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Health Day; The Greatest Wealth To Mankind

Our Creator was asked If He was a human, what He’d want. His answer was, ‘Good Health’. This shows us how lucky are we, who are not sick in this pandemic situation. On this upcoming health day, I’ll try to inform you of all the pros and cons of health day and how to lead a healthy life without any sweat.

What Is A Health Day?

If someone asks you, “what is health?” Answering this question may give you a very hard time. Because, what health, and how exactly would you answer? Well, not to worry. Do you know there are 5 dimensions of health? Yes, there are 5 dimensions. It’s physical, emotional or mental, spiritual, social, and intellectual health. Well, the combination and balance of these 5 aspects lead you towards a healthy life.

Every year on April 7, World health day is celebrated as the founding day of the World Health Organization (WHO). And each year, it’s celebrated with different themes. World Health Day first took place in 1950. Since then, it is celebrated almost all over the world. Not just the founding date of WHO, but also the ups and downs of human health issues.

Why Celebrate Health Day?

When we talk about health. The pictures of medicines, salads, boiled foods, and running over the treadmills come into our minds. Doesn’t it? But trust me, even if you are doing a very hard diet and exercise. And your heart isn’t in it. No matter what you do, you may get a good body but healthy? No. You can’t. This is where your body is connecting with emotion or mind.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, insomnia, depression, virus attacks are some of the themes of health day. Besides, this day is celebrated to honor doctors and nurses all over the world. Because, when we fall sick, we call the doctor. If not calling, we run to the hospital for their help. So, this is considered the day when we take a minute to thank them.

How Do People Celebrate April 7?

Like last year, there will be a different theme this year. In 2020, it was to find the missing millions. And it was about blood pressure, diabetes, etc. The theme of 2021 is already published. This year, it’s “Building a fairer and healthier world. I guess you already realized why WHO took this campaign?

Yes, we know, the world is going through a lot after the Covid-19 breakout. Because every single sector including business is hampered as hell. The experts are worried that if we could ever be strong against a situation like this. That’s why we need this kind of campaign. Every year on health day, the theme is published within a few days. So that, people can make seminars and meetings based and themed activities.

Celebrate Health Day By Indoor Activities
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Of course, we don’t want you to go outside to take part in health day activities. Why? Because the whole atmosphere is different from the last year. So no. You can take part by posting health-related posts or conversations with people on social media. Don’t go into too many crowded places unless it’s really needed.

Stay vaccinized, hydrated, eat enough colorful veggies and fruits. Try to take 3 types of colorful vegetables and fruits every day. Natural vegetables and fruits are full of enzymes. You can even write posts about different kinds of herbal tea or salads. You can also clean your home to make it germ-free. Remember one thing, posting on social media or working at home, all these are connected to your mental and physical health. So, you see, you can take part in world health day by staying at home this year. Who knows, if our scientists can succeed with a strong vaccine, maybe we can celebrate April 7 more vibrantly in 2022.

What’s With The Doctors, Nurses, And Midwives In Health Day?

You know, we all do many kinds of activities like meetings or gatherings on April 7. But, very few of us care about the sacrifices of the doctors, nurses, and midwives. Yes, don’t you think they deserve at least a single thank you? I think they deserve more than that. When we fall ill, or during pregnancy time, they’re the ones we look for. If you think deeper, they’re the ones who help us during the most painful times. Even during this epidemic situation, they are not hesitating to give us proper treatment. They have a family too. Many of them are parents. But yet, they’re here at the hospital for us. They are risking their life. So, at least on health day, they deserve a simple thank you or a flower bouquet. Don’t you think?

Stay Healthy & Safe Everyday
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Not on just April 7, we should stay fit and healthy all year-round. If you don’t care about yourself, that’s completely fine. But, at least stay fit and safe for your family. Don’t you think you owe it to them? Try to do freehand exercise at home on daily basis. So that, staying at home doesn’t make you fatty.

It’s been pointed out that, in Japan, 6% of world fish’s harvest is eaten. Whether an American eats fish hardly twice a week. Seafood contains such kinds of minerals, salts, and vitamins that come from only seafood. And, you never know, maybe you bought high-class vitamin tablets already? And maybe, those tablets came from seafood? So, eat seafood as much as you can rather than vitamin tablets.

Stay green and eat green as much as possible. In this pandemic time, you can use your time in gardening. Yes, staying healthy means staying Green too. You can grow vegetables, flowers, and herbal plants on your balcony or roof. This way, you are getting fresh vegetables. Not to mentions, fresh air and oxygen too.

What’s With Clipping Amazon For Health Day?
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We definitely don’t have anything to do with health day. But, you know, it’s not always we talk about just business. We care about you too. Yes, we do care. Because already many people lost their loved ones due to Covid-19. We don’t want you to suffer that pain. Vaccine for this epidemic is not available as you see. So, what you can really do is fight silently by staying home and fit. Wash hands and use sanitizer. The focus of health day is these activities.

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So, that’s all for today. Stay happy, healthy, and safe. Lastly, Happy World Health Day.


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