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Food Photography With iPhone

Having a bad day? Treat yourself to a plate of good food. Even some pictures of mouthwatering food photos make our days better. Because whenever I look at some food photos, whether I order it from online or I cook that myself. So, food definitely makes my day. As food photography has become very popular, today we’ll talk about food photography with iPhone. Because photography with iPhone is even more popular among people now. I mean what’s not to love?

What Is Food Photography With iPhone?

You can carry an iPhone in your pocket anywhere. And it doesn’t need any kind of extra carry bag or so. With the Adobe Lightroom installed in your iPhone, you pull off any photography. And food photography is just the tip of the iceberg.

iPhone Food Photography

So, whenever you take delicious food photos with the help of an iPhone, you can call it food photography with iPhone. So, what makes it better with iPhone? Because taking food photos with iPhone lets you do the photoshoot in raw. Also, you can see directly the color panels of the subject are surprisingly satisfying. Many professional photographers now start their careers by taking photos with iPhones.

Food Photography Tips With iPhone:

Get The Realistic Colors:
Tips For Food Photography With iPhone

Food photography is more than just a photoshoot with a camera. Good lighting helps to create a realistic image. But if you don’t have good lighting, then your food images will not look realistic. So, whenever you shoot a food photo, make sure that there is no glare in the background.

The direct light should be coming from the side. This will help you to get the best food photos. With an iPhone, you can’t use flash. So, you need to take advantage of the natural light. So, you need to take photos in natural light. And the best time to take these photos is in the morning or in the evening.

Control The Shadows:

The iPhone has a camera that captures the colors, brightness, and shadows as well. When it comes to taking food photos with iPhone, you need to manage the shadows. As we all know, shadows make the picture look gloomy. And you don’t want your food photos to be like that. The shadows should be brightened up. And for this purpose, you have to adjust the brightness and contrast. When it comes to adjusting the brightness and contrast, you can use the curves tool.

Tips For Food Photography With iPhone

To make this happen, you need to go to the Camera app, tap on the menu icon in the bottom left corner, and then select the Curves option. Once the curve is set up, you can tap on the screen and drag the brightness and contrast to the right side. This will let you bring the shadows to a bright side.

iPhone Has Some Hidden Futures, Use Them:
Food Photography Tips With iPhone

So, before we jump into the food photography tips with iPhone, let’s talk about some of the amazing features that your iPhone has to offer. The camera app has a lot of options and settings to play around with. It lets you take photos in RAW and JPEG format. If you have the Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom app installed on your iPhone, then you can use them for RAW photo editing.

A Sleek And Simple Background:

When you take food photos, you need to use a simple background for food photography. In other words, a simple background is not only the best choice for food photography but also a good way to make your food photos look more natural.

Tips For Food Photography With iPhone

Choosing a simple background is quite easy. You can use a plain white wall, a kitchen counter, a kitchen table, or even a kitchen floor. And if you have a good quality iPhone, then you can shoot food photos raw without any post-processing. That’s why you can call it food photography with iPhone.

Play With Colors:

When you want to experiment with colors in your iPhone food photography, you can use a number of things. But, there are some apps that are perfect for this purpose.

Tips For Food Photography With iPhone

There are many good iPhone food photography apps available in the apple store. These apps are very helpful for beginners as well as advanced users of food photography. I’m sure these apps will help you improve your iPhone food photography skills. The following apps will help you to explore the best iPhone food photography techniques and make your food photography look more professional.

Welcome The Props:

You can use props to make your food photoshoot more interesting. And it doesn’t need any extra investment. You can use anything that you can easily find in your kitchen.

Tips For Food Photography With iPhone

Even a banana or an apple can work as a good prop for food photography with iPhone. You can even use a spoon, fork, knife, glass, and so on. But whatever you use, keep in mind that you should avoid using things that are not edible. 

Include Life:

The best food photography iPhone tips include hands in your food photo. This can make your food photos look more natural and realistic. You need to have a good grip on your iPhone to take food photos.

Food Photography Tips With iPhone

A good grip will help you hold your iPhone steady while you take food photos. But you need to remember that a steady hand is not enough. You need to get a good grip on the phone. This will help you get a steady shot.

How About A Photo In A Photo?
Tips For Food Photography With iPhone

The best way to get the perfect food photos with iPhone is using a photo in a photo technique. Although you’ll need help. Still, it’s worth it. You need someone to click a photo with an iPhone. And then you’ll take the photo out of that photo. Trust me, you’ll love the result.

Edit Your Photos:
Edit Your Photos

No matter how much mouth-watering the photo looks, don’t forget to edit them. Because there is always some room for improvement. And when it comes to editing photos, especially food photos, editing is almost mandatory. If you want to hand over the editing to any professional, Clipping Amazon is your call.

Why Clipping Amazon?

Food Photo Editing

Clipping Amazon is known for its professional photo editing tactics. Meaning, it’s a photo editing service provider company. We provide 17 types of image editing services. Color-correction, background removal, raster to vector, image masking, clipping path are some of them. We value our clients the highest. We edit photos in several steps. I mean, we edit and send them to the clients. Until our clients say it’s perfect now. Maybe this is one reason behind our serving in 26 countries with 100% client satisfaction. Also, we have an amazing blog site. As you’re looking for a cloud restaurant or cloud bakery business, you can have a look at our Food photography blog. There’s also travel photography, raster to vector, and ice cream blog. You can have many ideas from there.

Therefore, I hope you found my blog useful. If you need a low-cost food photo editing service, feel free to tap on the button below.


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