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Interior Photography: How To Take Magazine-Worthy Interior Photos

Interior photography involves taking photos of spaces inside of buildings or other structures. From rooms to pieces of furniture, you can make beautiful images of your home. Interior photography is an important part of many different fields, such as real estate photography, architectural photography, and interior design photography. Knowing how to shoot interiors will help both photographers and other people in these fields, as well as non-photographers who are interested in interior photography. The main objects of the genre are the rooms and furniture.


In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about interior photography. We’ll explain the types of lights and equipment used, as well as what settings you should use in order to get a great photo. We’ll also cover common mistakes that many photographers make when they take interior photos.

What is Interior Photography?

Interior photography is the art of taking photos of rooms inside of buildings or other structures. If you’re a photographer who specializes in outdoor or architectural photography, then you can still learn how to shoot interiors. The knowledge of shooting interiors will help you understand the nuances of light, composition, and post-processing techniques. If you want to take good interior photos, it’s best to have a solid understanding of the basics of interior photography. Here’s everything you need to know about interior photography. 

What Equipment Do You Need for Interior Photography?

When you think of interior photography, you may imagine a high-end professional studio with all the bells and whistles. But that isn’t always necessary to get great results. Interior shots require the right equipment, and there are several different ways to approach them. We’ve got some of the best gear for interior photography, so check out the list below and start shooting!

1. Reflector (preferably a full-size)

You’re going to want a reflector to help bounce light back into your subject. If you don’t have one, you can use the flash on your camera or take a flash photo in the room to bounce off the walls. It doesn’t have to be a large, expensive reflector, though. A few sheets of cardboard taped together will work just fine. 

2. A tripod

You’re going to want a sturdy tripod to keep your camera steady when you shoot, especially if you’re going for a long exposure. You could use a regular table if you don’t have one, but a sturdy tripod will help prevent blurring and ensure that your shots turn out sharp.   


A flash unit It’s important to have a flash unit to help create light on dark subjects like walls, furniture, and textiles. A lens filter When you shoot a picture with a lens filter, the light that goes through the lens is refracted (bent) by the filter. This bends the light so that it hits your subject at a different angle than if you didn’t use a filter. This creates interesting shadows and helps to bring out more detail in your subject.

3. Camera


Digital cameras are excellent tools for experimentation with lenses and camera settings. Mirrorless cameras and DSLRs have lots of control in manual mode for camera settings like exposure, shutter speed, focal length, and ISO. Whether you’re a casual or a serious architectural photographer, a DSLR camera will provide all the modes and settings you need to shoot interior images. Smartphones are capable of taking surprisingly good interior photos as well when paired with manual camera apps.

 4. Flash

If you’re shooting interior pictures, you’ll need to add flash to your camera set up to make the images more vivid and bright. You can also expand your kit to include speed lights, bounce lights, and shoot-through umbrellas for even more lighting help.

 5. Standard Camera Lens 

Interior Photos Camera

A standard zoom lens or prime lens is sufficient for capturing detailed shots in interior close-ups. Using a wide-angle lens will help you take photos of a whole room all at once. It’s especially helpful for those of you who are real estate photographers.

Here’s Some Interior Photography Tips

It may seem too difficult at first, but if you’re willing to learn a few skills, you’ll be able to create your own beautiful images that look just like those in high-end magazines.

You Should Plan The Shoot Beforehand


Before starting to photograph interiors, you should think carefully and prepare each step. A house visit is an important part of preparing for a photoshoot. You should get to know the location and the building, and understand the best areas to focus on when taking photographs. You’ll also get more accurate information about the lighting. The most important thing is to understand the orientation of the building. It will be easier for you to think about how to capture this or that part of the interior.

Use Natural Light

Natural Light Interior Photos

When it comes to the perfect lighting, it’s important to use as much natural light as possible. Artificial lighting can sometimes make your images less attractive. You’ll need to be careful when using the best photography light bulbs, as they can add distracting shadows, damage the white balance and make your interiors look dull and uninteresting.

When it comes to photography for interior design, you’ll want to find a place that provides natural light. If necessary, you can use flash to provide additional lighting. And you shouldn’t turn on any artificial lights. It may be a little distracting, but you won’t need to do it. However, if there are special lighting fixtures and/or elements you’d like to show in the picture, you should use them.

