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International Happiness Day: 20th March 2021|History and Background

Though we are facing a universal crisis, nobody wishes to be gloomy all the time. How about we discover positive approaches to care for ourselves and one another. Let’s celebrate International Happiness Day 2021 leaving doom and gloom behind. If you know that you are happy why not celebrate it on the International Day of Happiness.

Other than being on impartial state, we should be happy in our life most of the time. But it is unfortunate that our emotions like anger, sadness, etc. are suppressing cheerful vibes of our life. Therefore, here is the day to forget all the doubt & despair and acknowledge positive things of your life.

What is the International Happiness Day?

What is the International Day of Happiness? It is actually a global event organized by United Nations every year since 2013. It is a day to become glad and happy. Let’s hope the day erase all the melancholy of people’s life. To learn more, you can visit Wikipedia.


This day implements that happiness is one of the fundamental rights of human beings. So, thhis special day encourages the countries and the policy makers to formulate the policies for the well-being of their citizens. Through the declaration of this special day, The United Nations’ goal is to focus the area related to happiness, for example, economical sector. The economic growth should be impartial, inclusive and proportionate. So that it helps sustainable development and reduce poverty.

When Is International Happiness Day 2021?

The UN established this day on March 20. People celebrate this day on March 20 since 2013. This year it is also going to be the same. The happiness day 2021 is also on 20th March.

This day is here to remind us that being happy is everyone’s right. Therefore, this day is worth celebrating. If you are not happy on this day, you definitely need to celebrate. Because that might lift up your mood.

Background and History

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in 2011. People from 160 countries agreed with the resolution. Bhutan is the first country to initiate international day of happiness. The motto was to establish happiness as “fundamental human goal” and to establish an “inclusive, equitable, balanced economic growth to promote happiness and well-being of all peoples”.

In 2012 UN organized a conference on happiness. In the conference, UN General Assembly adopted a resolution. The international day of happiness is declared on March 20 in that resolution. The first happiness day was celebrated on 2013 at 20th March. But this time 193 countries celebrated the international happiness day with UN.

Spokesmen of This Special Day

Jayme Illien is a United Nations adviser who continues to campaign for this day since 2013. His goal is to put an end to the global inequality. He Says,

Jayme Illien, Founder of International Day of Happiness

The 2021 International Day of Happiness campaign theme, Happiness For All Forever, seeks to unite the great human family in common purpose, to enhance and advance the happiness of individuals, organizations, communities, nations, and all of society…, in harmony with nature, and to ultimately achieve the happiness of all life on earth. As we all start a new chapter in the great story of all of us, turning the page to a post pandemic, both new and next normal, with lasting lessons from our shared experience and suffering, let us begin anew the quest for a world where all are happy, well, and free, as called for in the United Nations Resolution 65/309: Happiness Toward A Holistic Approach To Development; the United Nations High Level Meeting on Happiness and Wellbeing: Defining A New Economic Paradigm, and the United Nations Resolution 66/281 International Day Of Happiness. (Source:

-Jayme Illien, Founder of the United Nations International Day Of Happiness

Pharrel Williams is one of the spokes man of this special day. He is a song writer and a singer as well. He composed and sung the special song Happy for this day. The song was hit. In fact, it was a part of 2013 celebrations. Williams let the song video for 24 hours live streaming.

Pharrel Williams

Later on 2017 UN has a partnership with the Smurfs to promote 17 sustainable goals for the day’s sake and for people to be happy.

United Nations’ Video on Smurfs

Theme of The International Day of Happiness 2021

This year’s theme is “Keep Calm, Be Kind, and Stay Wise”. The theme of this year is set in response to the Covid-19. We are now facing a crisis. So,this day brings the chance to find positivity. Let’s explore the theme a bit-

  • Keep Calm– There are lots of things that is out of control now. Let’s try to focus on what is really matter. So, that we can breathe and respond constructively.
  • Stay Wise– Wise decisions help everyone. Sometimes its tough to make wise decisions. Still let’s make wise choices for the well-being of thyself as well as others.
  • Be Kind– Kindness is the key elements that holds us together. Therefore, let’s not forget that we are all together in this and help the people who need that.

The United nations invites person of any age, from any class, business, or Government to join and to celebrate this special day.

The Science of Happiness

Ever thought of studying happiness? Seems interesting, right? There is a free eight-week course named “Science of Happiness”. It is becoming very popular since 2014. Though the course is new, the study of happiness begun earlier. This study begun 2500 years ago at the time of Confucius, Socrates, Aristotle and Buddha. They devoted their life to pursuit this. On the other hand, they influence countless people to pursue this.

Meanwhile, today people know it as positive psychology or the science of happiness. Besides, it also make them happy.

The happy people live longer. They also have less health problem. There is a proverb going on that happy people never have heart attack. So, in this International Day of Happiness let’s sing with Pharrel Williams

“Clap Alone If You Know What Happiness Is to You
Clap Alone If You Feel That’s What You Wanna Do”

Happy by Pharrel Williams

Do you want to learn about more special days? Then, you are just one click away!

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