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A Perfect Guide For Drone Photography

The facts of taking photos haven’t been the same for the last few years. Have they? I guess not. I mean, yeah it’s all the blessings of tech and all that. Still! You’re taking photos with a remote controller and the camera is high on the air? Doesn’t that feel amazing? I bet it does. I guess you’ve already realized today’s topic. Because in this blog? We’ll fly with drone photography.

What Is Drone Photography?

First things first. You’ll need the help of a UAV to do professional drone photography. What’s a UAV? Well, it’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Although this vehicle is unmanned you can control it with a remote.

Drone Photography Concept

In a nutshell, when you use a UAV and a remote controller to take photos from an impossible angle in the air, yeah, it’s drone photography. However, 3D and HDR photography aside, drone photography has become unbelievably popular.

Drone Controller

Because taking photos from different angles is a must-do fact of photography. But not always do you get great photos by doing that. Right? So in drone photography, you can take photos truly from any angle. Besides, it brings out the most incredible and beautiful, and dramatic photos.

That’s drone commercial photography has become the star in the real estate and wedding photography sectors.

Is It Too Much Expensive?

No. I mean the tools you’ll need aren’t expensive right now. You can easily buy a drone that matches your skills and needs.

Photography Tools

There are two types of drones though. One is a bit larger and a bit smaller. You can attach your own camera in both sizes. But drones with the built-in system are a bit larger. Which makes them a bit difficult to use. Because It is a bit larger. So you can’t run it inside the house.

And the smaller one comes with a bit of advantage though. You can attach your own camera and so, you can take photos with higher resolution. Aside from the UAV, you’ll need a set of lenses and a good camera that’s for sure. Therefore, drone photography isn’t that costly.

Drone Photography Tips:

We’ll have some killer tips about drone photography now. No matter what kind of drone photography you’re doing, you will be able to do it professionally.

Keep Practicing:
Drone Real Estate Photography

The first to succeed in drone commercial photography is to keep practicing. Surprised? Well, don’t be. Because your percentage of professionalism depends mostly on how you can fly your drone. Unlike any other photography, you can’t just click the shutter and get beautiful photos here. So, you need to be pro to fly your drone.

Perspective Is Very Important:

If you’re taking photos with a drone, you need to know that you can’t take photos from any angle. You have to know what angle the camera should be facing. The drone should be facing the subject. Meaning, the drone can be facing either the ground or the sky. The drone can be flying in front of the subject or behind it.

Drone Landscape Photography

Also, the drone can be flying above the subject. The drone can be flying under the subject. The subject can be in the air. The subject can be on the ground. This is how you can take photos from the right perspective. Take note that this is not an easy task. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of drone commercial photography.

Low ISO Would Be Better:
Drone Wedding Photography

The ISO is the measure of the sensitivity of the sensor in a digital camera. When you take photos, you will adjust the ISO to control the exposure. In general, the higher the ISO, the more sensitive the camera is. The lower the ISO, the less sensitive the camera is. To make sure that your photos are crisp, you should keep the ISO low. This is because high ISO settings will make the photos grainy and blurry. You should also use the minimum shutter speed to capture the movement of the subject.

A Wide-Angle Lens Is Good:
Use A Wide Angle Lens

This goes really well with the real estate drone photography though. The wider the angle of the lens, the more you can see. A wide-angle lens lets you get a better view of the subject. It’s great for landscapes and other wide-view shots. The longer the focal length, the wider the angle of view. A wide-angle lens will give you a bigger view. You will need a long focal length to get the maximum view.

A Telephoto Lens Is Good Too:
Drone Real Estate Photography

A telephoto lens will let you zoom in on the subject. It will let you take close-up photos of objects. A telephoto lens will let you focus on a small area of the subject. It will let you shoot photos with a long focal length. This is perfect for drone commercial photography.

Shoot At The Right Time:

If you go for drone wedding photography, then you must choose the right time to shoot. You must know that drone photography is a time-consuming activity. The time to shoot a photo with a drone depends on many things. The light is one thing. You need to use the right kind of light in the photo to make it look natural.

Drone Wedding Photography

The weather is also another thing. So, you need to take photos at different times of the day. It will help you get better photos.

Camera Always Matters:

The camera on a drone is not as good as the one on your smartphone. So, you will need to bring a high-quality camera to take the best photos with a drone. The drone itself will be the perfect tool for taking photos, but you have to have a great camera to capture all the details of the subject.

Well, that was all about drone photography ideas and tips. I hope you found these tips useful. But make sure you practice very well and take your photos to post-production. Where to? Let’s find out.

Post-Production Section:
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