Clean the Clutter

Interior Photography

Before you start photographing the space, make sure the area is cleaned and the room is dust-free. That will help you create better pictures and sell the home faster. It’s always a pleasure to work in a well-organized workspace, but we often overlook a couple of things that can prevent us from having an organized work area. In this post, you’ll learn some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

Composition Techniques

Learn how to take good interior photos by learning about composition. Composition guides most interior shots. Learn what composition means and how to apply it in your images. You’ll discover how important it is to show your clients’ design elements in an eye-catching way.

Composition Techniques

You’ll also learn about leading lines. Starting with the rule of thirds is one of the most useful interior photography tips. The rule of thirds helps guide you to achieve certain composition goals, such as placing your subject in the middle third of the frame or placing your subject in the upper left or lower right third of the frame. The rule of thirds can help you achieve other composition goals, such as creating a sense of depth or adding interest to your photos.

Stage the Scene

Interior Photos

To create the best possible interior photographs, you first need to arrange furniture and style items properly. It’s important to remember that the view of your subject needs to be the most prominent thing in the frame, so avoid distracting objects in the background. Next, it’s important to make sure that your gaze is focused on the area where you want to direct the attention of a viewer. If you want to emphasize something in the middle ground, remove all distracting objects from the foreground. Too many subjects in focus, bright colors, or something else can prevent you from taking a perfect interior photograph.

 Shoot a Bracket of Images

Capturing indoor spaces, you need to work with a wide range of light. You have to take photos of rooms with dark corners and very bright areas at the same time. Light balancing, which is important for our eyes, is not a concern when shooting photos.

The best solution is to use a tripod and an exposure bracketing feature. A bracket of exposures helps even out the exposure across the frame. Photographers often bracket exposures when shooting a series of images in a row.

 Try Different Angles

Of course, these kinds of angles will depend on the specifics of the interiors, but there are some common shots that you should take even if it isn’t ideal.

If you have a small space, then you might consider a shot that places the sofa next to a wall or window. This is a great way to make your home feel bigger than it actually is. You can also use this to get a different perspective on things.

 Try Different Angles

Wide-Angle: A wide-angle lens is your best bet to get a complete scene in a single image. You can shoot anything with a wide-angle lens from a simple flower pot to a huge room. One-point perspective: You can use any decor element, artwork, fireplace, or whatever as a single vanishing point to take a straight-on shot.

Vignettes: These kinds of pictures are more tightly cropped than those in wide-angle photography. They’re often used to showcase furnishings and other décor items in a particular room.

Detail Shots: These kinds of pictures are ideal for showcasing smaller details and decorations in a room.

Transition Shots: You can capture different spaces and connect them using transition shots. Such images let viewers see where the space is going, and the view can be interesting as well as fun.

Create Depth With the Styling Objects

When styling items and furniture placement is important. You’ll have to start when setting up your shot. Ask yourself if there are items that attract your eye from the foreground to middle ground, or to the background. Also, make sure that your eye lands on the area that you want to highlight. In this case, is it too distracting? This can happen if the color is too bright, if the item is too in-focus, or if there’s too much of it seen in the shot.

Use Your Styling Skills for Interior Photography

Interior decorators don’t want to look like rookies. A good decorator is always looking for a better way to set up the room. A few simple adjustments may be the best way to make it look its best.

Prepare Lighting System

Prepare Lighting System

There is no question that natural light is preferable, but we all know that it is sometimes not possible to capture the perfect pictures when it comes to outdoor shoots. In those cases, you have to make sure to take into consideration how to prepare your space and the equipment you’ll use to shoot your photos. After deciding which kind of lighting will be used, you will need a complete lighting setup. Yes, that’s right. When you need to shoot a room and the interior needs a lot of light, it’s better to have a complete lighting setup with a strong lighting source and also a flash. In case you have to shoot without shadows, you should place lights in an appropriate way.

Try to Be Creative

Creativity is something that has no end. And interior photography is an expression of your artistic mind. In this field, you have to keep developing your skills and creative style. To be creative you have to observe the interior properly. A creative eye sees things that a normal eye cannot notice. A good observer is a potential creative person. The better you observe, the more creative you get. 

Try to Be Creative

Interior photography is not an easy task. It requires a lot of skill and experience. You need to observe the house carefully. You should know the best time to shoot it. Also, you must observe the lighting conditions. The light plays a very important role in your work. This light can make or break your work. When you are shooting at night, you must keep observing the lighting conditions. You should know that how much light is required to make the picture look perfect. The more the light the better the picture.

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