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7 Easiest Ways To Grow Your Blog Conversion Rates!

Growing conversion rates as a blogger is really a hard task. Especially when you’re a newbie in blogging? I understand. Because, as a new blogger, it’s already very hard to get attention let alone setting a goal! But don’t you worry, because, in this blog, I’ll show 7 ways easiest to follow for you. And at the end of this blog, you’ll feel confident too. I’m sure of it.

What Are Conversion Rates?

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Well, the term ‘conversion’, it works differently in different sector of business. I mean, online business. Because your conversion or goal can be anything. It’s up to you to set this up. Like how or what do you want from your audience or clients. Oh, I forgot to say, conversion and goal are similar in meaning. But in the online business sector, result or outcome is known as conversion.

So, the conversion rate shows how good you are at your success gaining. For example, you’re selling a dress online. And you’ve set a goal that you want to sell this dress at least 50 pieces. Now, your conversion would be to convince your website visitors to buy that dress. When your selling number will cross 50, it means you’ve crossed your goal. Which is a pretty good sign for business.

Similarly, this goal can be increasing site visitors. It can be growing sales, increasing email clicks, or anything. So, you need to be careful when you set conversion on your website. Also, it can differ from time to time, depending on your business situation.

7 Ways To Increase Conversion Rates:

Well, the very first step of the conversion rate for a website is to generate traffic. I mean, if there’s less traffic on your website than expectation then I don’t think any other conversion rate could work. So, the 7 ways that I’m about to write will work actually when there is enough traffic on your website.

1. Write Simple, Clear, Yet Catchy Headline:
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The very first and most noticeable thing on your blog is your headline. Because your readers see or click on the link only when the headlines appear attractive enough to them. So here, your headline needs to perform the best.

Use simple words that are easy to read and understand to readers. And of course, the headlines should be sexy enough to create an urgency among the readers to click on the link.

It’s not related to growing your conversion rates. But it plays a vital role because it drives traffic to your website.

2. Talk To Your Reader:
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This is very important for growing conversion rates. Because, If I’m being honest, your customer really doesn’t think or care about you or your business. They come to your website to solve their problem. The solution can be reading your blog or buying your product. So you must keep in mind that your blog or article should be very specific and direct.

I would recommend not brag about your brand at first. It demotivates your customer. Talk very simple yet direct like you’re talking directly in person. People love these kinds of blogs very much. Which is a very important thing to grow the conversion rate.

3.Use Easy English:

English is a global language. Yeah, that’s right. Its also considered the second language in almost every country. But not all the people around the world can do English professionally? In fact, bloggers work with unprofessional audiences. So, it doesn’t matter where you’re writing from. What matters is if your audience can read your writing and understand them.

So when you’re writing, you must remember that you’re writing for people around the world. So that they can easily realize what you’re trying to say in your blog. It’s another vital rule for growing conversion rate.

4. Don’t Use Irrelevant Images:

You know, images can go a long way than writings. Because images are always colorful and their display makes impressions on people directly. So, if you’re using any image in your blog, make sure you’re adding a relevant one. Which is directly related to your service or the article you’re writing.

So, don’t forget to use colorful and relevant pictures. If you don’t have any pictures, that’s okay too. But don’t use images that are not even related to your blog. People will mock and leave your website.

5. If Possible, Add Videos:

Well, generally it’s pretty normal that videos provide more information than images. Why? Because you can tell directly the special features of your product or why your blog is different and better than the others. And you know, it is very handy to use a human face or voice to convince another human.

So, if possible you must add videos to your blog. It’ll help to increase conversion rates far better than you can imagine.

6.Don’t Forget To Optimize:
Google SEO

Now, you’re doing everything very smoothly, and yet something doesn’t feel okay. Right? I suppose you forgot to optimize your website and the pictures you used? If so, then you can optimize it immediately.

I hate to say that your whole hard work will end in smoke if you don’t optimize your product photo or video. SEO is a very very important thing. Because doing the right optimization will show your website at the top of the search bar. Which is very very I repeat, very important for conversion rate.

7. Use Call To Action or CTA:

Here comes the final step. Call to action is the step where you’re expecting your clients to take a certain action. So it’s where your conversion grows. Use such terms that create such urgency among them like, ‘Oh, I really need to click on the link’ or ‘I don’t want to miss the offer’.

So those are the very basic and mandatory rules of increasing conversion rates. There are also other ways too but these 7 are the best and easy to follow. If you’re able to follow these 7 rules, then you’ll achieve your conversion rate in no time.

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