background is essential for jewelry photos. Because through the white background, you can get a perfect reflection of light. When you put your jewelry on a white background, it will focus more.


Online stores mean showing every feature of your product through photos. If you have an online jewelry shop, then you should present your jewelry photos more attractively. To attract clients, you need fresh and clear images. If you use a white background for your jewelry, you will get more clear and focused photos than other colors. 

Rethink About The Lighting:

jewelry photography clipping amazon

For every photography, lighting is necessary. It is the key to getting clear and visual photos. If you use proper light when taking images, you will get more detailed jewelry photos. It would be good to set a proper lighting setup for jewelry products. You may use a focused flashlight or light up the entire scene continuously. We all know that jewelry is a glowing product. So, it will be better to avoid camera flash.

Better To Use Props To Take Jewelry Photos:

We know that jewelry products are not living things. So, we can’t make it to pose the way we want. We can use models during jewelry photography but, sometimes it is not so perfect. I think it is better to use props at the time of taking photos.


Using a prop is not so difficult, but you have to choose a perfect prop. Once you take a suitable one, you can make any pose with your jewelry.

The use of suitable props will help you to take some attractive photos. And you can grab the attention of your clients easily. It will increase your sale too.

Use A Good Lens:

In the online jewelry business, you have to show your product at its best. You have to reveal the quality of the products as well. So, for it, you need to use a good camera and lens. Jewelry photographers always suggest a macro lens for capturing jewelry photos. This lens is very excellent to capture tiny things like rings and earrings.


If you use an ordinary lens then, it would be hard enough to capture the details of your jewelry product. 

Focus On The details:

If you want to show your products in detail then, focusing is the key. You have to focus more on your products. If your product photos don’t present the details about the products, it will be tough to attract clients. The perfect balance of light, a good lens, and a good photographer is enough to take the correct focused angle. 

So, it should say that focusing is important in jewelry photography to increase sales.

Use A Tripod To Avoid Camera Shake:

It is essential to use a tripod or any camera support when shooting jewelry. If you want to make your photos more focused, then a tripod will be a good helper. Tripod will help you to reduce camera shake. So, you will get more focused and clear photos of your jewelry products.

Select The Correct Angle And Ensure Everything Is In Focus:

The placement of jewelry and the camera angle is called composition together. It seems simple to find the correct angle of a piece of jewelry, but you will need a second thought when you take some more jewelry at a time. When you use two or three items at a time, you have to find a perfect angle that gives pleasure to the eyes.


You have to keep in mind that you are going to use these photos on your online page. So, be sure about the perfect angle with a focus point before capturing it.

Light Your Jewelry Thoroughly:

I have talked about lighting at the beginning because it is necessary for every kind of photography. But in jewelry photography, there is nothing important than lighting. It shouldn’t be more nor less. So, the lighting should be perfect. Jewelry is a tiny but shiny product that is why you need more careful about it.

The most important thing is there is editing. There are lots of ways to capturing photos but photo editing is the easiest way of all. It is not so easy to prepare a perfect stage for taking jewelry photos. But, if you hire any professional photo editing company, it will make your job easy. They will fix any kinds of photo problems by their editing qualities.

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