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How To Do Crystal Ball Photography

Did you ever take a picture through a crystal? Because crystals reveal their beauties when they are broken. Crystals are the jewelry of mother earth. Don’t you think? And taking photos through a delicate crystal ball? I mean, capturing the reflections in a perfect way. Because I don’t think there’s any better idea than this. So, in this blog, we’ll talk about the latest and absolute genre of photography. And that is? The tips and tricks of crystal ball photography.

What Is Crystal Ball Photography?

You can also call it lens ball photography or glass ball photography as well. If you look for doing a photoshoot using props, you can definitely use a glass or a crystal ball. Trust me, you will be surprised as hell when you see the output. Because crystals are living beings at the beginning of a new creation.

Lens Ball Photography

When you’re taking photos of anything through a transparent glass ball, you’re doing crystal ball photography. Now you can take photos of anything. I mean you can do nature photography or sea photography but if you use a crystal ball, you may get a beautiful view. I know taking photos from different angles of a subject is a prime rule. But if you do it through a lens or a glass ball you’ll be able to wow your audience very easily.

Things You’ll Need For This:

Well, the very first thing you’ll need for crystal ball photography is a glass ball. Or should I say lens ball? Of course, lens balls come in different sizes. But most photographers use 60mm or 80mm lens balls.

Now as for the camera. What do you think will be good? You can do glass ball photography even without a camera. Meaning, you can shoot through a crystal ball with a smartphone. Impressive, isn’t it? But if you have a camera, that’s even better!

Apart from a camera and a glass ball, you will need a wide-angle lens. Why? Because it allows you to capture all the things in your surroundings. Also, you can use a macro lens if you want to focus on something specific.

Lenses aside, you’ll need a crystal ball holder, a micro-fiber cloth to wash the ball, a bottle top, etc.

How To Do Crystal Ball Photography:

As I’ve said before, you can do any kind of photography but if you use a crystal ball, that just leads you to crystal ball photography. Now let’s see-

Try Landscape:
Landscape Through A Crystal Ball

Landscape or nature photography is something that you can do with a crystal ball. You can capture beautiful images of nature through a crystal ball. When you take photos of nature through a crystal ball, you can also do macro photography. There are different ways to use a crystal ball for nature photography. You can use an actual crystal ball or you can use an acrylic ball. The thing is that you have to take the time to prepare for the shoot. You have to make sure you have the right lighting and the right backdrop.

Portrait For Lens Ball Photography:

If you are trying to take portraits with the crystal ball, you have to use a very small size crystal ball. Because you need to focus on the face of your subject. You also need to use soft light. When you do this kind of photography, you’re doing portrait photography through a crystal ball.

Lens Ball Photography

You can also use the crystal ball for taking selfies. I mean, you can do this if you want to capture your own beauty through a crystal ball. You can also use it as a selfie stick. But if you’re not comfortable using one, you can always use a tripod. You can even use a selfie stick if you have a crystal ball and a tripod.

Sea Photography:
Shoot On The Beach

If you want to do crystal ball photography for sea photography, you have to make sure that you have a clear view of the water. If you’re using a real crystal ball, you have to make sure that there are no bubbles inside the ball. This will not only ruin your photos but will also block the light.

Shoot During Golden Hour:

Golden hour photography is very popular among photographers because of its beauty and it’s easy to achieve great results in this kind of photography. If you’re doing golden hour photography with a crystal ball, you can see different things.

Capture Sunset or Sunrise

You can take photos of a subject that is facing towards the sun. Or you can take photos of a subject that is facing away from the sun. You can even take photos of the moon and the stars. This kind of photography is really interesting and people will love seeing it.

Something You Need To Be Careful:

Well, although a crystal ball is just a photography prop. You need to be careful when you’re taking photos through a crystal ball. Especially when you’re doing it under the sun. Do you know why? Because a lens ball works just like a magnifying glass. So, it can set anything to fire. Which is very much dangerous. So, don’t ever put your glass ball directly under the sun.

Also, you need to be a little protective to save your glass ball when you’re placing it on a rocky surface. Or a slippery surface.

Now, I really hope my blog was useful to you. But you need to be careful during the daylight. Also, you must edit your photos. No matter what kind of photography you do, you’ll always need to edit them to bring them to life. I understand you may go through many hassles during the day of your appointment. So you may need a trusted business companion like Clipping Amazon.

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