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Cycling Photography: Here’s Some Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Cycling photography is undoubtedly a challenging genre. It’s because of the super-fast movements. A photographer should be able to track the objects that move fast for successful shots. If the subject is moving too fast for the camera, the photographer will not be able to capture the action properly.

It’s important for a photographer to get a hang of taking dynamic angles for static cycling pictures to look good. In this blog, I will go over the most famous cycling photography tips, poses, and ideas.

Some Cycling Photography Tips & Ideas

Here are some helpful tips, tricks, and ideas for taking cycling photography like a pro.

Do Some Research On Cycling Photography Genre

Cycling Photos

If you are a beginner, you should know that it is not necessary to be an expert before you start to take pictures. You can learn the basics of cycle photography, and you can find some books on cycling photography.

Attention To Backgrounds


Even if you are shooting a cycling race or a trip, you can turn any place into a stunning background. It is easy to get a decent composition in a static bike photograph. You shouldn’t forget about the proper framing of the scene if you include the background for the shot.

Increase The Aperture


The light enters the camera’s image sensor through the hole called Aperture. Pick a low f-stop to open the lens and let the light in. In this way, you will be able to deal with the problem of the low light caused by the fast shutter speed. You should know that raising the opening leads to a reduction in the depth of field.

Choose An Interesting Location


There are two different types of cycling photo shoots. The first one involves photographing cyclists that compete in a pre-arranged race, which means that you don’t have to choose a location. The second type, posed shooting, requires the search of a captivating location and the planning of a cycling trip.

Do Not Forget About Important Pictures

Cycling photography is all about capturing the main details of the location, the viewers, and their emotions. Such shots help you reflect the general atmosphere and the vibe of the race.

Try To Take A Series Of Pictures


The burst mode on the bike is an interesting idea for taking multiple pictures at the same time. You will be able to see a series of shots that may be displayed side by side. It looks like it is more eye-catching than a static shot.

Experiment With Different Perspectives


The composition of your bike race photography can be affected by the perspective and shooting angle you choose. There is no perfect angle for this or any other genre, so you should try different ones. If you experiment with perspectives and angles, you will be able to see what looks good or not and pick the most flattering photograph.

Turn A Flash On


If you’re interested in cycling photography, you might want to consider getting a flash. With the fast shutter speed, it will become a reliable helper in low-light situations. It is easier to fix dark shots when you use a flash. When you are shooting photos of moving subjects, make sure that your camera is properly focused on the subject. If the lens is not focused correctly, the picture may look blurry.

Keep Track Of The Cyclists’ Faces


When taking photos of cyclists on a bike ride, focus on their facial expressions for a while. Any kind of sports photography has human emotions at the core. Such pictures are bound to be successful if you have managed to capture a variety of emotions on the cyclists’ faces.

Focus On Details

A full-body picture is likely to come to your mind if you think of cyclist portraits. It is not the only angle for shooting. The best way to get attention is to show different pictures with small elements.


Cyclists’ clothes, hair, legs, or any other detail can be captured. The shots will turn out more memorable, truly unusual, and make the viewers wonder because of the focused emphasis on details.

Use A High ISO


The higher the ISO, the higher the shutter speed, and the less likely you are to achieve blurry or dark photographs. With the help of this simple trick, you will be able to focus on the subject in motion.

Take Advantage Of Sunrises & Sunsets

Sunrises & Sunsets

The best time to take pictures with a bike is during sunset or sunrise. The cyclist should bring his bicycle and start taking pictures. Shoot next to the water body and place the bike on the ground beside the cyclist for a more interesting composition. The cyclist and his bike are in the shadows with the sunset in the background.

Take Pictures In Street Style


I have mentioned before that cycling photography is varied and includes more than just racing events. Poses may be involved in these shootings as well. A posed photoshoot with a street style would be ideal. If you ask the cyclist to bring his/her bicycle, you can take pictures right on the street. The cyclist should make an effort to emphasize his bike.

Capture On Bridges

Cycling Photos In Bridges

A cyclist should take pictures on the bridge. Early morning is the best time for such shots because no one will get into the frame. You may be able to capture the dawn and achieve more beautiful pictures.

Go To The Forest Roads


The forest is a great backdrop for road cycling photos. If the cyclist pretends that he/she is riding in the middle of the road, the trees will be visible in the frame. The final shots will look great.

Capture The Moments Of Training

image-editing services-clipping-amazon

Every cyclist has an important part to play in their everyday life. It is possible to take pictures of this process, whether these are regular warming-up exercises or practices before the race.

Cycling Couples Photoshoots

Cycling Photos With Couples

Do you know that you can put a lot of creative couple photo ideas on the bicycle? A couple may be kissing while riding their bikes. A couple can look at each other in either direction. The idea of taking dynamic couple shots with the help of the panning technique is quite innovative.

Offer a Cyclist to Get on the Front/Back Wheel

If you want to bring more creativity to your cycling photography, you should ask the cyclist to only ride on the front or back wheel of the bike. It is better not to risk for the cyclist to have never done that before.

Cycling Photos In Front/Back Wheel

Just explain that you want him or her to use the wheel where you want the photo taken. To do this properly, you need to understand how the bicycle works. The front and rear wheels are actually different parts of the same wheel. 

Take Pictures of a Group of Cyclists

This type of picture can be taken during a cycling event or a race. In the second case, take pictures of the cyclists while they are racing. Suggest the cyclists stand next to each other with their bikes next to them for the shooting. You could try to recreate a race for a good shot.


It is possible to take pictures of a group of cyclists standing on a street or in a park. The most successful results will be achieved if you can combine these two methods. In this case, you may have the cyclists standing next to each other and riding their bicycles. You may also choose to take photos of a group of cyclists during a training ride or even just go for a ride.

Catch the Cycling Race Finish


The final moments of a bike race are captured in bike racing photography. For instance, It is possible that the winner crosses the finish line. To convey the emotions at that moment, you should zoom in onto his/her face.

Try Different Perspectives to Add Variety to Your Bicycle Images


If you’re planning a cycling event, consider using a bird’s eye view from a high viewpoint. You can capture the environment around your cycling event from this perspective. Or, move in close to capture a more intimate perspective.

Take Black and White Cycling Photos


If you want to focus on how the lights move in the photo, take cycling photography in black and white. You will be able to observe the way the lights and levels affect the shot if you remove the distracting colors.

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